Monday, September 1, 2008

Barak Hussein Obama II: A Shabbat Goy?

Barak Hussein Obama II: A Shabbat Goy?

Obama as his middle name, Hussein, indicated that he carries a Muslim bloodline (Obama Sr. is a Kenyan Muslim), no matter whether he claims he is a Christian.
Now, Obama declared that he would fight tooth and nail, among the US presidential candidates, for doing Jew’s bidding as a Shabbat Goy.

Jews are prohibited to do certain thing during the Sabbath… for example, Jews are not allowed to drive a car, ride a bike, or ride a carriage, turn the light switches on, light a candle or fire for heat, so on.
To its extremities, a Jewish physician is not allowed to care for a Goy patient during the Sabbath. (excluding a Jewish patient.)

So Jews need a Shabbat Goy, a gentile who performs tasks for Jews in the home or Synagogue on the Sabbath or holy day that are forbidden Jews on such occasions as mentioned above.
Someone calls the US President as Israel’s US Governor as if Jews calls Mahmoud Abbas as their West Bank Governor.
In this perspective, Obama is more a Head Negro to serve his massa than a Good Black

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