Saturday, January 5, 2008

USA: One Nation Under Israel

USA: One Nation Under Israel
January 5 2008

It has been absolutely acknowledged among many wise people around the world that the USA is rather a proxy to fight for the interests of Jewish State of Israel than Israel is to fight for the US interests.

In 2003, Mahatir Mohammad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, succinctly described the relationship between the West and Israel: "Today, Jews rule this world by proxy...They get others (Westerners like American, British, French and Shabbas Goys like Polish, South Korean, Filipino) to fight and die for them."

However, as there are more fools than wise men in the world, much of the world has been entertaining the perception of two-state solution in Israel-Palestine conflict as eventual, viable, and permanent one.
But it is a masturbation fantasy for an astute and wise man, because it is quite obvious that two-state solution cannot possibly be achieved when you are curious enougjh to look up the maps of the proposed division of what was called the Palestine into two states.

The topic has been discussed and argued ad nauseam for decades in the US since the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, and thanks to the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, Americans are blindly and massively tilted to support the Jews whose engagement against the Palestinian Arabs are tantamount to committing atrocious war crime as if Nazi Germans inflicted upon Jews in Europe during the WWII.

Overwhelmingly, the American fools keep electing Jewish Americans their representatives in both House and Senate that extravagantly appropriate billions of taxpayers dollars for the war machines in the Jewish interests in the Middle East.

Here are some numbers that the American fools should brood over the reality why their neighbors often miss their breakfast meal while billions of tax money flood in the Negev desert.

Race/ % of population / Senate seats / House seats
Jews / 2.2% / 13 / 30
Blacks / 12.4% / 1 / 42
Hispanics / 14.8% / 3 / 22
Asians / 4.4% / 2 / 7

Do you, fools, need more explanation to comprehend why you cannot afford to have a simple meal on your table, to die without health insurance coverage, or to shiver for fear of Muslim terrorists?

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