Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If Saddam had only broccoli to sell...

If Saddam had only broccoli to sell…

In early 20th Century, the world went to war because a duke was assassinated in Sarajevo, and again in 1940, the world went to war because of a Nazi dictator. Now, thousands of American soldiers are sent to the Gulf region to have a "regime change” in Iraq that allegedly threatens the world peace with the weapons of mass destruction.

However, when the North Korea challenged the World Crusaders of Peace with the same weapons of mass destruction, they kissed the pigmy Kim’s ass like the British Prime Minister Chamberlain did to Hitler and offered a variety of candies for rapprochement in return for peace in the Pacific region, that is, a war wimp’s rewarding to the threats.

The only difference between Saddam and the pigmy Kim, both the members of the axis of evil, is that the former has lots of oil reserves and the latter does not even have a broccoli to sell. This difference, for Americans especially the oil barons and the Israel-Firsters in the Bush Administration, makes very much worthy of sacrificing the young American soldiers who always bear the brunt of war tragedy.

Give me oil any day, Saddam, and we let you go free right away: Donald Rumsfeld, the warlord in the Pentagon would consider not to invade Iraq if Saddam quits.

The US Department of Energy announced early this month that by 2025, US oil imports will account for perhaps 70 percent of total US domestic consumption, and US and non-OPEC oil deposits are beginning to run dry, according to the Worldwatch Institute. The bulk of future supplies will have to come from the Gulf region where Iraq has 112 billion barrels of oil reserve.

Jeremy Rifkin of the Hydrogen Economy has compiled, according to the British newspaper report:
The number of years that reserves of oil will last at current production rates in the US, where more than 60 percent of the recoverable oil has already been produced, the ratio is just 10 years; in Canada, it is 8:1. Iran, 53:1, Saudi Arabia, 55:1, United Arab Emirates 75:1, Kuwait, 116:1.

And in Iraq, it is a whopping rate of 526:1
Who could say that Bush Administration eyes only for weapons of mass destruction but oil?
You still are not convinced that the impending war is about oil…continue to read the following story that your media never print.

In the years of the Clinton Administration between 1997 and 1998, there was a lobby group called the Project for the New American Century that was created by the Warlords in the present Bush Administration: this group, in a 1998 letter to President Clinton, called for the removal of Saddam from power, and also in a letter to Newt Gingrich, who was then Speaker of the House, they wrote that “we should establish and maintain a strong US military presence in the region, and be prepared to use that force to protect our vital interests in the Gulf-and, if necessary, to help remove Saddam from power.”

You would be surprised to know the who’s who the signatories of the letters are:

Donald Rumsfeld: the Secretary of Defense
Dick Cheney: the Vice President
Paul Wolfowitz: the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Israel-Firster)
Richard Armitage: the Deputy Secretary of State (Israel-Firster)
Richard Perle: chairman of the Defense Science Board (Israel-Firster)
John Bolton: the Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control
Zalmay Khalizad: a special envoy to Afghanistan and Iraq, and the former consultant for Unocal Corporation (Oil Company cut the deal with Taliban for oil pipe-line)
Elliott Abrams: a convict in the Iran-Contra Scandal during Reagan Administration who was appointed by Bush as a special assistance and a Senior Director for Near East. (Israel-Firster)

In short, the present Warlords in the Bush Administration already have projected the Iraqi invasion years before they become the mandarins to yield the power of eunuchs in the Empire.

The looming war is not about the nuclear, chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction, but an updated versions of an American imperialism, the Manifest Destiny that these oil barons and Corporate Americans have schemed endlessly to monopolize wealth and rule the world as their birth right.

And Eureka!

The September 11 has given them a godsend opportunity to achieve their dream of controlling the Iraqi oil field as a gateway to refurbish the increasingly depleting US oil reserves and to cause the eventual destruction of Oil cartel, the OPEC, even though Iraq had nothing to do with the Twin Tower tragedy.

You still don’t get why George wants a war with Iraq not with North Korea?
Then, here is a dumb and simple tale for Cattle…the pigmy Kim declared “I have A-bombs but no oil.” The UN inspectors said, “we found no smoking guns in Iraq, but lots of oil reserve”

And what did George say to the American Cattle? “We deal with the pigmy diplomatically because he has A-bombs, but Saddam has no A-bomb but oil that feeds our gas-guzzling SUVs, so we beat him to the pulp.”

Finally, the American Cattle moo in chorus: “Ditto!”
And Saddam murmurs: if we would have only broccoli to sell…

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