Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Korean Draft-dodgers by Jay


I was appalled to read stories of so many Koreans not wanting to serve in their own military for their own country.

This is especially shocking when most of these people are all in the position of leadership or in the public eyes.
I always thought that Koreans were proud people who had great love of their country. I guess I was just delusional.

I came to U.S. 20 years ago joined U.S. Army after high school.
As most Koreans who join military, I had a chance to be based in Korea.
While being stationed in Korea for 18 months I had Korean colleagues called KATUSA.

Most, if not all, did not wanted to be there.
They all thought they were wasting time.

I thought to myself, where is the pride of serving own country?
Where is the sense of sacrifice?
Nothing but complains.

I was shamed and embarrassed by the actions of Korean counterparts.
American soldiers, many of them just barely out of high school were serving their country thousands of miles away in a foreign country and these people couldn’t shut their mouth and serve 26 months.

What a shame.
Jews from all over the world headed to Israel when the Arab neighbors invaded their homeland and we, as Koreans can’t even bear to serve own country for its own defense.
Its not as though they are protecting some other country like Americans do.

Even though I was born in Korea and have deep feelings for Korea, I was proud of my fellow American soldiers than Korean counterparts (KATUSA).

I am Korean-American but I would not hesitate to serve my country (USA) if called upon.
People in Korea have no rights to criticize American soldiers until they get their act together.

Look at all those people who tried to buy their way out of serving in the military. These people are supposed to set examples for rest of the country.
I see nothing but dark time for future of Korea.

What a shame.

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