Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lordy, lordy, my prayer is answered


A few weeks ago, I had prayed seriously to Lord: "Please, let Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Lebanon, live a life of coma permanently, peeing and poohing in his pants, so that he would realize that his life is no better or different than any others, especially innocent Palestinians, kids, women, old men who viciously were murdered by him."

And a trickle of news about his condition after he suffered a massive stroke emerged yesterday: He is stable, but serious condition intubated through his stomach fed by machine and still in coma...peeing and poohing in his pants.

It is somewhat eerie and macabre rarely to hear about his condition....few people understand why media kept mum about his status....but you know the global media has been under the Jewish control and the non-Jewish media fear the power of Jewish financiers and bankers.
They won't tell a story Jews don't want to talk about.

At any rate, I am really pleased to see a fat, greasy, ugly, and murderous Jewish General Ariel Sharon lies on a hospital bed, soiling his pants with shit, and from now on, I really believe God is doing his job...

Thank God

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