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We are born to kill?


We, Homo Sapiens, are time-bound creatures...that is, we all perish eventually and no one has claimed,up until now, that he came back from death.
We are no better animal than carnivors in the jungle in Africa no matter whether we wear an Armani coat with Gucci bags and walk on the Fifth Avenue in New York City.
The only difference is we pretend we are civilized, educated, and have a spiritual faith.

Now proceed how we are brutal and barbaric and vicious animals.

A. A sad story of Ms. Julia Butterfly Hill

On December 10 1999, 25-year-old environmentalist, who has lived for two years on the top of 1,000-year-old redwood tree, Luna, has made a global scene when she descended from 200-foot-tall tree and practiced walking she has not used while sitting on the perch cold and wet during her time aloft.
In an agreement with Pacific Lumber Co., Luna was saved from logging and a 3-acre buffer zone around the tree was preserved in exchange for $50,000 payment from Ms. Hill and her supporters.

Almost a year later yesterday, an environment saga took an ugly turn when she was told that the tree has suffered deadly and deep chain-saw cut, which occurred last week by someone adept at sawing large trees.
The tree suffered irreparable damage cut measured 32 inch deep and 19 feet around the base, less than half the circumference of the tree.
No one claimed responsibility and the local sheriffs are investigating the incident.

Ms. Hill began to live on the top of the 18-story high tree since December 10 1997 to protest logging and refuse to come down for two years, bathing in a bucket, hauling up food and supplies by rope and sleeping under a tarp on an eight-by-eight-foot plywood platform.
In the rainy northern California forest, she braved howling winds and damp winters, and became something of a celebrity. Television crews from Israel, Germany and England filmed her. The singers Bonnie Raitt and Joan Baez visited her.
Using her cellular phone to communicate, she gave her interviews and spoke at rallies against old growth timber logging.

On her descending from the tree, Ms. Hill said jokingly in 1999; “If anyone who wants to cut this type of trees should be mandated to stay on the top of the tree over two years like me.”
When she heard the damage on tree, she condemned the vicious attack on Luna, saying she cannot express the deep sorrow and she is committed as ever to do everything to protect Luna and the remaining ancient forests.
It is very much sickening to know that one executed a vicious attack on a defenseless tree that was preserved by selfless devotion of another who has spent two-years of precious life on windy, cold, and uncomfortable ambience.

B. A chilling story of an IDF sniper

Since mid-November, Israeli army has shifted their use of firearms against Palestinians from rubber-coated to live ammunition causing 80 percent of Palestinian casualties by live bullets.
According to the study by the international human rights organization, Israeli troops target the head and upper body rather than aiming limbs, inflicting more than 280 dead in two months and nearly 9,000 injured on Palestinians.

The Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, featured an interview with an Israeli army sniper who described his targets of helpless Palestinian kids: Twelve and up is allowed. He is not a child any more, he is already after his bar mitzvah age.
Interviewer: Thirteen is bar mitzvah age.
Sniper: Twelve and up, you are allowed to shoot. That’s what they tell us.
Interviewer: So, according to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), it is twelve?
Sniper: According to what the IDF says to its soldiers. I don’t know if this is what the IDF says the media.
The sniper added that high velocity bullets used by the IDF snipers break up inside the body.
When the Israeli soldiers were asked why they trained on the critical upper body part instead of legs or arms, the reporter was told that they intend to kill someone when they shoot.

A report by the Washington-based think tank that has close link with the US government recommends the Palestinian Authority that they should not hesitate to use excessive forces controlling stone-throwing people with interrogation methods that border on psychological and/or physical torture, arrests, and detention which violate the normal human rights.
The documents was posted on the Website by CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) where Joseph Lieberman, Vice President candidate for Democrat, belongs to its Middle East Task Force and written by Anthony Cordesman, a former national security assistant to failed Republican presidential candidate and Senator John McCain, and it was heavily referenced to the CIA and the State Department.

C. Human psyche
What is it in the human mentality that drives a person to such acts of violence against defenseless objects or their own species?
What kind of psyche the writer of the think tank hold in his brain when he recommends to inflict the torturous acts of atrocities against the helpless people?
The answer may be found in the US history of between late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the South where the ordinary folks like mom and pop were transformed into mindless murderers and sadistic torturers in the lynching of the niggers.

It is mind-boggling to know that the lynchings of the blacks were allowed to happen with impunity until early twentieth century as late as 1930s, and about 5,000 blacks have met their death at the hands of lynching mobs after emancipation until 1960s.

The stories of lynching became as routine affairs by the end of 19th century in some newspapers as the daily weather report and developed into a voyeuristic circus that thousands of spectators gather to eyewitness, took pictures with corpses, and collected ears, nails, hairs and body parts for souvenirs.
Returning from the scene of summary execution, a nine-year-old white youth complained to his mother: I have seen a nigger hanged and now I wish I could see one burned to death.

The utter worthlessness of blacks was an accepted norm in the Southern States where people come to think of blacks as inherently and permanently inferior beast, as less than human, as little more than animals, and it is common belief among white people that blacks are brutes, without responsibility to God, black slaughters nothing more than the killing of a dog: “Kill a mule buy another, Kill a nigger hire another.
Most of lynching mobs was a rowdy gathering of rednecks, crackers or peckerwoods, but they were tacitly approved by the prominent citizens like lawyers, judges, town clerks, and businessmen in the town.

In a nutshell, the lynching was accepted as an alternative and swift execution of the white justice against niggers, the moral character of the white community as a whole condoned the burning and torturing death of blacks, and the lynching mobs were comprised of ordinary citizens, not a bunch of rowdy drunkards.

It is a part of human history and heritage that we simply refuse to look or think about it, because it is unpleasant, ugly or unworthy of issues, burying deep in the archives of historical museum.

The vicious stories of lumberjack and sniper are thousands miles apart but essentially identical in its modus operandi embracing and executing the moral paradigm that was designed, programmed, and indoctrinated by the institutions like CSIS, academics, mainstream media, research center, or government agencies.

A lumberjack might be obsessed with his belief that there is no such thing like global warming and he got pissed off on the adamant wishes of tree-huggers that make his life become more miserable, and feared that his God-given right to life were threatened by a bunch of troublesome environmental oddballs.

A Jewish sniper holds his religious imperatives to the Jewish exclusivism to judge an Arab kid a mere swine that is unworthy of living and it is better for him to nip them in the bud.
When he returns home on furlough, the prominent citizens like rabbis and yeshiva friends in his hometown would pat him on the back and encourage him to do more shootings.

Both are born, raised, programmed, indoctrinated, groomed, lived and eventually died to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill…for nothing, as we all do the same thing and all eventually kick the bucket in a linear operation.
Born to kill is an inherently and incorrigibly “human-esque” characteristics that is being piped into his or her brain during its gestational stay in the womb.

Bon voyage to Pearly Gates, folks.

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