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USA: One Nation Under Israel

USA: One Nation Under Israel
January 5 2008

It has been absolutely acknowledged among many wise people around the world that the USA is rather a proxy to fight for the interests of Jewish State of Israel than Israel is to fight for the US interests.

In 2003, Mahatir Mohammad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, succinctly described the relationship between the West and Israel: "Today, Jews rule this world by proxy...They get others (Westerners like American, British, French and Shabbas Goys like Polish, South Korean, Filipino) to fight and die for them."

However, as there are more fools than wise men in the world, much of the world has been entertaining the perception of two-state solution in Israel-Palestine conflict as eventual, viable, and permanent one.
But it is a masturbation fantasy for an astute and wise man, because it is quite obvious that two-state solution cannot possibly be achieved when you are curious enougjh to look up the maps of the proposed division of what was called the Palestine into two states.

The topic has been discussed and argued ad nauseam for decades in the US since the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, and thanks to the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, Americans are blindly and massively tilted to support the Jews whose engagement against the Palestinian Arabs are tantamount to committing atrocious war crime as if Nazi Germans inflicted upon Jews in Europe during the WWII.

Overwhelmingly, the American fools keep electing Jewish Americans their representatives in both House and Senate that extravagantly appropriate billions of taxpayers dollars for the war machines in the Jewish interests in the Middle East.

Here are some numbers that the American fools should brood over the reality why their neighbors often miss their breakfast meal while billions of tax money flood in the Negev desert.

Race/ % of population / Senate seats / House seats
Jews / 2.2% / 13 / 30
Blacks / 12.4% / 1 / 42
Hispanics / 14.8% / 3 / 22
Asians / 4.4% / 2 / 7

Do you, fools, need more explanation to comprehend why you cannot afford to have a simple meal on your table, to die without health insurance coverage, or to shiver for fear of Muslim terrorists?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If Saddam had only broccoli to sell...

If Saddam had only broccoli to sell…

In early 20th Century, the world went to war because a duke was assassinated in Sarajevo, and again in 1940, the world went to war because of a Nazi dictator. Now, thousands of American soldiers are sent to the Gulf region to have a "regime change” in Iraq that allegedly threatens the world peace with the weapons of mass destruction.

However, when the North Korea challenged the World Crusaders of Peace with the same weapons of mass destruction, they kissed the pigmy Kim’s ass like the British Prime Minister Chamberlain did to Hitler and offered a variety of candies for rapprochement in return for peace in the Pacific region, that is, a war wimp’s rewarding to the threats.

The only difference between Saddam and the pigmy Kim, both the members of the axis of evil, is that the former has lots of oil reserves and the latter does not even have a broccoli to sell. This difference, for Americans especially the oil barons and the Israel-Firsters in the Bush Administration, makes very much worthy of sacrificing the young American soldiers who always bear the brunt of war tragedy.

Give me oil any day, Saddam, and we let you go free right away: Donald Rumsfeld, the warlord in the Pentagon would consider not to invade Iraq if Saddam quits.

The US Department of Energy announced early this month that by 2025, US oil imports will account for perhaps 70 percent of total US domestic consumption, and US and non-OPEC oil deposits are beginning to run dry, according to the Worldwatch Institute. The bulk of future supplies will have to come from the Gulf region where Iraq has 112 billion barrels of oil reserve.

Jeremy Rifkin of the Hydrogen Economy has compiled, according to the British newspaper report:
The number of years that reserves of oil will last at current production rates in the US, where more than 60 percent of the recoverable oil has already been produced, the ratio is just 10 years; in Canada, it is 8:1. Iran, 53:1, Saudi Arabia, 55:1, United Arab Emirates 75:1, Kuwait, 116:1.

And in Iraq, it is a whopping rate of 526:1
Who could say that Bush Administration eyes only for weapons of mass destruction but oil?
You still are not convinced that the impending war is about oil…continue to read the following story that your media never print.

In the years of the Clinton Administration between 1997 and 1998, there was a lobby group called the Project for the New American Century that was created by the Warlords in the present Bush Administration: this group, in a 1998 letter to President Clinton, called for the removal of Saddam from power, and also in a letter to Newt Gingrich, who was then Speaker of the House, they wrote that “we should establish and maintain a strong US military presence in the region, and be prepared to use that force to protect our vital interests in the Gulf-and, if necessary, to help remove Saddam from power.”

You would be surprised to know the who’s who the signatories of the letters are:

Donald Rumsfeld: the Secretary of Defense
Dick Cheney: the Vice President
Paul Wolfowitz: the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Israel-Firster)
Richard Armitage: the Deputy Secretary of State (Israel-Firster)
Richard Perle: chairman of the Defense Science Board (Israel-Firster)
John Bolton: the Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control
Zalmay Khalizad: a special envoy to Afghanistan and Iraq, and the former consultant for Unocal Corporation (Oil Company cut the deal with Taliban for oil pipe-line)
Elliott Abrams: a convict in the Iran-Contra Scandal during Reagan Administration who was appointed by Bush as a special assistance and a Senior Director for Near East. (Israel-Firster)

In short, the present Warlords in the Bush Administration already have projected the Iraqi invasion years before they become the mandarins to yield the power of eunuchs in the Empire.

The looming war is not about the nuclear, chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction, but an updated versions of an American imperialism, the Manifest Destiny that these oil barons and Corporate Americans have schemed endlessly to monopolize wealth and rule the world as their birth right.

And Eureka!

The September 11 has given them a godsend opportunity to achieve their dream of controlling the Iraqi oil field as a gateway to refurbish the increasingly depleting US oil reserves and to cause the eventual destruction of Oil cartel, the OPEC, even though Iraq had nothing to do with the Twin Tower tragedy.

You still don’t get why George wants a war with Iraq not with North Korea?
Then, here is a dumb and simple tale for Cattle…the pigmy Kim declared “I have A-bombs but no oil.” The UN inspectors said, “we found no smoking guns in Iraq, but lots of oil reserve”

And what did George say to the American Cattle? “We deal with the pigmy diplomatically because he has A-bombs, but Saddam has no A-bomb but oil that feeds our gas-guzzling SUVs, so we beat him to the pulp.”

Finally, the American Cattle moo in chorus: “Ditto!”
And Saddam murmurs: if we would have only broccoli to sell…

Does Jesus play the soccer game too?

Does Jesus play the Soccer Game too?
June 12, 2006

As the pandemic fever for the World Cup 2006 reaches every nook and corner on the planet earth, God is not an exception to escape from the viral infection from His beloved believers, especially notoriously chauvinistic, unruly, rough, and Satanic South Korean soccer fans.

One of several hundreds Korean Christian churches in New Jersey State ( jumps on the World Cup bandwagon with the flyer that depicts God is on the helping path ensuring the winnings of Korean Team.

The colorful flyer swears that “Power of Jesus” is tantamount to “the Power of Korea”, urging all Korean-Americans come to their church where a wide-screen TV monitor will show the match between France and Korea at 2:30pm on Sunday June 18.
The church promises the audience that they will get free gifts of the prepaid phone cards and a ballpoint pen provided by the giant corporation in South Korea, Korean Telecommunication Co.

First of all, it is a mind-boggling thing that the church, in cahoots with the KT, engages in the commercialized soccer match in order to solicit un- or non-believers to their congregation…claiming that Jesus is on their side if all Koreans gather and root for the Korean Team at their church, as if Jesus is definitely infected with the soccer fever.

It is somewhat hilarious to see that Jesus plays an umpire in the game between his disciples of 12 on his side and other non-followers of Galileans…obviously, for the Korean Christians, the Jesus Team decisively pummeled, without any doubt, their counterpart non-believers, because Jesus blessed his disciples. (no doubt that Jesus could not possibly function as an unbiased umpire in that game.)

As a winner is required to produce at least one loser, no winner exists without losers.
And I wonder why Koreans believe that Jesus always sides with the winner and discard the loser.
Would Jesus discard all losers without any mercy, as the Korean Christians believe?
Is this kind of Jesus a savior of all mankind?

Would Jesus bless only Christians to win and non-Christians go to hell?
What if all contestants were Christians to be blessed by Jesus?
Which group would Jesus choose to bless to win?
Would Jesus pick the Koreans because they are blessed to have a wide-screen TV monitor and lots of free gifts to throw away as if the New Yorkers throw paper confetti in their parades along the Fifth Avenue?

Which prayer would Jesus take to bless among thousands, millions of prayers?
The following is an excerpt from what Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address expressed his opinion about the vanity of Christian prayer

Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invoked His aid against the other.
It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing his bread from the sweat of other men’s faces, but let us judge not, that we be not judged.
The prayers of both could not be answered.
That of neither has been answered fully.
The Almighty has His own purpose.
Amen !!

The World Cup Folly


The following article was written by Pepe when the World Cup for Soccer Match was performed for the first time on the Korean peninsular four years ago.
Again Friday June 10 2006, another commercial exploitation of the sportmanship begins at Germany where prostitution is legal and negro-bashing is widely accepted social mores.
And the Korean fans, much ado about nothing, are appeared to outrank all other fans projecting their chauvinistic outcry "Korean-number-One" in the soccer field.

The World Cup Folly
June 7, 2002

The South Koreans are on the warpath in the World Soccer Field that has given them, once in a lifetime, the leveled stage to face their half-a-century neo-colonial master, USA, on June 10th, and their maddening euphoria after the first winning over not-so-good Poland team indicates that the South Koreans would definitely show up in the street en masse no matter what the outcome would bring them out either chauvinistic banzai or “kill-the-bastard” riot.

The game of the World Cup, as the Olympics, is supposed to promote international good will and global humanity that eventually give rise to bring togetherness among human species and peace among many nation-states.
However, the international sport events have been at the mercy of political distortion and commercial exploitation that the contesting field becomes a world bazaar for a melange of Machiavellian politicians, international hucksters, princely nabobs, redneck hooligans, and blockhead yahoos.
Moreover, most of the sport teams evolved into the denigrating marketing mechanism in the global community capitalizing on their stars and brands in cahoots with advertisers and commercial media.

To add an insult to the Olympian spirit, the media tends to project the blatant chauvinism by focusing on a star player of the host country team an excessive athletic superiority over other countries and by stimulating the viewers to gang up against the opposition team.
The hackneyed politicians are not an exception…As the Senegalese president joined his people in the street for the celebration after an unexpected victory, thick-skinned DJ Kim, “the commander-in-corruption” of the Republic of Korea, has made a cameo appearance with the Korean team shaking hands and chatting with them, forgetting that his favorite son is rotting in the gaol.

The sport events generally provide drama and excitement while remaining politically passive and trivial as the audiences are merely participating as the shouting spectators.
However, the whole shebang of good will and global humanity fall apart when the competition is either between historical enemies as in Korea and Japan, or between neo-colonial bondage as in Korea and the US,
History reveals vividly that Koreans hate and/or envy Japanese and Uncle Sam, and Koreans are more than happy or jubilant to beat up these teams on equal term, because Koreans are quite sure that no other avenue exists for them to humiliate these countries in toto.

If the World Cup event is a path to the spirit of global togetherness and eventually a possible venue for the world peace, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea that Hulk Hogan should convene the World Wrestlemania for the match between arch enemies around the world to settle the disputes without shedding a drop of blood: George the Superpower vs. Saddam the Muslim, Hindu the Guru vs. Pakis the Jihad, Ariel the War Criminal vs. Arafat the Bomber, DJ Kim the Corrupt vs. JI Kim the Pygmy, and so on.
If George wins over Saddam in the televised match worldwide, Uncle Sam gets all the oil fields in Iraq, and in reverse score, Saddam gets just a promise from George that Uncle Sam would leave him alone, not waking him up with F 16s in the middle of night.

On the Kashmir conflict, if Indian guru headbutts to knock Pakis down, all Muslims in India would leave for Pakistan, and if Pakis got Hindu under chokehold to surrender, Hindu would stop the nuclear saber rattling against Pakis.
If Ariel the War Criminal beats Arafat up to the pulp, Arafat the Bomber would take his entire people bundle together and jump into the Mediterranean Sea so that the Jews could dance in the religious discotheque at the Wailing Wall without bothering about the suicide bombers. In reverse case, the Palestinians get independent state surrounded by barbed wire, the IDF military checkpoints, and video surveillance for life.
Finally, DJ Kim gets an assurance from the Pygmy no more threat of the military invasion, and if the Pigmy wins, the North Koreans receive all the food wastes the Southern brothers and sisters throw in the garbage pits for the humanitarian aid.

Would it be a far-fetched suggestion? Then listen to the following shoptalk among the British soccer fans. They appear to be cool-headed folks to see the Game from the completely different angle, unlike a pack of rowdy, hoarse, bad mannered, beer swilling, flag-waving, and ‘patriotic’ spectators.

Here is an article by David Hayes about a London pub conversation between four friends on the eve of the soccer World Cup 2002.

Philippe: What is the World Cup about? Money, pure and simple.
This is a beanfest for global corporations. The statistics on sponsorship, advertising, and merchandising are staggering. The top fifteen sponsors—McDonalds, Budweiser, NTT, Gillette, the usual suspects—will pay FIFA, the world governing body, 375 million pounds to display their images at the tournament. Adidas is paying ten teams around 60 million pounds to wear their products. And the money is not just decoration—it has colonized the very soul of the game. Brazil is a franchise of Nike. When injuries to key players are discussed—Ronaldo in 1998, Zidane in 2002—the sponsors are in the wings, pulling the strings.
It used to be a game. It’s now a global business.

Rita: The heart of it all is still passion, the sense of belonging to something wider than yourself—a team, a cause, a country.
The focus on commercialism forgets that there are twenty-four national squads each of whom represents an epic national story for the people back home. From Slovenia to China, the smallest participating country to the largest, people will be gathered round their TV sets and radios, brought together in a spirit of intense, positive togetherness.
The game is the connective tissue of the nation. At the end, win or lose, people will have traveled together on a journey and feel differently about themselves.
It is an emotional depth charge in the imagined community.

Ali: For me it’s about globality rather than nationalism.
We hear a lot about shared national experiences, but these are often top-down, highly orchestrated events, without spontaneity, and by definition confined to a single territory.
By contrast, the World Cup is one of those rare occasions when the idea of a global citizen becomes real.
This is a world party that everyone wants to be at.
People are not limited in their allegiance—you are free to choose a country to support, to discover new heroes, to experiment with different identities.
This is the postmodern world. And this freedom extends to the participating nations—where else do you have Senegal or Turkey competing with Germany or the United States on an equal stage?
No one is privileged, the playing field is level, only the best wins, and nobody gets killed—the essence of the World Cup is global justice!

Yolande: The World Cup is about television.
It is a mechanized spectacle, nothing more—the world reduced to the confined, static, managed dimensions of the TV set.
The event becomes an intense daily effort to capture, process, and packaged a multifarious but messy reality into a form that is easily digestible—and of course sellable—for the various domestic (meaning family and national) audiences.
It is about the impoverishing of life by television—done often with awesome expertise and sophistication, but a compound lie nevertheless.
The real ‘real thing’ is infinitely more interesting. But television can never come near it.
The game is a bogey.

Rita: the arguments of Philippe and Yolande about money and television seem very similar to mine.

Philippe: Yolande’s case is like an inversion of the French philosopher Baudrillard on the 1990-91 Gulf War—because it wasn’t seen, it didn’t happen.
My point concerns purpose and context. FIFA is in the midst of a huge financial scandal over the actions of its head, Sepp Blatter—it has lost 215 million pounds in four years. its marketing partner, ISL, collapsed, as did KirchMedia, which spent 750 million pounds to control broadcasting for the next two World Cups.
The huge sums involved here gave companies the right to influence everything—the scheduling of matches, kick-off times, merchandise, even logos on shirts.
The competing nations are only brands. The very rules of the game will be next.
The world is for sale, and the World Cup is its biggest bazaar. Without a log, you don’t exist.

Rita: this is all too cynical for my taste.
To adapt Tom Paine on Edmund Burke—you lament the plumage but forget the bird is vibrantly alive.
The World Cup is a glorious human drama and an unmatched multicultural spectacle. Football is of all games the one that, at its best, combines the technical, the aesthetic, and the emotional.
Add a big, noisy, partisan crowd and the setting is complete.
No wonder it attracts the most poetic descriptions—‘theater of dreams’, ‘the beautiful game’—which never completely curdle into cliché.
This is the ultimate stage for over five hundred beautiful athletes to display the essential skills and virtues of their sport.
All human life—ambition, joy, respect, frustration, relief, agony—is displayed on that field of green.

Ale: This is precisely why it goes broader even than intense collective emotion on the national level.
The World Cup is a shed global experience in which individuals as well as countries shift the sense of themselves, becoming part of the same mental and affective universe.
The story of Nakatsue, the isolated Japanese village hosting Cameroon is an example. People who have never met or seen a foreigner in their lives learn that the latter are not to be feared, but welcomed.
It’s about going beyond yourself, including your inherited loyalties and prejudices.
The World Cup makes this possible in countless small ways that never get near the headlines, but which accumulate to become part of the evolving consciousness.

Yolande: The opposite of cynicism is naivete. Television is the fulcrum here between money, passion and global experience—it takes the passion which properly belongs to the game and fans, packages and sells it to a world audience—and in the process degrades it into pap and formula.
It stated as a window onto the game and ends by colonizing the game itself.
Can you imagine the World Cup without television? It’s obvious that competition could not be sustained without these juicy contracts. But it’s not just influence. It’s alchemy.
Television in the age of globalization has perfected the art of fragmentary focus, of parceled highlights against musical soundtracks, of the momentarization of time, of radical individualization of meaning, one which we have come to depend on even after being disabled by it.
Television feeds the imagination only to kill it.

Rita: Money and television may make the modern World Cup possible, but what people do with it belongs to them.
What’s wrong with Philippe and Yolande’s analysis is that it imaginatively appropriates from people the intimate experience that is, despite all the corruption you can name, theirs to manage.
In other words, you are doing exactly what you claim advertising and television do.
The implication is that you shouldn’t support your own or anyone’s team, or surrender to sheer excitement of a marvelous game.
You are performing the same trick, but without their saving grace of humor or at least the semblance of affective feeling. You need a new script.

Philippe: Not guilty! What I am doing is to hold the space open for the recovery of precisely those virtues you champion.
It is the marketing people, the sponsors, the advertisers, who have made the inner life of football a hollow drum that only echoes their own conceits—there is no moment of genius, error, beauty, or farce that cannot be immediately assimilated and then exchanged for cash.
The World Cup is preeminently about the money and money is destroying the sport.
True passion or authentic emotion is never for sale. We have to go back to go forward—and it will be a hard road. But otherwise the game itself will implode on a global level as it is doing on a national.
How it will be for you?

Ali: in any case, everything changes when the first game starts.
All the chat, expectation, prediction turns to dust. The World Cup becomes the music of our lives for a whole month. That’s the beauty of it.

Philippe: In the end, the only way to go is to shut the commercials from your mind—or watch them only to deconstruct them.
And to support the team least financially compromised by the circus—Slovenia.

Rita: Retain your capacity to be enchanted, and you will find joy everywhere. And support the team of whom it was said: “Other countries have history. Uruguay has football.”

Ali: Think of it as a building block towards a real global community.
Football is increasingly the metaphorical language of the world. It is the way strangers communicate. Countries enter the world stage and be recognized.
In 2006, Vietnam, in 2020, East Timor. Welcome to the world! And support the host countries, Japan and Korea, to make their investment in the great game justified.

Yolande: The best thing is always to be at the game itself. It’s the quality of experience in front of you and around you that matters. If you can’t be there, be an information guerrilla—pick up what you can, especially from the Net. And get out and play, watch, participate.
The world is always where you are

A Poem: The Death of Rachel Corrie

By David Rovics

When she sat down in the dirt In front of your machine
A lovely woman dressed in red
You in military green
If you had met her in Jerusalem
You might have asked her on a date
But here you were in Gaza Rolling towards the gate

As your foot went to the floor
Did you recall her eyes
Did her gaze remind you
That you've become what you despise
As you rolled on towards this woman
And ignored all the shouts to stop
Did you feel a shred of doubt
As you watched her body drop

And as your Caterpillar tracks
Upon her body pressed
With twenty tons of deadly force
Crushed the bones within her chest
Could you feel the contours of her face
As you took her life away
Did you serve your country well On that cool spring day

And when you went back across the Green Line
Back to the open shore
Did you think that this was just another day In a dirty war
And when you looked out on the water
Did you feel an empty void
Or was it just one more life you've taken
One more home destroyed

My name is Rachel Corrie

March 16, 2006

On March 16, 2003 exactly three years ago, Rachel Corrie, a 23-year old student from the US, was crushed to death in Rafah, Gaza Strip, by the Israeli Army bulldozer when she was attempting to prevent the demolition of the home of a Palestinian pharmacist.
Since her death, there were no justice or little outrage for three years over her murder by the State of Israel until a play about her life in the New York Theater Workshop was postponed to unspecific time.

The play titled “My name is Rachel Corrie” is a one-woman show edited by actor Alan Rickman and Guardian journalist Katharine Viner that was made up of Corrie’s journal entries and e-mail correspondence, and it was already premiered successfully in London in April 2005.
The show depicts her college life in the first part and in the second half she grieves over the destruction she witnesses in Gaza and challenges her fundamental beliefs about human nature: “It hurts me, again, like it has hurt me in the past, to witness how awful we can allow the world to be. It is my own selfishness and will to optimism that wants to believe that even people with a great deal of privilege don’t just idly sit by and watch.”

The artistic director, James Nicola of the NY Theater Workshop opined: “we had a very edgy situation. We found that our plan to present a work of art would be seen as us taking a stand in a political conflict, that we didn’t want to take.”
He reasoned that the play should be put off indefinitely, taking into account that 1. Ariel Sharon’s stroke, 2. the election victory of Hamas and 3. the poll shows the Jewish community responded negatively on the play.

It is extremely bizarre to see that the Theater Company polls any particular community to determine whether or when a dramatic work should be played.
It is an obvious censorship of freedom of subject and expression when the play was polled and determined on the basis of the result.
If art does not speak for itself but need a politically correct stage, art is not art.
When theater does not fight for freedom of speech, what is theater fighting for?

If you want to know about Rachel Corrie, visit at

The following is a poem written by Rim Aljabi, a Syrian.
My name is Rim Aljabi; I'm 34 years old from Syria (a female). I was really shocked when I heard the news of the great Martyr Rachel Corrie; it was a mixture of grief and hope at the same time if you understand what I mean. for by hope I mean, that especially at this time when "The future is not ours at all" this courage lady comes from over the ocean, as if a legendary mermaid, except that she is very real and dies for what she believes is just. It brings hope that yes, even the Americans, whom we admire although we very much hate their politics, can understand our suffering. This really gives a hope for a better future in which we can cohabitate and let the people with no fundamental thoughts of any kind to lead the way and rule. I would also like to inform you that the Syrian local newspapers have highlighted the incident of martyr Rachel Corrie, on its first pages. The following is something I've written today, the second is something I wrote ten years ago.

The great Martyr, Rachel Corrie
We have lost a sister,
Who came from over the oceans,
To join hands with us,
To light a candle of hope,
In this dim, bleak world of ours,
To speak out louder then any leader have,
To die for justice, in the Holy Lands.
And as the Arab Proverb goes:
A sister of yours need not be your sibling
In one word,
You have given us “hope”,
A world we almost forgot,
At a time of depression,
And now every Arab,
With conscience in their hearts,
Feel shameful
Deep in their hearts,
No matter to whom they belong,
For you belonged to everyone,
Are praying:
May you rest in peace,
A well deserved peace.
They are not human beings
Words fail to describe,
What are those creatures that are roaming there,
In our lands, towns and streets,
What are they?
What are these things that are allowed,
To walk freely among human beings,
To attack them,
Kill them,
Break their hands and legs,
Backs and necks,
And pull out their eyes?
From which jungle did they come?
Or, which zoo let them loose?
Beasts are protesting:
“We are the most savage of the creator’s making,
Who has come to take our place?
Who has come to do the things,
That we the uncivilized wild animals are ashamed to do?”
Satan and friends laugh-out loud and boast;
“We have put all our spirits in them,
All the cruelty in the world,
It is our doing,
They are us!”

Barking up the wrong tree

Barking up the wrong tree

In John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, “a farmer, due to his default on loan, having his land taken away from him confronts the tractor driver who is knocking down his house. He aims a gun at driver, but he confused when the driver tells him that he takes his orders from a banker in Oklahoma city, who takes his orders from a banker in New York. The farmer cries out: Then Who Can I Shoot?”

In the capitalistic society, where corporations and institutions rein every spheres of human life, people become such confused, frustrated, and bewildered defining a culprit who ruins his or her life that they often bend their rages on the wrongful targets that happened to be in a wrong place at the wrong time.
Under the rule of kings and emperors, the oppressors were identifiable and targeted by the peasants, slaves, or revolutionaries, and destroyed or eliminated accordingly.
However, under the corporate bureaucracies, the enemies are nowhere in sight that the victims who seek to identify the target become more violent and sometimes go crazy to do something that normally is unthinkable thing to do.

Just a day after the last Christmas, a software technician in the small town Massachusetts, who was told by his employer that his wage will be garnished by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), randomly shot with a AK 47 semi-automatic rifle and shotgun at the staffs in Human Resource Dept, killing four women and three men. (All involved are white, middle-class in the predominantly white community)
Immediately after the massacre, the mainstream media jump on painting the culprit as loner, loser, and mentally disturbed sick man, followed by an unabated eulogy on the victims for three days.

It seems obvious that the killer barked up the wrong tree and chose “fast-food” target instead of daunting foray on the fortified office of IRS for his convenience, since he is not a dim-witted wacko to confuse his real enemy, IRS, with a bunch of personnel staffs who work on orders from IRS. He wanted to have his frustration to be resolved instantly on any circumstance and did not care whether the target is an innocent victim who steps on his toe inadvertently or haphazardly.
His selfish psychic that evolved from the naivete of Steinbeck’s farmer is indicative of the cultural isolation and desperation that the killer has experienced in his forty-year life of the corporate society.

Steinbeck’s farmer has at least displayed the wisdom of hesitation before releasing his anger on his fellow creature and sought to locate who the loan shark is. He might have a roughneck crudeness to travel on horseback to the big city wearing a ten-gallon-hat with a Colt revolver and knock the doors of the Wall Street in Manhattan, a mockery of John Wayne braggadocio.
The bottom line for both farmer and killer is the fact that they would never locate physically who their real enemy is in the corporate society…the farmer easily get lost in one of the banks of elevators in the skyscraper, while the killer with hirsute beard, long unkempt hair and a duffel bag would be caught in the suspicious eyes of ever-present security guards, lookouts, stool-pigeons, and cops hired by the establishments.

Such illusion that the real enemy can be found was also manifested in South Korea last September, when the civic leaders vowed to boycott the Ford products if the Ford Company reneges their promise to take over the bankrupt Daewoo Corp.
The South Koreans displayed their stupidity and ignorance in the global corporate structures that they think the Ford Co. only makes cars…the company has been running a huge financial institution that lends billions of dollars domestically and internationally, and some of the funds that are under the Ford’s management are already in the Seoul bourse and other investment portfolios.
Would the Korean civic leaders have the intelligent capacity to tell their people what portion of capitals running in the industrial veins of their country is a Ford product?

In recent years, the denizens of the corporate earth have been suffering from the strange weather ranging from the savage fires across drought-ridden US continent, persistent floods swept across Great Britain and Mozambique, to global warming that brings so sharp and fast with no time for adaptation.
Contrary to the widely propagated wisdom that the mass media speak on behalf of its audience, the ordinary citizen, no major news corporations dare to raise the causes of the strange weather pattern, only to spare more time for bad weather forecast, since they were owned by the corporations that deny anything to do with the climate changes.

When the funnel-shaped swell of tornado hit the Bible-belt southern Texas town that destroyed most of the buildings, Noah’s antediluvian townspeople gathered in the court of blown-out church and cried out the mercy of their Lord for help and questioned why they were the target of Lord’s anger.
The agencies of culture, namely media, school, church, and corporation, shape most of social consciousness that the weather pattern is dependent on the God’s hand, adjusted in righteous matter in near future, and nothing to worry about it because God is always right and good.

For townspeople, asking Lord’s mercy instead of locating the culprits who caused the destruction of the town appears to be more painless and dauntless to reconcile with their numbness, frustration, and bewilderment, as a software technician blasted off his anger against helpless targets through the barrels of guns.
They are utterly powerless, helpless, and sometimes stupidly ignorant to locate the bogeymen and ultimately end up barking up the wrong tree.

The Korean Draft-dodgers


The author (Jay) expressed his shock reading stories of the South Koreans dodging the military draft and he anted up his disgust on his Korean pals who served in KATUSA during his military service in the Korean peninsular.

In addition, he declared that he would not hesitate to serve his own “adopted” country USA if he were called upon, as Jews around the world headed to Israel when the neighboring Arab countries invaded their homeland.

The author was proud of his fellow American soldiers, many of them just barely out of high school, who were serving their country thousand of miles away in a foreign country than his native Korean counterparts who kvetch all the time during their 28-month military service.

First of all, the author distinguished himself as a Korean-American who has very much concerned over the future of his native Korea.

Assumption is that the author had crossed the Pacific Ocean on the back of his parent when he was a Korean toddler—this means he involuntarily or unconsciously crossed the Rubicon—and came back voluntarily and consciously as an adult thoroughly wrapped himself up in the American flag, such as outfitted with GI uniform and brain full of imperial mentality, but still, unfortunately, the same Asian countenance with slit eyes and yellow skin.

The author may be a bilingual in Korean and English, in which he may not necessarily have a claim to be a Korean-American, or he might be forced to admit his ethnicity because he cannot hide his Asian face with the GI fatigues.
The essence of the ethnicity should not be based solely on the complexion and genealogy of a person, but with emphasis on what and how a person perceives on the both side of his ethnic coin.

There are thousands of the second-generation Koreans in the US who cannot understand Korean language, culture, and history and do not or would not like to realize their ethnicity until they face the mirror every morning before setting out for work.
It is a moot point whether a person, who holds an Asian complexion with full brain of the American virtues, can be judged or viewed as a hyphenated ethnic American.

The author appears to be showing clearly his extremely tilted view from American side of coin over the Korean side…American soldiers are serving their country thousands miles away in foreign countries for the protection of their friendly nations from the enemy threat and the author is one of them to answer his “adopted” country’s call to serve a patriotic duty.

However, the fact of the matter is that a majority of American soldiers is not serving in the army for the patriotic reason but of the economic necessities, or other societal factors, and it is not unfair to say that the author must have joined or forced to join the Army because it was a Hobson’s choice.
In the South Korea, the military service is mandatory and without the completion of the service, a person is deprived of employment and benefit and ends up in a clink.

On the contrary, the military services in the United States has been one of the safety net to absorb young kids who fall off after school or troubled members of the minority group, especially young black men, who can’t find the livable job in the tough neighborhood.

It is no surprise to hear that many black soldiers stationed abroad with family subsist with the government largess like food stamps and other privileges like duty-free PX. For the US government, it is cheaper to keep a bunch of young Americans (211,000 all over the world) in foreign countries under the guise of protection rackets because the host countries pay for American bases on their own soil as watchdogs, and for the US military it is fiscally insupportable to find the replacement sites for current overseas military facilities in the US.

As for the author’s case, it would be safe to assume that he joined Army, volunteering in the forward bases in South Korea, because a. he failed in his academic records for the advanced study, b. he failed to find a job, c. he was in a social distress…what this means is that enrolling the army would be the last thing to do as a Korean-American unless he is a wacko braggadocio who wants to display a hopelessly infantile macho sexuality aiming at his native compatriot.

The author’s parent might not be supportive of providing him for college tuition, dormitory or other incidentals as 99 percent of Korean parents assume all the cost of schooling their kids, compared to American counterparts who barely help out their children completing academic achievement.
The cock sure thing here is that he never went to the South Korea for patriotic reason to serve his adopted country USA, and he does not need to be shameful about it because not many Americans are as patriotic as he says.

The former President Clinton evaded to be drafted in the army during the Vietnam War and went to England studying under the Rhodes scholarship. George W Bush hid behind the wings of the National Guard in Texas with the help from his blue-chip family background, avoiding the combat duty in the Vietnam War.

Only small guys like the author jumped on the bandwagon of propped-up patriotic jingoism and got back in body bags or showered with toxic chemicals in return for dubious medals and felt proud of themselves as patriots.
Thousands of young Americans fled to Canada during the Vietnam War, not because they are not patriotic, but they believed that they become patriotic not joining a horrible and unjust war.

The author praised Jews responding for the call to save the state of Israel, in which civil war has massacred thousands of innocent Palestinian babies, women, and civilians, and denied Palestinians a life to live in their own land, and many Jews around the world do not return the call from the Jewish State because they do not believe it is patriotic to do so.

The author complained that his Korean pal in the KATUSA (Korean Augmented Troops to the US Army) believes serving in the military is tantamount to wasting time.

The KATUSA unit first came into being in the 1950s during the Korean War, when US needed more soldiers to make up their loss of armed forces. At the US request, Korean soldiers were forcibly subscribed and located in US 7th division and KATUSA saves US military over $100 million (in 1990s standard) annually.

During the peacetime, members of KATUSA function as errand boys, dispatchers, or deliverymen serving their masters like the author, and many unit soldiers who were university graduates build up strong animosity against the American soldiers who treat them as boys.

KATUSA is one unique favor to the Occupier by the South Korean government whose presidents do whatever asked to do showering US soldiers with the provisions of fresh bodies of young women and KATUSA boys. (Estimated number of South Korean women officially registered in 1995 as “club woman” for US military bases: 18,000.

Clubwoman is a euphemism for prostitute and these women have to carry the registration card with health stamp by the government health clinic, in which they are permitted officially to sell their flesh to their occupiers for money. In this sense, clubwoman is valued more as a wage earner than comfort women who were forced to serve Japanese soldiers pro bono during the WWII.)

It has been a norm since 1950s in the South Korea that only poor and powerless conscript serve in the harsh environments of front line along the DMZ and rich and powerful enjoy reserve duty in the vicinity of big cities. As in the US during the Vietnam War, many young draftees facilitate every available scheme to avoid or shorten the military service and only the suckers waste time in the army while others sip orange juice in the café.
When the society does not accommodate the rule of universality in serving country and ask only poor and powerless to do the service, the sense of sacrifice the author demands is not fair and untenable and eventually there is no one to respond on call for service.

As expected, the prosecutors in the South Korean government have failed to dig up the draft scandal and ended the investigation with some small guys to charge for the bribery. Laws are like cobweb; strong enough to detain only the weak, and too weak to hold the strong.

Finally, the author emphasized that he would not hesitate to serve his “adopted” country, USA, if called upon, and reminded his native Koreans that Koreans have no rights to criticize American soldiers until they get their act together.
Strangely, the author never mentioned about his military service in South Korea as a Korean-American, although there are rampant incidents of racial disturbance among ethnically diverse soldiers in the Army.

In one of the news report from Seoul, there were many racial conflicts between Negro and white American soldiers stationed in South Korea, and a gang of drunken black soldiers rioted on the street of Itaewon’s hooch town where white MPs bludgeoned black solders whose caps display the logo of NFL (Nigger For Life).
During the World War II, black American soldiers fought against the Axis in totally segregated unit and in naval ship they were only allowed to serve as KP (kitchen police as a cook or hamburger flipper).
In Korean War after President Truman abolished the military segregation, the Blacks form their own battalion under black officer’s command and they were not allowed to share the mess hall with White soldiers.

Following is the Black Draftees prayer in 1943:

Dear Lord, Today
I go to war:
To fight, to die.
Tell me, what for?
Dear Lord, I’ll fight,
I do not fear,
Germans or Japs.
My fears are here

The Army jimcrows us
The Navy lets us serve only as messmen
The Red Cross refuses our blood
The employers and unions shut us out
Lynchings continue
We are disfranchised, jimcrowed, and spat upon
What more Hitler could do than that?

How long would an adopted patriotism of the author last in his life span?

The Korean Draft-dodgers by Jay


I was appalled to read stories of so many Koreans not wanting to serve in their own military for their own country.

This is especially shocking when most of these people are all in the position of leadership or in the public eyes.
I always thought that Koreans were proud people who had great love of their country. I guess I was just delusional.

I came to U.S. 20 years ago joined U.S. Army after high school.
As most Koreans who join military, I had a chance to be based in Korea.
While being stationed in Korea for 18 months I had Korean colleagues called KATUSA.

Most, if not all, did not wanted to be there.
They all thought they were wasting time.

I thought to myself, where is the pride of serving own country?
Where is the sense of sacrifice?
Nothing but complains.

I was shamed and embarrassed by the actions of Korean counterparts.
American soldiers, many of them just barely out of high school were serving their country thousands of miles away in a foreign country and these people couldn’t shut their mouth and serve 26 months.

What a shame.
Jews from all over the world headed to Israel when the Arab neighbors invaded their homeland and we, as Koreans can’t even bear to serve own country for its own defense.
Its not as though they are protecting some other country like Americans do.

Even though I was born in Korea and have deep feelings for Korea, I was proud of my fellow American soldiers than Korean counterparts (KATUSA).

I am Korean-American but I would not hesitate to serve my country (USA) if called upon.
People in Korea have no rights to criticize American soldiers until they get their act together.

Look at all those people who tried to buy their way out of serving in the military. These people are supposed to set examples for rest of the country.
I see nothing but dark time for future of Korea.

What a shame.

We are born to kill?


We, Homo Sapiens, are time-bound creatures...that is, we all perish eventually and no one has claimed,up until now, that he came back from death.
We are no better animal than carnivors in the jungle in Africa no matter whether we wear an Armani coat with Gucci bags and walk on the Fifth Avenue in New York City.
The only difference is we pretend we are civilized, educated, and have a spiritual faith.

Now proceed how we are brutal and barbaric and vicious animals.

A. A sad story of Ms. Julia Butterfly Hill

On December 10 1999, 25-year-old environmentalist, who has lived for two years on the top of 1,000-year-old redwood tree, Luna, has made a global scene when she descended from 200-foot-tall tree and practiced walking she has not used while sitting on the perch cold and wet during her time aloft.
In an agreement with Pacific Lumber Co., Luna was saved from logging and a 3-acre buffer zone around the tree was preserved in exchange for $50,000 payment from Ms. Hill and her supporters.

Almost a year later yesterday, an environment saga took an ugly turn when she was told that the tree has suffered deadly and deep chain-saw cut, which occurred last week by someone adept at sawing large trees.
The tree suffered irreparable damage cut measured 32 inch deep and 19 feet around the base, less than half the circumference of the tree.
No one claimed responsibility and the local sheriffs are investigating the incident.

Ms. Hill began to live on the top of the 18-story high tree since December 10 1997 to protest logging and refuse to come down for two years, bathing in a bucket, hauling up food and supplies by rope and sleeping under a tarp on an eight-by-eight-foot plywood platform.
In the rainy northern California forest, she braved howling winds and damp winters, and became something of a celebrity. Television crews from Israel, Germany and England filmed her. The singers Bonnie Raitt and Joan Baez visited her.
Using her cellular phone to communicate, she gave her interviews and spoke at rallies against old growth timber logging.

On her descending from the tree, Ms. Hill said jokingly in 1999; “If anyone who wants to cut this type of trees should be mandated to stay on the top of the tree over two years like me.”
When she heard the damage on tree, she condemned the vicious attack on Luna, saying she cannot express the deep sorrow and she is committed as ever to do everything to protect Luna and the remaining ancient forests.
It is very much sickening to know that one executed a vicious attack on a defenseless tree that was preserved by selfless devotion of another who has spent two-years of precious life on windy, cold, and uncomfortable ambience.

B. A chilling story of an IDF sniper

Since mid-November, Israeli army has shifted their use of firearms against Palestinians from rubber-coated to live ammunition causing 80 percent of Palestinian casualties by live bullets.
According to the study by the international human rights organization, Israeli troops target the head and upper body rather than aiming limbs, inflicting more than 280 dead in two months and nearly 9,000 injured on Palestinians.

The Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, featured an interview with an Israeli army sniper who described his targets of helpless Palestinian kids: Twelve and up is allowed. He is not a child any more, he is already after his bar mitzvah age.
Interviewer: Thirteen is bar mitzvah age.
Sniper: Twelve and up, you are allowed to shoot. That’s what they tell us.
Interviewer: So, according to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), it is twelve?
Sniper: According to what the IDF says to its soldiers. I don’t know if this is what the IDF says the media.
The sniper added that high velocity bullets used by the IDF snipers break up inside the body.
When the Israeli soldiers were asked why they trained on the critical upper body part instead of legs or arms, the reporter was told that they intend to kill someone when they shoot.

A report by the Washington-based think tank that has close link with the US government recommends the Palestinian Authority that they should not hesitate to use excessive forces controlling stone-throwing people with interrogation methods that border on psychological and/or physical torture, arrests, and detention which violate the normal human rights.
The documents was posted on the Website by CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) where Joseph Lieberman, Vice President candidate for Democrat, belongs to its Middle East Task Force and written by Anthony Cordesman, a former national security assistant to failed Republican presidential candidate and Senator John McCain, and it was heavily referenced to the CIA and the State Department.

C. Human psyche
What is it in the human mentality that drives a person to such acts of violence against defenseless objects or their own species?
What kind of psyche the writer of the think tank hold in his brain when he recommends to inflict the torturous acts of atrocities against the helpless people?
The answer may be found in the US history of between late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the South where the ordinary folks like mom and pop were transformed into mindless murderers and sadistic torturers in the lynching of the niggers.

It is mind-boggling to know that the lynchings of the blacks were allowed to happen with impunity until early twentieth century as late as 1930s, and about 5,000 blacks have met their death at the hands of lynching mobs after emancipation until 1960s.

The stories of lynching became as routine affairs by the end of 19th century in some newspapers as the daily weather report and developed into a voyeuristic circus that thousands of spectators gather to eyewitness, took pictures with corpses, and collected ears, nails, hairs and body parts for souvenirs.
Returning from the scene of summary execution, a nine-year-old white youth complained to his mother: I have seen a nigger hanged and now I wish I could see one burned to death.

The utter worthlessness of blacks was an accepted norm in the Southern States where people come to think of blacks as inherently and permanently inferior beast, as less than human, as little more than animals, and it is common belief among white people that blacks are brutes, without responsibility to God, black slaughters nothing more than the killing of a dog: “Kill a mule buy another, Kill a nigger hire another.
Most of lynching mobs was a rowdy gathering of rednecks, crackers or peckerwoods, but they were tacitly approved by the prominent citizens like lawyers, judges, town clerks, and businessmen in the town.

In a nutshell, the lynching was accepted as an alternative and swift execution of the white justice against niggers, the moral character of the white community as a whole condoned the burning and torturing death of blacks, and the lynching mobs were comprised of ordinary citizens, not a bunch of rowdy drunkards.

It is a part of human history and heritage that we simply refuse to look or think about it, because it is unpleasant, ugly or unworthy of issues, burying deep in the archives of historical museum.

The vicious stories of lumberjack and sniper are thousands miles apart but essentially identical in its modus operandi embracing and executing the moral paradigm that was designed, programmed, and indoctrinated by the institutions like CSIS, academics, mainstream media, research center, or government agencies.

A lumberjack might be obsessed with his belief that there is no such thing like global warming and he got pissed off on the adamant wishes of tree-huggers that make his life become more miserable, and feared that his God-given right to life were threatened by a bunch of troublesome environmental oddballs.

A Jewish sniper holds his religious imperatives to the Jewish exclusivism to judge an Arab kid a mere swine that is unworthy of living and it is better for him to nip them in the bud.
When he returns home on furlough, the prominent citizens like rabbis and yeshiva friends in his hometown would pat him on the back and encourage him to do more shootings.

Both are born, raised, programmed, indoctrinated, groomed, lived and eventually died to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill…for nothing, as we all do the same thing and all eventually kick the bucket in a linear operation.
Born to kill is an inherently and incorrigibly “human-esque” characteristics that is being piped into his or her brain during its gestational stay in the womb.

Bon voyage to Pearly Gates, folks.

Korean brouhaha on the Japanese textbook

October 28, 2005

“History will be kind to us, gentlemen, for I plan to write it”, said Winston Churchill.

There has been a gaga in South Korea over the alleged distortion of the Japanese history textbook that was designed for the middle-school students in Japan, and a series of mass rallies against Japan was held in Seoul, demanding the government’s action and seeking anti-Japanese product campaign by the ever-present civic group.

One of red-hot protesters bit his finger to write his deathwish against the Tokyo’s approval of distorted textbook with his dripping blood, which is common both in Korean and Japanese culture, and several “comfort women”, who served Japanese military during the WW II as forced prostitutes, showed their displeasure pumping wobbly arms up in the air.

However, quite a contrary to the nationwide protest, the Korean Government, has kept mum about the issue, while his foreign minister was reluctant to react against the Japanese government, suggesting that they have no realistic ways to sanction Japan for the matter, and took a symbolic gesture of recalling South Korean ambassador to Japan.

As every Korean Presidents, the factotum for the US neo-colonialism, have buckled humiliatingly under the pressure of the U.S. Administration with regards to the engagement policy vis-à-vis North Korea, the South Koreans are in no position to counter economically, politically, and militarily against their old colonial master, Japan.

“History is the memory of states”, wrote Henry Kissinger in his book, and Columbus later wrote, “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold,” after he returned from the voyage to the New World, during which he took more than 500 Native American men, women, and children to Spain for sale who half of them died on the ship.

Kissinger tells the history from the viewpoint of political leaders, queens and Kings ignoring the millions who suffered from those statemen’s policies.
Columbus wrote the history of his voyages from the looking glass of Spanish conquerors, and felt no wrongs to massacre Arawak Indians for not bringing in gold.

The US President, Woodrow Wilson, was referred as the father of the national self-determination to the Korean students who were taught from the history textbook that was revised by the obsequious South Korean government to the Americans at the end of WW II.

No Korean history teachers knew that Wilson supported and executed the “righteous conquest of foreign country” in order to obtain foreign market for the American products, even if sovereignty of unwilling nations would be abused in the process.
Mandarins from the Education Department of Sygnman Rhee’s government have forced newspaper editors, history teachers, and scholars to change the description of America in Chinese character from “rice country” to “beautiful country”.

During the Vietnam War, Gen. CH Park, a vicious military dictator who most of South Koreans honor him a national hero and want to build the memorial hall for him, dispatched over 50,000 Korean soldiers to the independent-seeking country, raping, killing and marauding innocent Vietnamese men, women, and children under the guise of protecting democracy.

The history textbook in Korean school notes that the South Korean veterans in Vietnam War were national heroes and patriots, and students were never taught on the war that was one of the most unjust and cruel conflicts to humanity in modern history.

Recently, the South Korean news media fanned people’s anger over civilian killings committed by the US soldiers during the 1950 Korean War, without telling that fact that past Rhee’s government colluded with Americans in the massacre of innocent civilians beginning from 1945 to the end of the war, through a series of Kurchang massacre, Cheju Island revolt, and other numerous atrocities.

When the South Korean people devote exclusively to bolstering the orthodox history that rhapsodizes about Korean virtues and glories fed by their school, with no mention of their own shameful past history that leaves out anything might reflect badly upon Korean character, Japanese people can only see the Koreans soul full of ignorance and mouth full of hypocrisy.

“Traditional history” tends to project a Manichean world in depicting the world affairs: on one side, Japanese is an imperial evil intent enforcing their hegemony upon its neighboring countries simply because Japan was an occupier and conqueror in the past and refuses to admit the past wrongful activities.
On the other side, the Korean was the victim of Japanese colonialism, deserving compensation and apology from Japanese, no matter what the Korean does the same thing to other countries.

One of the typical lands that prevails a Manichean mind is the United States of America… Americans view their national history from the top down, to be deeply revered and not critically examined.
For example, since America is the land of opportunity, the poor have only themselves to blame and the riches deserve their wealth because the former was indolent and immoral and the latter was diligent and good. It is as simple as black and white, as in Cold War, Russia is bad and America the beautiful.

This mindset of American mentality never allows them to apologize, even though they hurt their neighbor, as in the Vietnam War and Spy plane incident in China. (When you hear repeated sorry from traveling American who bumps into your path, he does not mean “conventional” meaning of apology, but simply regrets what he has done and would not settle the matter without legal wrangling if saying sorry hurts him financially.)

In the high school textbook widely used throughout the United States, it said almost nothing about the anti-colonial nature of the Vietnamese struggle, the ecological destruction and massive bombings caused two millions of civilian casualties.

As history is largely a one-sided record compiled by the victors, the heterodox or loser’s history may offer a better learning experience than orthodox or winners records.
Koreans wisely are sided with American historians who note in history book that Japan was sole imperial force that expand their hegemonic power to conquer the China and Southeast Asia, which caused the Pacific War.

As a loser in the war, Japanese historians insisted that Japan did not have much choice in 1940s but to fight against the American Pacific Empire that strangled the commercial routes of Japanese industrial resources, such as tin, rubber and oil from the Southeast Asia and imposed total embargo on scrap iron and oil in the summer of 1941. (Japanese reminded American consuls in China initially supported the invasion of Japanese troop to China, and the US government exchanged notes with Japan saying that US government recognizes Japan has special interests in China.)

American always demanded an open door policy upon China, Korea, Japan and other countries, while they insisted on a closed door in Latin America with the Monroe doctrine and frequent military interventions.

During 36 years of Japanese occupation, many Koreans obediently kowtowed to the orders of Japanese occupiers without any significant resistance, and many of them became the loyal viceroy of Japan, torturing and jailing their own people and paid homage to the Japanese Shinto temple.
There were no organized guerrillas fighting against Japanese authorities except some banditry in the northern part of the country bordered with China.
The late leader of North Korea, Kim Il Sung claimed he was the ringleader of partisans roaming around the border, harassing and marauding the village people.

When the Japanese occupation has ended in 1945, the US army simply replaced the Japanese occupiers in the southern part of Korea with the help of a batch of Korean collaborators to Japan, including Gen. CH Park who was a lieutenant in Japanese Imperial Army stationed in Manchuria, and a majority of politicians, military officers, policemen, and civilian mandarins in the new South Korean government were former lackeys of Japanese imperialism.

The first thing Gen. Park did when he got the power with putsch was begging money from Japan, sending an emissary, JP Kim, then-KCIA chief, to his former employer, Imperial government of Japan, and Japan gave him $3 billion for the compensatory payment for the 36 years of Japanese occupation.
The Japanese payment was the seed money for the future development of the fledgling industries in the South in conjunction with the flow of scrap iron, raw materials and other resources that were robbed from the Vietnam War by the South Korean mercenary forces.

When media and civic leaders in Seoul pump anti-Japanese product campaign in the air, the former colonial masters in Tokyo laugh at the abject ignorance of poor “Senjin” (derogatory word for Korean).
Everyone in both Japan and South Korea knows that the export industries in the South Korea collapse if Japanese economy goes down the tube and the South Koreans can not live a day without Japanese products or technology.

In the future history book of Korean school children, it is a moot point whether the United States of America would be depicted as the savior of Korean democracy and prosperity or the neo-colonial power that emptied and exploited the national treasures leaving the South Koreans in despair.

However, if Koreans rely entirely on the textbook fortified by the official rendition of benign and rhetorical history, chances are they may never know where they are until they find themselves stark naked, chained, and work in the neo-colonial slave system.

It is not a time for the South Koreans lazily shouting against the past enemy, but must look into who the present enemy is and where their pied piper, their Government, leads them.

We are Americans

We are Americans

Americans are lucky to have a president who habitually is on bended knees every morning asking God for guidance and believes God is always on his side.

The president’s assumption is that Americans are somewhat ordained by God to have more resources and energy to waste for their extravagant lifestyle than other lesser mortals around the world, and therefore, there is nothing wrong to maximize the consumption of every available resources on earth that is a reflection of the strength of US economy.

The way of American life is a blessed one that only 5 percent of the world population uses 24 percent of the world’s energy resulting to produce 22 percent of the world’s industrial carbon dioxide.

Vice President Dick Cheney, another wealthy oilman, has pooh-poohed the energy conservationist as a wimp who can keep it as personal virtue and ridiculed that it is not a sufficient basis for a sound comprehensive energy policy.
He went on to call for more oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy to meet the ever-growing energy demand of American people for their cellphones, laptops, pagers, walkmans, DVD, and SUVs.

A Republican Senator, who hails from the state of Alaska where the oil barons were watering their mouths for the exploitation of the Arctic National Wild Life Refuge, stated: I am a big guy, and I don’t like to get into a small car because I’m not comfortable.

Even Environmentalists who denounced new oil drillings drive around on 5,000-pound vehicles that guzzle fuel with 12-mile per gallon on the highway.
The SUVs have become the all-American car, on which dashboard flashes the warning sign of empty gas tank.

For the god-fearing President, the quickest way to help people with their energy bill is tax relief and he’d like to have it in place tomorrow so that people would have money in their pockets to deal with high energy prices.
It goes without saying that he wants people to spend money at the gas pump that helps his friends in oil business making enormous profits.

Conserving, saving and recycling something are a non sequitur in the capitalistic society… Conserving something for the future generation does not stimulate the economy only leading to the recession, as savings for rainy days is not a virtue but borrowing and speculating on the future market are civic religion, a distinctively American way of success and prosperity.

Assets held by the world’s 200 wealthiest people total $1 trillion and three-quarters of them who suffer from “affluenza” live in OECD countries, 60 reside in the US, while three billion people live on $2 or less per day and one billion get by on $1 or less.

The statistics from the UN shows that the richest 20 percent of the world’s people eat 45 percent of all its fishes and meat, use 87 percent of all of its paper, and 58 percent of all the world’s energy.

According to the UN calculation, $35 billion per year is sufficient to fund the minimum conditions required for the human development worldwide that measures life expectancy, education, literacy and national wealth, and it could be financed with the proceeds of a 3.5 percent per annum levy on the assets of the world’s 200 richest people.

However, the concept of noblesse oblige is a cui bo-no for Americans and as oxymoronic as a jumbo shrimp for the compassionate conservatives.
It is a big NO to share the world resources and wealth with lesser mortals, because we, the nation of gluttons, want everything in our possession big, fast, powerful, and unlimited, and most of all, we want it a big “Now”, not tomorrow or never the day after tomorrow.

The beauty of American-ness is heavily relied upon its instancy—readymade, frozen, canned, dehydrated or freeze-dried—that provides immediate and palpable satisfaction literally and figuratively.

Politically, we are the master yielding a powerful hegemonic hammer on bootlicking serf nations around the world telling them: Do what I say, not what I do.

Economically, we are the chief custodian of the world economy under the rules of IMF and World Bank that is owned 51 percent by the US Treasury.

Militarily, we are the biggest spender in military budget of $325 billion (2002 fiscal year) on killing business over $6 billion of former enemy Russia and our military has overseas bases in 139 countries with over 200,000 service personnel.

Financially, we are flooding the world with our dollars under the rubric “petrodollar recycling” and forcing other industrial nations to buy Treasury bonds so that we maintain the unlimited wealth.

Culturally, we export and dominate entertainment industries with Hollywood movies, Broadway theaters, Television network, hiphop music, media, art, and academia that enter the brains and become apart of viewers, listeners, readers, performers, and teachers.

We even make people change their eating habit exporting fast foods like Domino pizza, Starbucks coffee, and McDonald’s hamburger that enter the body and become a part of the eater. As the old saying goes: You are what you eat.

We are Americans.
We are the only game in town.
All must play by our rules.
Get the hell out of our way, folks.
Or else we would condemn you to death.

The Tyrannical Generals: Augusto Pinochet and CH Park

March 4, 2000

Pinochet, an ex-despotic ruler who overthrew the democratically-elected government of Chile in 1973 under the sanction of US government (Nixon and Kissinger) and committed mass-killing and disappearance of over 3,000 dissidents, was allowed to leave the Great Briton under the assumption that the General was unfit to stand trial that the Spain government requested the extradition on charges of torture and disappearance of their nationals.
He was detained under house arrest for 17 months while recovering from back surgery in London.

The ex-dictator, who was diagnosed brain-damaged, too sick to stand and on a wheel-chair bound while in England, rose to embrace the commander in chief of Chilean army on his own when he arrived in Santiago and recognized every friends and military officers and there were no signs of illness that were the basis for his release.
His sudden recovery from sickness seems to be miraculous and evangelical since Lazarus as the despot has received a hero’s welcome by his coterie of military officers.

His put-on shows were shrewd enough to make British government a laughingstock.

Pinochet’ regime had many similarity in the governance of national affairs with the corrupt military government of tinpot dictator, Gen. CH Park.
They were both career military officers, had snatched power by putsch, committed atrocities against their people with arbitrary arrest, torture, imprisonment, forced disappearance, homicide, exiles, abduction, intimidation, etc.

Pinochet has betrayed and murdered his president 18 days after he was appointed the commander in chief of the army
Park was a graduate from Japanese Military Academy who has pledged to fight for the Emperor and remained loyal to Japan until Japan surrendered while his people suffered greatly from Japanese colonialism.

Pinochet ordered his infamous secret police, DINA, to detain, kidnap, and torture anyone who stands against his regime and thousands of men and women disappeared without trace.
Park committed the same atrocities under the command of KCIA and Military Security Command and the prisons were flooded with students, professors, labor leaders, and ordinary people who valiantly protested against his tyranny and hundreds of detainees were met with various forms of tortures and long-term jail sentences that resulted in suspicious deaths.

Surprisingly, two generals seem to share the same destiny even after their departures from power…Pinochet enjoys the immunity from criminal process as a senator for life and an amnesty decree that covers crimes committed from 1973 to 1978 in Chile.

Park was rehabilitated and resuscitated in the grave by DJ Kim who desperately seeks for the support of the region where Park hailed from and he would be remembered as a national hero who brought forth the economic prosperity through the banditry in the Vietnam War.

In Chile and South Korea, there exists a high degree of consensus, that during the past military regime the violation of the human rights was necessary condition for laying the foundations of a economically prosperous nation… that is, the public take the General’s brutality for granted as peccadillo that some one has to pay the price to achieve the material satisfaction.

The only consolation in which the families of victims from both Pinochet and Park rejoice is the principle that those who commit human rights violation in one country could be tried in elsewhere.
This principle would apply to Gen. DH Chun and TW Roh who massacred hundreds of young men and women during their dictatorship, although they were pardoned by another corrupt bozo who was bribed with boxes of cold cash.

Pinochet still faces criminal complaints in Chile for kidnapping, murder and torture, all of which were lodged in 1998 and 1999 and the cases are in the preliminary stage of investigation by the judge of Santiago Appeals Court.

However, in South Korea, no one seems to bother to inquire about anything that is related to the conviction of Chun and Roh: two crooks have not paid the fines and they still keep the Swiss accounts. Not surprisingly, DJ Kim still invites them for the Christmas party.

The Abduction of Conductor Yun Isang

The Abduction and Torture of Yun Isang, 2006/05/01

The following is an article from the Korean newspaper (April 30 2006) on Conductor Yun Isang.

The Korean younger generation who do not know much about MIlitary Dictator Park CH may find the story worth reading how Gen. Park beat, jailed, tortured, and murdered thousands of innocent students, professors, writers, musicians, actors, journalists, and other ordinary people in order to keep up his military regime for 19-years long.

There were generally two choices under his controled eithe live and follow whatever he orders you to do, or you just pack your back and leave the country, and I chose the latter and became a non-Koreanesque Korean, lashing out, whenever opportunity arrives,the Korean overbearing hypocrisy and shabby nationalism: "Korean-Number-Oneness".

Isang Yun’s Wife Wants Apology From Seoul

By Seo Dong-shin
Staff Reporter

MT. KUMGANG, North Korea _ Lee Soo-ja, 79, widow of renowned composer Isang Yun, appeared nervous when the conference room was packed with journalists from South Korea; a place she had stayed away from for more than three decades but now wants to revisit any time soon, when her husband’s honor is restored.
``Everyday, I hope that the South Korean government would restore the honor of the artist who was so dedicated to the Korean people, so that his spirit could finally visit his hometown,’’ she said during the press conference.

Lee was the center of attention during a ceremony here from Friday through Sunday to pay tribute to her late husband (1917-1995). North Korean officials carried her bags around, and South Korean cameras rallied around her.

With short, curly silver hair and resolutely tight lips, the South Korean-turned-German national, now residing in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, mingled with high-profile figures from the two Koreas. Among them were Ri Jong-hyuk, vice chairman of the North’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee; Lee Jong-seok, the South’s unification minister; Hyun Jeong-eun, chairman of the South’s Hyundai Group; and Park Jae-kyu, former unification minister and now president of the Seoul-based Isang Yun Peace Foundation.

Members of North Korea’s Isang Yun Orchestra perform during a concert to mark the first anniversary of the Seoul-based Isang Yun Peace Foundation and pay tribute to the late composer, at Mt. Kumgang in the North, Saturday.

Isang Yun Peace Foundation organized the three-day program, highlighted by Lee Soo-ja’s first-ever press conference with South Korean journalists Friday. On Saturday, a ceremony marking the foundation’s first anniversary was held at the Singye-sa Buddhist Temple, followed by a concert which included performances by musicians from the two Koreas.
Yun, a world-class composer born in Tongyong, South Kyongsyang Province, and his wife were residing in West Berlin when South Korean intelligence agents kidnapped them to Seoul in 1967. Yun had visited the North Korean Embassy in East Berlin and also Pyongyang in 1963. It was to see murals in a tomb dating back to the Koguryo Kingdom (37 B.C.-668) and meet a friend in the North, according to Lee.

But in Seoul, Yun was tortured and charged with spying for the North Korean regime. He was labeled as head of a spy ring that included a number of other renowned artists who were also rounded up for their alleged ties with Pyongyang.

``In 1967, Park Chung-hee’s military regime kidnapped overnight many Korean students who, studying abroad, were free in their thinking and attitude,’’ Lee recalled. ``The students were not raised in Korea during the 1950s and 1960s, so did not really know about anti-communism or the National Security Law. Especially, we were living in Berlin, where there were no barbed wires and the inter-German transportations were operating.’’

In what was later called the Tongbaengnim case, named after East Berlin, Yun was released from imprisonment in 1969 following appeals from international art circles and the diplomatic efforts of the West German government.

Returning to West Germany and becoming a naturalized German citizen 1971, the estranged Yun never returned to the South, but visited the North during vacations as Kim Il-sung, then North Korean leader, reportedly was proud of the world-renowned composer _ presenting him with a special residence where Lee is now living. Before dying in Germany in 1995, Yun taught students at a music institute named after him in Pyongyang.

``From the time he was studying in Japan before coming to West Germany, my husband had very strong affection toward Korean people and was very keen on the sense of justice,’’ Lee said. ``The Tongbaengnim case changed his thinking, music, ideology, everything. He felt the reality and pains of the nation’s division so directly. After that, his music became heavy, he composed music that reflected Korean people’s agony.’’

In the South, a semi-government panel looking into the intelligence agency’s past wrongdoings announced early this year the Tongbaengnim case was fabricated for the purpose of mustering anti-communist sentiment and support for the regime under the late President Park. The panel recommended the government apologize to the victims and redeem their honor.

``Of course, the government should apologize,’’ Lee answered to a question about what is needed to restore her husband’s honor. ``He was not a spy, yet the newspapers all ran headlines labeling him as the head of a spy ring. It was unthinkable.’’

But the possibility of the South Korean government actually apologizing is not yet high, due to the issue’s ideological sensitivity. North Korea, on its part, refuses to hold an official ``joint” ceremony with the South to remember Yun, arguing the South’s apology should come first.

Nevertheless, during the concert at the Mt. Kumgang Culture Hall musicians from both Koreas took turns playing both classical and pop music, including pieces written by Yun. From the South there was the Ensemble from the Tongyoung International Music Festival (TIMF), dedicated to Yun’s memory, while from the North there were members of the Isang Yun Orchestra.

``Political ideologies are like broad-leaved trees from the long-term perspective,’’ Yun’s words, written in the preface of a book recording conversations with the late, famous German writer Luise Rinser, were shown on a screen behind the concert stage. ``They flourish, become colored, and cast leaves according to seasons. But people (of a nation) are as majestic and eternal as the sky.” The book was published in 1977

Lordy, lordy, my prayer is answered


A few weeks ago, I had prayed seriously to Lord: "Please, let Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Lebanon, live a life of coma permanently, peeing and poohing in his pants, so that he would realize that his life is no better or different than any others, especially innocent Palestinians, kids, women, old men who viciously were murdered by him."

And a trickle of news about his condition after he suffered a massive stroke emerged yesterday: He is stable, but serious condition intubated through his stomach fed by machine and still in coma...peeing and poohing in his pants.

It is somewhat eerie and macabre rarely to hear about his condition....few people understand why media kept mum about his status....but you know the global media has been under the Jewish control and the non-Jewish media fear the power of Jewish financiers and bankers.
They won't tell a story Jews don't want to talk about.

At any rate, I am really pleased to see a fat, greasy, ugly, and murderous Jewish General Ariel Sharon lies on a hospital bed, soiling his pants with shit, and from now on, I really believe God is doing his job...

Thank God

Let Us Pray for the Fat and Ugly Jewish Warrior


I, Pepe, would like to join hands in the prayer service for Ariel Sharon... I pray God for his recovery from the stroke and he continues to live a life of permanent coma, peeing and poohing in his pants.

Imagine a Jewish warrior general who murdered so many innocent people, women, children, old men, goyims, kikes, live a wasting life of a bed-ridden and tube-connected ICU patient in Hospice...he is not deserved to die so quickly until he tastes how bad and miserable his life can be and he is a mortal as much as others he loves to kill.

This fat and ugly Jew has never thought about others as if Yahweh in the Old Testament did not care about other ethnic groups except "Chosen" Jews, a religious-group privileging.
In the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible), group-privileging is inherent, creating instantly insiders (Jews) and outsiders (Goyims) (Deut.23:3 and Ezra 10:3-44).

I, Pepe, again love to see Lord, in our time, is fair and just to keep Grandpa Arik from reaching Him so quickly until this fatso repents what he did to others.

God bless Arik as God bless America

"A Man of Peace" is dying

Sharon Meets His Maker

"Laura and I share the concerns of the Israeli people about Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health, and we are praying for his recovery. Prime Minister Sharon is a man of courage and peace"George W Bush (US President and man of courage and peace)
"He has surprised, I think, everyone with the courage and statesmanship he has shown in recent years to work towards a long term peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians." Jack Straw (UK Foreign Affairs Minister and man of courage and statesmanship)

A man of peace is dying.
Let us all pray for his quick recovery.
A man that was just about to rejuvenate the Israeli political world, redeem for us all the Zionist state and its racist agenda.
The great man is gravely ill.

Oh dear Lord, save our messiah,
oh dear Lord may you now be able to create a donkey so upright that it can carry his load.
A peaceful man is on his way to meet his Creator.
The Lord may ask him, just as he enters the gate of heaven,
"Hey Grandpa Arik, why are your hands so red?"
Sometimes the Dear Lord pretends to be ignorant, he loves to give his chosen followers a chance to repent.
Somehow, they tend to forget to do so while they are still amongst the living.

But Grandpa Arik is not that silly, the Dear Lord isn't going to fool him that easily.
"What red, what blood? This is me painting your land in my favourite colour, I thought you'd like it".

Grandpa Arik winks to the Lord.
The Lord is left cold, unaffected.
For more than a while, he seems to have been perplexed by the conduct his chosen followers.

Meanwhile, down on earth, the Israelites are praying for a new saviour, a new man of peace, a merciless general with a long-term agenda.
A term that is so long that no one can ever see where it leads.
The Israelites do not like to see a light in the end of the tunnel because it means that they live in a tunnel.

No, it isn't easy to find a replacement for Grandpa.
Indeed, as far as filling his shoes goes, the task seems slightly easier, but as far as the waistcoat is concerned, the mission is almost impossible.
The whole of the Israelites can fit in.
The whole of the Hebraic nation wants to wrap itself up in Grandpa Arik's flak jacket.
It is warm in the winter and it provides shadow in the summer.

Somehow, it worked for him for many years.
Nothing really touched him, nothing really stacked against the man; not the Qibya massacre, not Sabra and Shatila, not the death toll of thousands of Palestinian and Israeli civilians that took place under his direct command.
Not even the bizarre death of his first wife and his son.Grandpa has managed to get away with everything.

On Earth.Grandpa was the last and the best of his kind.
He was a devoted Jewish Nationalist.
For him peace wasn't an end but rather a tactic.
Arik was the last Hebraic warrior, he was the very last Israelite knight.
All his followers are merely professional soldiers.
They can kill if needed but they do not prefer to bathe in blood.
They are spoiled.
Thank you peace loving old man for teaching us what the Israelites are all about.

Thank you peace loving old man for taking leave of us.
Thank you especially for teaching us what Israelis love to love.
It is a slight shame it took you so long but considering your talent to resurrect yourself from the dead, I would just say that it is never too late.