Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Let Us Pray for the Fat and Ugly Jewish Warrior


I, Pepe, would like to join hands in the prayer service for Ariel Sharon... I pray God for his recovery from the stroke and he continues to live a life of permanent coma, peeing and poohing in his pants.

Imagine a Jewish warrior general who murdered so many innocent people, women, children, old men, goyims, kikes, live a wasting life of a bed-ridden and tube-connected ICU patient in Hospice...he is not deserved to die so quickly until he tastes how bad and miserable his life can be and he is a mortal as much as others he loves to kill.

This fat and ugly Jew has never thought about others as if Yahweh in the Old Testament did not care about other ethnic groups except "Chosen" Jews, a religious-group privileging.
In the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible), group-privileging is inherent, creating instantly insiders (Jews) and outsiders (Goyims) (Deut.23:3 and Ezra 10:3-44).

I, Pepe, again love to see Lord, in our time, is fair and just to keep Grandpa Arik from reaching Him so quickly until this fatso repents what he did to others.

God bless Arik as God bless America

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