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Syncretism: its colonizing influences and effects on the S Korean Society

Syncretism: its colonizing influences and effects on the Korean Society
December 21, 2007

In this essay, I, a Korean-Canadian, fearlessly take you where no Koreans dare to tread (Koreans breathe vitriolic fire on any naysayer’s neck) …how the Koreans have lost its indigenous culture and unique ethnicity, relying heavily and soaked deeply on the foreign elements of philosophical paradigm, and subsisting in the permanently occupied status by the foreign military forces.
Recently, a mandarin in Bush Administration raised the US occupation in South Korea as a working model for a permanent US occupation in Iraq…that is, the South Koreans are so much oblivious of the US occupation that Americans tried to cloth Iraqis with a Korean garment of obsequiousness and servitude.

There is a historical fact that most Koreans dare not to acknowledge: from the advent of legendary Tangun dynasty to the present Republic, there were or is never a sovereign dynasty or state in the Korean peninsular…for two millennia, all dynasties have remained the tributary one to the Chinese empire until it became a Japanese protectorate and later colonized by the Imperial Japan and lost the independent status in toto.

The soi-disant 8/15 Liberation from the Imperial Japan did not bring about the independent state for Koreans, instead new neo-colonial overlord disguised a democratic liberator moved in to replace old master…the Republic began a puppet state (the regime of Syngman Rhee), then a vassal state (Gen. Park CH), followed by a neo-colonial, satellite, and client state (present Republic) to be palatable to the American Imperialism.

Nowadays, few Koreans appear to be aware of the fact that they have been living under the yoke of neo-colonial status over half a century with no end in sight, longer than what they had endured in the Japanese colonialisation in early 20th century.
Rather, many Koreans have stampeded to emulate the foreign cultural settings for many decades, in which the Western colonial culture has taken root, flourished, grown, and eventually produced a devilish “Han Wave” culture, a hodgepodge of mongrel, ghoulish, risible, and crass slapsticks.

What entails the proud (?) Koreans becoming a gaggle of Apes that worships blindly an imported God, fights greedily over the bowls of rice, jettisons massively its faltering indigenous culture, and emulates an enchilada of Western concepts with abandon?
What snags the fiercely patriotic (?) Koreans remaining in oblivion a victim of perpetual external domination and internal oligarchy (Chaebol) for decades?

I find an answer in “syncretism”, an ultimate and elusive element of colonizing other culture that is an odorless, and tasteless gas likened to carbon monoxide, which has been seeping into Korean cultural atmosphere for two millenniums.
Syncretism refers to the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as it occurs commonly in philosophy, religion, literature, music, representational arts or other expression of culture.

It all has begun in strong syncretic setting as soon as one of Ural-Altaic tribes settled down in the Korean peninsular where the Tangun legend depicts the marriage between Hwanung or Hanunim and the bear-woman, Kom, a deity widely worshipped by the North Asiatic tribes in Manchuria and Siberia.

To be continued soon....................................

The Self-Censorship of the US Mass Media

The Self-Censorship of the U.S. Mass Media
May 6, 2000

It was an axiom of old-time journalism that the mass media must at least assume to stand for popular causes.
The reporters, announcers, and anchormen…pretend to speak for the people; and the public that read, listen, or watch them expect and believe that they are receiving this service.
And this expectation and confidence have given almost a century of American journalism an illusion of unassailable correctness.

However, the recent poll of 206 reporters and 81 news executives – 150 from local news outlets and 137 from national news organizations- conducted by prestigious research center shows quite different and sometimes opposite results.

Here are some details:

1. There is general agreement about the extent of self-censorship and its principal causes. Market pressures – manifested when newsworthy stories are avoided because they are too boring or complicated – are seen as the most common factor because of lack of average person’s appeal.
2. Significant percentages of respondents report that the stories, which may conflict with organizational interests, or hurt the financial interests of news organization or its parent company, or affect adversarial interests of the advertisers, are not pursued but ignored. Typically, the journalists do not decide on their own to avoid newsworthy stories. More than half of them said they either get signal from their bosses to avoid such stories or ignore them based on how they think their bosses would react.
3. Even investigative journalists, such as the authors of 60 minute, 20-20, 48 hours and some muckrakers, are likely to avoid the impact of business pressures on editorial decisions. Full half of this group says newsworthy stories are often or sometimes ignored because they conflict with the economic interests of a news organization.
4. About one-third of local reporters and 15 percent of those in the national media say that they have soften the tone of a news story on behalf of the interests of their news organization. They were told to drop the story because it was dull or overly complicated, but one-quarter of them suspect the real reason for the decision was the story could harm their company’s financial interests.
5. A majority of journalists believe that corporate owners exert at least a fair amount of influence on decisions about which stories to cover. The survey provides considerable evidence that at least for some journalists, there has been an unmistakable intrusion of commercial interests into newsroom decisions. For instance, about 20 percent local and 17 percent national reporters say they have faced criticism or pressure from their bosses after producing or writing a piece that was seen as damaging to their company’s financial interests.
6. Overall, journalists have a more pessimistic attitude toward their job performance than the poll done previous year, and more local journalists report influence by corporate owners and advertisers in decisions on which stories to cover.
7. Finally, on the question of whether the media does a good job of informing the public, both local and national journalists give themselves poorer marks than last year. In 1999, a majority of journalists said that the news business did a good or excellent job of balancing journalism’s twin goal of telling the public what it wants to know and what it needs to know. Now only one third of them give the professional high mark and with majorities in both groups saying the media does only a fair job at this crucial task.

Perhaps most revolting is that significant portion of the journalists said they have avoided covering a story because it could hurt the financial interests of the news organization’s corporate owners and advertisers, and the assumption by the public of “objectivity” in reporting has been severely compromised
There is an absurd and unacceptable degree of concentration of economic, cultural, and political power into so few hands of media owners who influence on what the public should or need to know...

What does it mean to say we have freedom of speech in democratic society?
Many of us think free speech is a right enjoyed by everyone in our society. In fact, it does not exist as an abstract right. There is no such thing as a freedom as detached from the socio-economic reality in which it might find a place.
Speech is a form of interpersonal behavior. This means it occurs in a social context, in homes, workplaces, schools, before live audiences or vast publics via print and electronic media.
Speech is intended to reach the minds of others. Some kinds of speech are actively propagated before mass audience when the contents are sanctioned officially by the state power and promoted by the wealthy corporate owners, and others are systematically excluded and ignored when the story goes against the interests of the powerful and rich institutions.
In sum, freedom and power are not always antithetical, but frequently symbiotic
One of the basic rules of self-censorship is that you do not report news without official confirmation. Thus, for example, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of growing economic woes, the media do not question the Wall Street actions or White House policies until the recession is well under way, because the reporting may cause panic in the stock market.
In addition, the media decline to cover the significant affairs of state that inform the public and slide into the content that entertains frivolous, petulant and pie-in-the-sky dream.

How are the journalists in South Korean mass media?
Are they a bunch of:
1. Docile lapdogs that sit idly on the politician’s lap enjoying a siesta,
2. Sycophant pussycats that curl up with a whimper,
3. Howling wolves that go after vigorously for their meal?

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat
July 16 2001

“Quod me nutrit me destruit.” Latin tattooed on the stomach of Actress Angelina Jolia, “ What nourishes me destroys me.”

In the month of July when the dog days of summer kick in, most American families are out in their back patio, at the beach, or in the resort mountain, gathering around the barbecue grills to scarf down the huge amount of junk food…hot dogs, hamburgers, and drumsticks that animals were raised, processed, flavored, and packaged through the cruel and immoral practices of industrial ranching.

July is declared “Hot Dog Month” by the US meat industry and every summer Americans wash down more than 5 billion hot dogs with trillion gallons of soda.
On any given day in the US, one in four adult Americans visits a fast food restaurant like McDonald, Burger King, Taco Bells or Pizza Huts and greasy fat food has become a national dish that makes them obese, sick, and invalid in various form of diseases.
Particularly, obesity becomes normal among the young and the poor in dot-com America where one in four all Americans under the age nineteen and half of all poor black women are obese and overweight.

It was a received wisdom that Americans are perhaps most health, diet, and shape-conscious of any people in the history of the world and very sensitive to the treatment of animals. (Americans demonize Koreans often for their voracious appetite in canine food)
On the contrary, almost all Americans will be overweight within a few generations if obesity is left unchecked that causes diabetes followed by kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.
As in an early 1900 novel “ Jungle”, Upton Sinclair described such a horrible condition in the meat packing industry in Chicago (Theodore Roosevelt, then-President, on hearing about it during his breakfast, threw sausages out of the window in the White House), the industrial ranching today for pigs, cows, and poultry farm inflicts an unimaginable and inhumane cruelties on the animals in the pursuit of profit and efficiency.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a quarter of the American population suffers a bout of food poisoning each year and about 200,000 people are sickened by a food borne disease every day.
In the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) study, 78 percent of the ground beef contained microbes, pathogenic bacterium, that are spread primarily by fecal material…that is, you are most likely to eat shit when you enjoy a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.
For many poor American consumers of the fast food, hot dogs or hamburgers are not a health hazard but a cheap, convenient and efficient intake of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, and in corporate America, the only group that benefit from people being fat are the companies of clothes, food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and HMO (Hospital Management Organization).

Obesity, particularly among the young and the poor, is epidemic in the inner-city communities where one of every four hamburgers are sold by McDonald’s, with the market formula that promotes gimmick of “supersizing”, Big MaC, Quarter Pounder, 42 ounce Coke with free refills, and supersize order of french fries.
It is well known that the fast food companies are targeting specifically children through playground, toys, videos, and movies, and kids always bring another customers, their parents or grandparents.
Now Burger King made contract with the school in Colorado to place an ad in the hallways and on the side of its school bus.
The junk food outlets thrive on the poor neighborhood where the indigents are in need of cheap meals for a quick bite before hurrying for their second job.

On the other hand, reports of cruelty to animals through improper livestock production and slaughter practices have reached its apex when the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) challenged McDonald’s, not so much for serving unhealthy and contaminated meat but for being party to a system of cruelty, and McDonald’s and Burger King agreed to buy meat only from suppliers who promise minimum humane treatment of livestock.
The three fast food giants, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Tricon Global Restaurants (the owner of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC) now operate about sixty thousands outlets worldwide with the enormous purchasing clout that influence heavily on the modus operandi of livestock farms, slaughterhouse, and meat packing factory.

The industrial handling of livestock in America smacks of the corporate culture in Wall Street…efficiency, centralization, uniformity, throughput, control, animal instinct on profit.
In hog farm, thousand pigs are crammed inside the barns living all day on slatted floors above piles of their own waste, discharging toxic ammonia.
According to the PETA video, workers smash pig’s head against the floor to kill them and the farm manager beat pigs to death with metal gate rods and hammers.
Until 1997, three-quarters of the cattle in America were fed with livestock waste, dead cats, and dogs, in which practice were responsible for a widespread outbreak of BSE, known as mad cow disease.
Chicken producers often withhold food from animals for days at a time to increase egg production.

Meanwhile, the United States now has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation in the world and obesity is second only to smoking as a cause of mortality in the US, that export its obesity along with Marlboro and Camel to the world through the companies like Philip Morris and McDonald’s, that is, globalization of fat junk food, obesity, a melange of diseases, and eventual death.
The junk food chains were always an avant-garde of American neo-colonialism in conjunction with Hollywood movies, pop songs, and blondie hair, changing the eating habit of native people, as if a bunch of Christian missionaries sneaked into the Asian and African nations on an espionage assignment in an early colonial era.
Instead of dispatching American GIs for gunship diplomacy, the US government actively engages in helping out US fast food corporations to obtain overseas franchise businesses.

As the foot-and-mouth disease in Europe is affecting the sales of hamburgers all across the continent, people around the world should seriously consider returning to their native food and, once and for all, shunning the invasion of junk food that harms and destroys the national health.
Choice is yours: you wanna be a 200-pound chubby boy or a 500-pound human gorilla that suffocates in ones own fat?
You wanna be dependent on insulin injections lifetime, end up in the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) connected to a ganglia of life-supporting tubes, and succumb to an early death in an oversized coffin?
You decide, because stupid is what stupid does and you are what you eat.

The Malboro Man in McWorld

Globally, the “McWorld” has expanded outside the U.S. from 3,000 restaurants a decade ago to about 15,000 today in 117 countries as an avant-garde of the US foreign domination, causing the enormous impacts on teenage obesity, diabetes type II disease, and other cultural degradation.
Few meat-loving denizens of the McWorld know that a majority of the cattle in the US were fed with millions of dead cats, dogs, horses, and chickens purchased from the animal shelters and other sources (the FDA regulations allow it).

The following is a list of accident reports on the website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 25 percent of the nation’s 150,000 meatpacking workers are injured or killed on the job each year.
It’s like an almost incarnation of what Upton Sinclair described in his novel, Jungle, that the meatpacking industry is the most dangerous work place in the United States.

You are most likely to eat shit when you enjoy a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

Employee’s Arm amputated while cleaning meat grinder.
Legs amputated by meat blender blades
Middle finger severed by meat saw.
Finger amputated in Chitlin machine.
Arms severed by knife of meat slicing machine.
Finger amputated in sausage extruder.
Eye injured when struck by hanging hook.
Arm amputated when caught in meat tenderizer.
Cornea lacerated by bacon hook.
Finger amputated by sausage packing machine.

Employee Falls into active meat blending machine.
Committed suicide by jumping into a meat blender.
Killed when arm caught in meat grinder.
Killed when crushed by descending lid of machine.
Hospitalized for neck laceration from flying blade.
Stabs self with 8-inch butcher knife and dies.
Injures backside jumping from platform.
Burned in tallow fire.
Crushed and killed by a blender.
Killed in fall from handrail into blender.
Decapitated by chain of hide-puller machine.
Killed when head crushed in hide-fleshing machine.
Caught and killed by gut-cooker machine.
Killed by stun gun.
Killed when he stabs his heart while boning a hog.
The Marlboro Man: a Merchant of Death
July 28, 2001

“The premature death by tobacco smoking has the positive effects on the countries where we make, sell, and export cigarettes.” Philip Morris Cos.

In the corporate culture, the profit motive easily overrides any other factors, like moral or social responsibility as the corporate citizen, in the process of business activities, and there is no exception for Philip Morris, giant tobacco company that boasts with the profit of $8.5 billion annually.
According to Wall Street Journal, the company told Czech government that smoking is good for the country, because in 1999 Czech government has saved about $30 million on health care, housing, and pensions due to the early deaths of many smokers in the country.

A few years ago, the company commissioned the study by research company Arthur D Little International, in which concluded that the budgetary benefits to the Czech government from duties and taxes paid by smokers, importers and cigarette companies outweighed the costs of health care significantly, in addition to the positive effects of premature deaths by smokers—savings on hospital care, housing and pension for the elderly.
The company said that the government gained over $146 million from the tobacco industry in 1999.
In another words, they said that smoking brings good things to the government ledger, an increase in revenue and a decrease in spending, the win-win situation.

In the United States, the tobacco industry suffered massive financial hemorrhage through the class action law-suits by the smokers and many State Governments won the court battles against the tobacco industry that was forced to pay billions of dollars to cover the health care costs of dying smokers.
However, in a deal the tobacco industry concluded with 40 State-attorneys general in 1997, the merchants of death were able to snatch out, among other things, the international legislative package that denied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco export.
In order to counterbalance the financial loss in the domestic market, the cigarette companies embarked in aggressive marketing strategy heavily on foreign consumers who lack the knowledge of deadly consequence of smoking.
Riding on the wave of open market policy by the IMF and World Bank, the Philip Morris has expanded their market share to almost near monopoly on the manufacture, distribution and sales of cigarette in Czech Republic.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco will kill some 10 million people per year by 2025—7 million of them in economically poor countries.
Philip Morris and R. J. Reynolds are laying groundwork for this health disaster by aggressively increasing their advertising, promotion, and influence-peddling in key international market, selling about two-thirds of their cigarettes overseas and making nearly half their profit on the foreign markets.
For example, in Africa tobacco is as much an economic and environmental issue as a health issue. Tobacco transnationals have ensured access by offering African governments shares in their companies, providing senior management positions to people closely associated with officials in power, donating to projects supported by leading political figures, giving hand-outs to influential people, and winning support through economies which have become dependent on tobacco.

In South Korea where the government has monopolized the cigarette business for more than half century, foreign cigarettes maintain almost 20 percent market share since it has opened its market to the foreign tobaccos in 1988, and from then on Korean teen smoking rates jumped from 19 percent to 30 percent in a single year.
In their market strategies, the Marlboro Man introduced a host of slick advertisements—free cigarette giveaways, sponsorships of rock concerts and sports events, promotional T-shirts—that make smoking cool and very American as in dying hair and wearing funky attires.
The Korean smokers are dazzled with the portrait of Marlboro Man, a rugged cowboy whose life is already imprinted deeply in their mind through hundreds of the Hollywood movies, and they are lured into enslavement to the new flavor of nicotine addiction that brings disease and early death.

Now the South Korean government in dire straits financially allows foreign tobacco companies to produce cigarettes through the privatization of the state-run Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation.
As in Czech Republic, the US tobacco industry would eventually gobble up the entire market of Korean smokers whose culture recognizes smoking in sync with dignity, seniority, and status symbol, not with health hazard and premature death. When the health care costs of dying smokers are passed to the community, the Marlboro Man is always happy to remind Koreans that smoking is not a health threat but a boon to their economy because the early deaths by smokers save the country on patient care, housing, and pension funds.
For the merchants of death, profit over people is the be-all and end-all that account for the corporate culture in the U.S.

The Death of Language

The Death of Language
Euphemism, Dysphemism, Polysemy, Sophistry and Sheer Lies in the Political Rhetoric
September 26, 2002

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election." Otto von Bismarck

Since language is the most central human attribute, wrongful application of language can profoundly affect negatively on what we think of others and ourselves in the course of human life.
In his essay, “Politics and English Language”, George Orwell said that the recent political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.
As one said that propaganda is to democracy as tyranny is to totalitarianism, It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to tell the truth from lie, when the main stream media, through the massive corporatization, behave as the mouthpieces of the government propaganda just parroting what their master want them to say, such as “war is peace.”

Changing the name of “War Department” in early 20th century to “Department of Defense” in the US Government was one of the linguistic obfuscation that the generals wanted to change their image from the uniformed and licensed killers to the decorated and self-defense patriots.
These obfuscation of language goes beyond a mere word to encompass entire phrases…in the Middle East conflict, where the Israeli Government is a world-class liar, one can count on almost anything what they say as being all false, partly true or false, or true but out of context.
In a world such as the Jewish hypocrisy, where words have lost all meaning, people do not need any dictionary.

For example, when the Jews shoot you, you are, by default, a militant no matter whether you are 6 months old baby, 15 years old kid, or 80 years old grandpa, and when the Palestinian kids throw stones to the Israeli tanks and want to end the Israeli occupation, they are called a bunch of vicious terrorists.
One of the worst semantic games is a popular usage of an euphemistic word, “transfer”, that the Jews often but discreetly used in the past and now openly and publicly dare to use, in place of “ethnic cleansing”, describing the Israeli expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, and the mainstream media willingly accept and parrot it without any compunction. (Contrarily, the West, during the Kosovo War, used the word of “ethnic cleansing” feverishly to dehumanize Slobodan Milosevic.)

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority even has banned its editorial departments from using the term “Settlers, or Settlements” on Radio and TV, and favored the term “neighborhood” in order to depict a “colon”, housing built on land illegally seized by Israel after the 1967 War, as a legitimate suburban region adjacent to the major Jewish residential area.
And the CNN and New York Times sheepishly buckled under the Jewish pressure beginning to refer one of the Jewish Settlements near Jerusalem, Gilo, to Neighborhood…a language of polysemy, a Neighborhood to Jews and a Settlement (colon) to Arabs and media are in favor of the Jews.

Another sophistry and sheer lie in the rhetorical shenanigans are to elevate the State of Israel up to the status of “One and Only” democracy in the Middle East and to call Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as “a man of peace” by George Jr.
The Webster’s New World dictionary defines democracy as, among other things, “the principle of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment, or the practice of this principle”, and none of the words in the description applies to the practices of the Israeli government in toto, and world laughed at George whose words surprised no one, because it is a simpleton’s word only fools swallow it.

During the Gulf War in early 1990s, the Allied Forces have indiscriminately bombed the Iraqi civilian properties and killed thousands of people, one of which air raids killed over 300 men, women, and children who were hiding in a bunker.
When the press corps asked then Joint Chief of Staff and now Secretary of State, Colin Powell about the massacre, the Orwellian General blandly commented it as one of the "Collateral Damage”, an exemplary dysphemism of harsh word “civilian slaughter” and he nonchalantly blurted out; “That is really not a matter I am terribly interested in.”
For him, civilian victims of war are secondary and accompanying damage that is not overtly to be concerned about and brushed aside as enjoyable as a turkey shoot…that is, he wants to provide his audiences with more neutral and amiable feeling about the war.

George Jr. at the first presidential debate opined a brilliant (?) metaphor of a war: “the reason to start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!”… a noble and purified collection of languages by a blowhard who has never risked one’s life at the theater of war, and real wars are not metaphors but horrendous series of mass killing that he obviously predicted later: “there is no telling how many wars it will take to secure freedom in the homeland”, which is absolutely true.
Real wars have a beginning and an end, and even the Cold War has ended…but George Jr. said the war against terrorists has no foreseeable future to end…Americans should be prepared to sacrifice their civil rights for the sake of national security in perpetuity…as Latin maxim suggested that in time of war, the law is silent, “inter arma silent leges.”

After a successful installation of a puppet regime in Afghanistan with an ex-oil salesman who dons a Giorgio Armani mantle, it’s time for another campaign of war, “regime change” in Iraq, another dysphemistic term to describe “overthrow a sovereign government in any means”.
The casus belli is weapons of mass destruction that Iraq allegedly possesses to harm the Americans…it is as flimsy pretext as the North Korea possesses one or two atomic bombs to harm the Americans, surely “a Samson Option” that no North Koreans would remain alive under the massive thermo-nuclear attack by the one and only superman George Jr.

One of our warlord in Washington, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, testified in Congress; “I suggest that any who insist on perfect evidence are back in the 20th Century and still thinking in pre-9/11 terms”…that is, you are as old and useless as last century if you insist to have a reason to go for a war with Iraq, because we are in a perpetual war mode to achieve a goal of the global Pax-Americana dream that the friendly Iraq plays the beachhead to pass through the mirage in the oily desert in the Middle East.
The following is a Shakespearean babble delivered by Rumsfeld, who enjoys ridiculing his audience and playing his word game of disdainful charade, to a crowd of reporters in Brussels in early June, who were asking about the progress of the war on terrorism.

“The message is that there are no “knowns.”
There are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns.
That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know.
But there are also unknown unknowns.
There are things we don’t know we don’t know.
So when we do the best we can and we pull all this information together, and we then say well, that’s basically what we see as the situation, that is really only the known knowns and the known unknowns.
And each year, we discover a few more of those unknown unknowns…There is another way to phrase that and that is that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”

“The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”…it is a masterpiece of sophistry in the word games of Washingtonian rhetoric that Shakespeare would roll over in his grave.
At any rate, how many Americans would have a literary brain to comprehend their Defense Chief’s word games?

The Coital experiment in the space

The Coital Experiment in the Space
February 27, 2000

I am posting this article as just light-hearted refreshment someone who generally place the sexuality in the realm of taboo in public but in private quite randy about the kinky stuffs. Someone could be a Joe-six-pack, priest monk, nun, pastor, imam, Pope or Mr. Clinton who spelunked Ms Lewinsky’s cave with a Cuban cigar.

According to a respected French science writer, U.S. and Russian astronauts have had sex in space for separate research programs under the aegis and sanction of NASA and mission control in Moscow.
The sexual experiments were necessary for the future international space station to explore how far sexual relations are possible without gravity. The cosmic couplings have taken place in 1996 between two married astronauts who have tested 10 positions in zero-gravity atmosphere and the tests were videotaped in entirety but were so sensitive that even NASA was only given a censored version that surely fetches millions of dollars in the market.
Among ten positions, only four were found possible without mechanical assistance and other six needed a special elastic belt and inflatable tunnel, like an open-ended sleeping bag.
Unfortunately, one of the principal findings was that classic missionary position, the most commonly used position among civilized (?) humans, is simply not possible because it is not easy to push downward in zero gravity.
I gather that they would surely have experimented on the feasibility of onanism, coitus interruptus and so forth.

Just relax a few minutes in Yoga position, place yourself in the zero gravity room with a pulchritudinous gal, and float around with pagan abandon.
Any way, life is too short, fallible, unjust, and vainglorious to gripe at each other. Isn’t it?

Driving While Chink (DWC) No.1

Driving While Chink
January 27, 2000

In the United States, DWI, DWA, DWB, DWM, and other abbreviatory form of the word or phrase are widely used to emphasize and call to attention to the general public and I would like to coin another contracted form of DWC (C+K) in order for the South Koreans to grasp what’s going on here, the Land of Oz.

DWI: Driving While Intoxicated – well known among many beer-guzzling fellas and it does not warrant further explanation.

DWA: Driving While Arab – during the Millennium hoopla, the US government including ‘Adolph’ Jiuliani administration in NY city drummed up the possible terrorist attack in the region and encouraged American citizens to rat on any suspicious activities of strangers and they were on the war path to arrest aliens especially with Arab complexion until the business community complained that the excessive fear-mongering may pour the cold water over the consumer spending.

DWB: Driving While Black – for average South Koreans, DWB appears to be foreign and hard to swallow, but the predicament that many Black Americans have to face in daily basis is prevalent in every corner of the white neighborhood where any colored man driving expensive car like BMW, LEXUS, or Mercedes Benz have the higher chance of being pulled over by the cops with absolutely no reason whatsoever except the driver is black.

DWM: Driving While Mexican – recently, Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US Government has engaged in massive campaign to interdict hundreds of Central American wetbacks who attempt to cross the Mexican-US border, and many Mexican-descent Americans are randomly stopped by the Border Patrol from INS in the Southern Texas towns. Among them are judges, mayors, councilmen, and even Border Patrol agents themselves whose appearance resembles dark skin or vehicles hold multiple occupants.

DWC (C+K): Driving While Chink (Chinese and Korean) – there has been an onslaught of illegal refugees arriving at the Pacific side of Canada and US from mainland China, the human cargo that takes months journey in decrepit vessels or containers where many human life perishes. When they arrive in American territory, they were hustled into the detention camp like a pack of runaway cattles and immediately proceeded for the deportation order. On the other hand, when they call Canadian port of entry, they were given foods, health inspection, and released to the community group while their claims take due process and they are free to roam or cross the US border to disappear into the din of China Town in New York City.

As far as the South Koreans are concerned, they have the luxury of flying trans-oceanic journey on Boeing 747 due to the visa exemption program between S.Korean and Canadian government.
However, when they try to cross the border to join their compatriots in Queens in NY City, they are on the same boat with Chinese refugee claimants. The Korean chutzpah has no place in the smuggling operation that they would be jam packed like sardines under the truck bed, rickety boat or narrow bunk bed in the Recreational Vehicles.

Due to the exponential growth of the smuggling operations, many Asian-Americans and Canadians who travel across the border are subjected to be inspected more frequently and in some cases harassed by INS agents who judge them as Chink no matter who they are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Filipinos.

The US embassy in Seoul reported that the visa rejection rate in South Korea is down from 15 percent in 1997 to 10 percent that is well above the 3 percent rejection rate, in which visa exemption program might be considered for the South Koreans. I wonder why the proud South Koreans are not dare to request the reciprocity in visa requirement to the US government, as their neighboring Japanese travelers are entertained with the visa exemption. Would it be too far-fetched to think that 4.3 million, 10 percent of South Korean population, may end up hiding in the Korean colonies in the United States if they were given the visa exemption?

I would like to introduce a despicable news story from Toronto Star in January 26 2000 that 10 South Koreans including two minors were caught in illegal border crossing scheme masterminded by another Korean resident in the US and paid $30,000US in fee.

Shame on you, South Koreans!

Two South Korean youths have been returned to Canada after allegedly being among 10 who snuck into the United States at Niagara Falls hidden under hydraulically operated beds in a recreational vehicle.
“It was something we don’t normally see here,” said Mike McLaughlin, U.S. immigration’s assistant director for investigations in the Buffalo district.
Ten South Koreans, ranging in age from 13 to 37, hid in the hollow bottoms of twin beds in the back of the vehicle as it entered at the Whirlpool Bridge in Niagara Falls about 5 a.m. Sunday, U.S. court documents said.
Two youths, two men and six women had arrived at Pearson International Airport late Saturday night and got into the RV with New York license plates, driven by another Korean, McLaughlin said.
Tow members of the group later told officials they were charged $3,000 for the illegal entry and trip to New York, court documents said.
At the border, U.S. officials closely examined the beds, which had metal bases, but could find no proof anyone was under them. They allowed the driver, who had a Korean passport and U.S. alien registration card, to enter.
U.S. agents secretly followed him. He halted at a truck stop on the New York Thruway about 80 kilometers east of Buffalo. Their agents saw two women walking with him to a coffee counter, the documents said.
They arrested the trio and found the rest in the back of the van. All 10 passengers had Korean passports and none spoke English, the court document said.
Kyung Chol Shin is charged with alien smuggling. Two juveniles, 13 and 16, were not charged.
Joo Hyun Kim, Kyung Hee Lee, Sun Young Lee, Ki Bbeum Yang, Dal Jae Mun and Ji Young Kim pleaded guilty to attempting to enter the United States illegally. They were sentenced to time served and were to be returned to Canada today.
Hey Ran Jung and Huan Mook Lee are charged with entering the country without an inspection and attempted illegal entry.
Immigration Canada spokesperson Giovanni Gatti said officials here had been informed of the arrests. She could not discuss specifics about the cases.

The brutal verdict: It's a crime to be poor

American Skin (41 Shots)
June 16 2000

Is it a gun? /Is it a knife? /Is it a wallet? /This is your life /It ain’t no secret /It ain’t no secret my friend /You can get killed just for living in your American skin /41 shots /41 shots /41 shots /41 shots…

Opening up a 10-night stand at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Bruce Springsteen unveiled his new song again after an Atlanta show on June 4, which details how and why an unarmed black man was killed by 19 bullets of 41 shots fired by four New York cops.
Lyrics of his another song “Point Blank” and telling the story of a mother warning her child about the dangers of the street have ruffled the feathers of Mayor and Police Union labeling Mr. Springsteen a “fucking dirtbag” who tried to make money off our backs
The show was a sold-out performance, despite the powerful police union called for the boycott, and half way through the song a minor commotion erupted when 40-ish, lone, well-dressed man tried to approach the stage flipping the double birds.

Promise me if an officer stops you’ll always polite /Never run away and promise mama you keep your hands in sight…
Well, they shot you point blank/ You been shot in the back.

The New York City is the most economically polarized city in the United States and the social tensions among highly diversified residents are extremely high.
Rudolph Giuliani, the police, the Wall Street robber barons, the liberal establishment and media exist in one world; Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima (the Haitian sodomized with a toilet plunger by cops in the police station in 1997) Patrick Dorismond (a 26-year-old black security guard shot to death in March this year in confrontation with a band of plainclothes cops) and millions of working class and poor people live in another world.

The following article was posted in many digital forums after the Amadou Diallo trial has ended with not guilty verdict.

Brutal Verdict: It is a crime to be poor
March 2, 2000

A young black African American was coming home from his work in Harlem, the New York City, with his brother, when an unmarked police car rolled up to them, a squad of the plainclothes cops barged in on them with guns out, and yelled at them: Hit the floor!
They put their face on the floor obediently as if the dog used to follow the master’s order.
At first, he has had this clenched feeling in his stomach when he and his brother were searched and frisked by a bunch of swaggering white cops and then let go home without any charges or apology, but gradually, he has gotten used to dealing with the everyday indignity of simply being either colored or indigent and treated as the perp thrown up against the wall.
**I would like to ask everyone to place oneself into this black man’s shoes for a few moments and continue to read my article.

1. the Amadou Diallo case
Four white cops from the Street Crime Unit of New York Police were acquitted of all charges on the shooting death of 22-year-old unarmed black immigrant who was killed in the vestibule of his residence a year ago. He was shot at with a fusillade of 41 bullets hitting him 19 times like a firing squad-style execution. Two cops released all of 16 bullets from his handguns and other two cops 5 and 6 each, and it appeared that they had kept the shooting while the target was already collapsed on the floor.
The only reason this college-bound young black man was killed like a dog was apparent that he had lived in the crime-infested area as a black, ventured out to buy some snack in the middle of the night, and the four cops who were following the standard police procedure that was sanctioned by the authority had reasonable doubts that he was armed, dangerous and taking out his gun from the back pocket.
The jury verdict was based on the assumption that the police had acted on self-defense and did not intend to kill the man accepting the testimonies from the tear-jerking policemen. However, the total exoneration would land on pratfall in the realm of the social justice when you take into account the universal reality of the urban life in the United States that there are rampant criminalization of the poor and racial profiling of black and Hispanic group by the law enforcement agencies. The history of abuse and the brutalization of black people by police and other law enforcement authorities are as old as the United States.
Suppose Mr. Diallo were a fair-skinned resident in the white-dominant neighborhood for nightly promenade, no cops would dare to intervene his leisure of nightly constitutional…that is, the definition of the reasonable doubt turns 180 degree opposite direction from where black Diallo would face in the Harlem or at worst scenario he might be charged for loitering (misdemeanor).
Even though one could not ignore the fact that cops had used the excessive, reckless and deadly forces on an unarmed man, the basic problem here is the policing philosophy of the Juiliani Administration’s zero-tolerance movement against any crime from graffiti artists, fare-jumpers to homeless person.
The hair-trigger cops armed with high-powered 16-round weapons are hired, paid, trained, encouraged, and ordered by the ruling establishment to sic on the poor, black and Hispanic minorities in order to defend its system and privileges. The police commissioner, Mayor and other political establishment could have been labeled un-indicted co-conspirators if these cops were found guilty because they were simply carrying out the job as the members of street crime unit.
The 40,000 forces of NYPD are well aware that they, as the gatekeepers of the society, would be protected from the prosecution when they follow the standard police procedure they were told and the verdict of acquittal has proved its validity.

2. Federal Civil Rights Prosecution
The black activists called for the intervention of the Federal Government on Mr.Diallo case that the police have violated the civil rights of the victim, and many people would bring forth the Rodney King case in Los Angeles a few years ago.
First of all, the Feds do not bring the charge of civil right violation unless there is strong evidence to win the conviction and the defendants ‘willfully’ deprived a person of a right protected by the Constitution. And in Mr. Diallo case, there is not enough evidence that the police went out to kill him intently and willfully as in Rodney King case the cops were openly admitting the beating after the state trial, and most importantly the prosecution had the videotapes of the police brutality.
Also the Feds had no choice but to file the civil right charge on King case because the riot broke out after the not guilty verdict of the state trial.
Time has changed since L.A riot and other insurrection against the establishment by the black militant organizations and some activists, and they were marginalized and uprooted from their urban communities and one in three black men between ages of 20 and 29 were under some form of criminal justice control (in prison, jail, parole or probation) in recent year.
The black activists in New York area are fully aware that the police have been ready to harshly deal with any unlawful demonstration or disturbance and no black men except some hotheads could afford to lose their day’s wages being in the clink, and therefore they are going to Washington D.C to bring political pressure on Mrs. Clinton who’s campaigning for the Senate seat in the New York State. Nevertheless, the chances of Feds involvement are very slim because she can not afford to lose the support of powerful police union and their Irish members’ votes in the region.

3. The Criminalization of the Poor, Black and Hispanic minorities
According to official figures, the United States already has the highest number of inmates in the world, followed by China and Russia. With 5 percent of the world’s population, the US has a quarter of all prisoners, 2 million out of 8 million. In addition, another 3.6 million Americans are currently on probation or parole.
The US incarceration rate, 672 out of every 100,000 is second only to Russia. By comparison, France imprisons 90 people for every 100,000.
It should be noted specifically that there has been sharp and disproportionate increase in the prison inmates of black youths from the inner cities, even though blacks make up only 13 percent of the US population, the half of 1.2 million state and federal prisoners are blacks.
What the majority of the 2 million prisoners have in common is that they come from the working class and the poorest sections of society.
The fact that 2 million Americans are behind bars is not a major concern for some law and order people in Washington, but rather it is a sign of progress. They attribute the high prison population to falling crime rates and the principal reasons for punishment is deterrence supporting more tough sentencing laws, such as three strikes and you are out, the trying of juveniles as adults, and death penalty.
When you are poor and black or Hispanic charged with the capital crime, you are mostly getting the death sentence because you end up with young, inexperienced and overworked public defender who often dozes at the trial. Nevertheless, when you were a celebrity, entertainer, athlete, or affluent (OJ factors), a fleet of high-powered lawyers gets you off the hook handily even though you are black or Hispanic.
Since the Supreme Court has reinstated the death penalty in 1976, more than 600 inmates have been put to death in the United States while about 3,000 inmates are waiting on the death row, and 85 people have been found to be innocent and released from the death row. Only 38 states among 50 states have the death penalty on the law books and polls show that a strong majority of Americans still favors it.
In the state of Illinois, the governor recently halted all executions in the state, the first such moratorium in the nation citing that 13 men has been sentenced to death since 1977 for crimes they did not commit, and the Bills that would halt executions are pending in 12 states citing concerns of racial disparity in sentencing. Florida reversed 18 death row sentencing, and in Texas where Governor Death (GW Bush) have signed over 100 death warrants since his inauguration and there are 458 inmates awaiting execution, a Federal judge ordered the release of a death row inmate who’s conviction was thrown out of the court last year.
It is everybody’s guess how many innocent people were put to death in the US history and take a few moment imaging that you were one of them waiting to be hanged because you can not afford to hire Mr. Alan M Dershowitz.

4. Conclusion
In the democratic society, every man has the right to expect the police are protecting him and not shooting at him, as one of the black activists made the Diallo case in plain and simple language.
When the police, as in a classic example of one hand giving and other taking away, entertain the affluent community with the environment of physical safety while brutalizing the indigent minority people with beating, torture and shooting in order to maintain such safety of the communities, there would be no community relationships in the society and each group starts to erect the wall with barbed wire and the gate with the private security guards.
And the ambience that furnishes to bifurcate the American society is already prevalent in everywhere, as in New York region the poor coop up in several pockets of cockroach-infested Harlem, Bronx and Brooklyn and the affluent build the fortified gated villages in the suburbs of long Island, upstate and the beaches in the vicinity.
The study based on the most recent Census Bureau data demonstrates that the United States are riven by class divisions between the low-income and high-income families that are growing increasingly acute and by gap between the middle-income and the high-income families that are wider over two decades.
President Clinton boasted in his state union address about his achievement in the creation of 20 million jobs during his presidency and a black waiter agreed with him sarcastically: Yea, he’s absolutely right. I’ve got three jobs and I still can’t pay my rent. The benefits of the strong economy have done little to correct the income disparity between the haves and the have-nots, and the richer grew richer and the poor grew poorer during Clinton presidency on the contrary.
The real beneficiary of the profit and stock market boom has been the wealthiest 20 percent of the population (in a more concentrated fashion, the super wealthiest 5 percent). For remaining 80 percent, income has largely stagnated or declined.
As usual, no one in the media or political elite would discuss these facts with any degree of honesty, and the issues of the social inequality, which lead to expose the real fa├žade of the American political and economic system, plutocracy or oligarchy, not democracy or free market system, are barely raised by any of the candidates of the establishment parties in the political debates of the 2000-year elections.

A Role of the Corporate Media

A Role of the Corporate Media
Keeping the people bewildered, ignorant, and powerless
February 23, 2001

“Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to totalitarianism.”

Most people would probably and readily accept the popular image of the news media as aggressive public watchdogs and champions of democracy that they claim to present an objective presentation of events.
However, the close examination on media, whether in print, radio, or Television, would easily provide the people that the self-image of the media is about as true to life as a children’s fairy tale.

Walter Lippmann, a grand mufti of the American journalism, mentioned in his manufacturing of consent in the 70s that the public is such ignorant and bewildered herds that they must be put in its place, the interested spectators of action and not participants
As in the case of mass hysteria about spectator sports play, the public become more passive, obedient, non-participants, non-questioning, easily-controlled, and disciplined, because you are not doing it, but watching somebody doing it.

This may be a reflection of depoliticizing the public in the democratic process that people do not find meaningful fashion in voting, community activities, or social issues, but only in trivial fluff pieces, Oprah-style infomercials, or “fast-food” entertainment.
And the public is allowed to show up every couple of years to ratify decisions made elsewhere or to select among representatives of dominant sectors in what is called an election.
This depoliticization of the public has gained momentum naturally with the concentration of media ownership into so few hands of giant industrial mastodons, like Disney (ABC), AOL-Time Warner (CNN), Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (Fox TW), Viacom (CBS), General Electric (NBC), and Bertelsmann (a German firm that controls the publication).

Since the corporations are structurally totalitarian institution that the power flows from the top executives down to the employees and the executives are accountable only for their shareholders, the corporate media bears no resemblance to democracy and it is foolish to think that the news programs serve primarily as vehicle for the delivery of news and information to the public.
Like other corporations, the mainstream media are large corporations, owned and inter-linked with even larger conglomerates and they sell a product to a market.
The market is advertisers where the product—audience--is sold.

The agenda-setting media like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, hold relatively privileged and affluent audience as their product…therefore, these elite media tend to sell the wealthy audience at the biased market and do not reflect the picture of the world that the indigent people reside.

In addition, there are other factors that distort the news broadcast…first, many journalists are overwhelmingly dependent on sources, mostly government officials and advance their careers by working with movers and shakers in the political circles.
An investigative reporters like Bob Woodward or Seymour Hersch are the most compromised and servile in their reporting, because there are always tradeoffs behind the scenes exchanging quid pro quos.

Secondly, there is regular and high flow of people among government, corporation and media through a revolving door…a journalist’s collusion with power distorts the news leak that often depicts false and deceitful contents on behalf of the authorities.
Take one simple example, Pete Williams, NBC News correspondent, was on the screen for news analysis on the Supreme Court’s decision for picking George W Bush a president.
The NBC never reminded the TV viewers that Pete Williams was press secretary and legislative assistant for Wyoming Congressman Dick Cheney in 1986, appointed as the assistance secretary of Defense for Public Affairs when Cheney was Defense Secretary under the Bush Sr. Administration.
During Panama invasion during Bush Sr., Pete was a Pentagon spokesman and he vehemently denied that US bombings have caused massive civilian casualties of Panamanians.

Here are some highly incestuous relationships between bureaucracy and media: James Rubin, a spokesman at the State Department of Clinton Administration and Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent, are married couple, as Fed Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Chris Matthhews of MSNBC and George Stephanopoulos of ABC came from the government, to name a few.
People watch, listen, and read news unaware of the histories and connections of those who tell them the stories, and the people do not consciously deconstruct the images they were told on the news—they trust it as reality.

In the first news conference on February 22, dozens of reporters hurled in unison a series of softballs to George W. Bush, focusing on the former President’s pardon or whether Clinton stole the silverware as they left the White House (five of the seventeen questions) more than the serious subjects on Bush’s tax-cut plan (four).
The compliant media never questioned the Bush’s legitimacy to his presidency or President’s shallow grasp of issues at hand.

During a news conference in Mexico on the US bombing of Iraq, Bush said haltingly: Saddam Hussein has got to understand that we expect him to conform to the agreement that he signed after Desert Storm. We will enforce the no-fly zone, both south and north.
The fact of the matter is that Mr. Saddam in 1991 signed an agreement pledging not to develop weapons of mass destruction, but the agreement said nothing about no-flight zones.
Bush did not know that the no-fly zones were established arbitrarily in the early 1990s by the US and British in order to protect Kurds in the North and Shiite Muslims in the South who had rebelled against Saddam, and a gaggle of reporters kept mum about it.

It is well known in the TV media that the anchorpersons and talkingheads chuckle and deride over Bush’s malapropism during the commercial break…during the press conference on Thursday, Bush again committed a verbal gaffe, describing “coca leaves” as “cocoa leaves”.
However, there is a bitter irony of source journalism that a reporter loses gain access to the sources if he or she does not working with the sources, and no reporter dares to challenge the powerful news sources with cranky inquiries.
Only print media expressed their opinion hiding deep in news analysis under the language of diplomatic understatement: Many of Bush’s answer were tentative and repetitive, and he did not put to rest questions about his command of policy and his ability to forcefully articulate his views on a variety of complex issues.

The collusion between government and corporate media are manifested amply in the administration of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), whose Commissioner, Michael Powell, son of Colin Powell, was promoted by George W Bush.
Since Congress established the FCC in 1934, the government has stripped away many regulations and handed the airwaves over to private broadcasters at no cost under the guise of deregulation and competition at the free market system.
However, the guise crumbles pretty quickly when one examines the airwaves market that is totally different from a traditional one which anyone with enough money can enter.
Radio, Television, and Cable companies are corporations built on government-licensed rights that were doled out the public-owned airwaves through picking the winner by the FCC.

Recently, Michael Powell driveled that the FCC must foster competitive market, unencumbered by intrusions and distortions from inept regulation and he opposed setting conditions to the AOL-Time Warner deal, which created the largest media firm on earth.
With his father’s holdings of AOL stock ($ 6 million), his inheritance chance would place his decision for the company clearly in the conflict of interest criteria.
The FCC is committed to eliminate the rule limiting companies to own multiple TV stations and newspapers in the same town.

When the government transfers the valuable resources (airwaves) from the public sector to the for-profit corporations, the media corporations should be required to serve the public interest.
The reality is quite opposite; they serve the public the information and news more and more loaded with trivial, crash, and burn stories, cops and robbers game, with not many social, political, and economic issues that affect the public life.

In corporate media, the truth is subordinate to corporate profit, political expediency and preservation of the existing social order, and in order to achieve this goal, the mainstream media endeavor keeping the people bewildered and ignorant, lest the public would ever become meddlesome in the binge of profit making.
And a parody of democratic media—a carefully manufactured self-image as an unbiased public servant and a noble steward of the airwaves—continues.

God and Mammon, ex nihilo

God and Mammon, ex nihilo
January 20, 2001

There are two fundamental creations by human beings, creation ex nihilo (something out of nothing), that have affected wholesomely on its living; God and Mammon (money).

Few people dare to acknowledge that God is indeed man-made, manufactured, beautified, purified, and accommodated to fit to the modus operandi of contemporaries life over a long period of time, and discarded, if it doesn’t work for them, mercilessly, and adopted to don a new clothes for new deity.
“In the beginning God created…” in the first words of Chapter I, Genesis of Bible were originally written in Hebrew, the word, bara, means to create something out of nothing (ex nihilo).

Since men have created the anthropomorphic perception of a God, many had come to see God as physically and literally responsible for everything that happens on earth, as the same way as we ourselves make things or set events in motion.
Despite of its otherworldliness, religion is such highly pragmatic that people instantly change the colors, shapes, and morals of their deity as soon as it ceases to be effective on their daily lives…the ideas about God have never been sacrosanct but always provisional.

As a God was simply an idea formed by the human mind in one generation, the same God could be meaningless to another human mind in another generation, and without its flexibility, the notion of God would not have survived to become one of the great human ideas.
However, men have fallen, after they created a God, in an abysmal pitfall that they are impossible to prove God exists as equally impossible to disprove his existence.
Therefore, instead of declaring God is dead, people have created a new God, Mammon, that is money, out of nothing…

General public understand money mostly in the form of fiat money, like dollar bill or coin, and check that earned (created) through their labor, stock manipulation, interests accumulation, or so forth, and new money is created only by the Federal Reserve through issuing currency.
Reginald McKenna, Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer said: I am afraid that the ordinary citizen would not like to be told that banks can create money and destroy money. The amount of money in existence varies only with the action of banks in increasing and decreasing deposits and bank purchases. Every loan, overdraft, or bank purchase creates a deposit and every repayment of a loan, overdraft or bank sale destroys a deposit.

As bankers call debt a commodity, nearly all or 98 percent of money supply in the US comes in the form of debt; mortgages, government debt (bonds) commercial debt, margin debt (borrowing against equity capital gains) and individual debt (credit cards).
Though for starters, who have never before thought about the matter, might greatly be dumbfounded in some dizzying and confusing state, the commercial banks like Chase, City, J P Morgan, receive income on a bookkeeping entry that it created out of nothing.
For the hard-working average Joe, it is hard to believe that the banks derive profits from the money that they have created out of nothing but simply placed it on the ledger as an asset because it is earning money and someday it will be paid back. The only cost of creating money for the banks is bookkeeping overhead!

When a borrower cannot repay the loan, the banks simply write off that loan as a bookkeeping loss to be removed from the ledger as an asset without a reduction in liabilities, and the bank loss are covered by the FDIC under the Federal Reserve System, under the argument that, if banks or corporations are allowed to fail, the nation would suffer from vast unemployment and economic disruption.
One of the most bizarre reality may boggle the taxpayer’s mind…when government borrows money from the banks, the transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the bankers is legally consummated and sanctioned through the interest payments on these loans that were created out of nothing. Few understand the IRS functions as the collection agency for world bankers, upwardly redistributing income from ordinary taxpayers to rich stock and bond holders.
One of the reasons banks prefer to lend to governments is that they do not expect those loans ever to be paid, because they make a profit from the interest on the loan, not repayment of the loan, and they are eager to roll the loan over and over until the debt is effectively unpayable.

The total outstanding US debt has grown from $425 billion in 1950 to $26 trillion as of 1999 and US consumers carried $7 trillion debt in 1999, up from $ 3.55 trillion in 1990.
In South Korea, government budget deficit continues to snowball, and DJ Kim’s regime projects that total amount of debt and loan guarantees will stand at W23.6 trillion in 2001 to W39.5 trillion in 2003 when new presidency is due to begin.
In 2001, the government have to spend W7 trillion on interest payment on the public funds injected into restructuring so far and additional W2.5 trillion in interest that is accruing from government bonds issued to make up for the budget deficit.
Few understand that these huge amount of debts were created by the simple entry on the bank ledger, a created wealth out of nothing, and the entry accrues interest payment to the bankers from borrowers, like government and Joe-six-packs.

The former director of the Bank of England, Lord Josiah Stamp, said candidly: if you want to be slaves of the bankers, and pay the costs of your own slavery, then let the banks create money. The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that has ever been invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.
Henry Ford Sr. said: it is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

Though the conventional wisdom dictates us that the Federal Reserve activates its leverage for controlling bank’s expansion of credit, the Fed’s revolving door with Wall Street strongly manifest that the Feds are exactly same financiers as the bankers who benefit and profit through the money-manufacturing process, such as money ex nihilo, and the Feds are ready to scoop the failed bankers out of trouble at the expenses of taxpayers and depositors.
And in South Korea, DJ Kim’s government has been engaging a shellgame of peekaboo, moving unrecoverable debts into bookkeeping ledgers in the KAMCO or KDIC and voila! “The debts is gone and we can balance the budget in 2003.”
Few South Koreans know that the government has injected the huge amount of the national pension funds into the gyrating stock market in order to artificially prop up the KOSPI index over 500 and lost last year half of its values that eventually taxpayers assume to pay back.

As Karl Marx said that interest-bearing capital is the mother of every insane form; debts, mere promises to pay, are nonetheless transformed into commodities in the eyes of creditor, financial center of capitalism remains in the credit markets from simple bank loans to complex bond products.
Though bankers cry in unison for the balanced budget, the Wall Street has made immense fortune through the budget deficits from Reagan to Clinton administrations.
The state remains safely under the control of bankers and financiers as far as there is an unpayable public debts in the budget.
The bankers yield enormous power to dictate the social, fiscal and political issues that benefit and promote their interests, forcing people to suffer under the austere and pitiful condition.

As the old saying goes that men serve no two masters at the same time, men chose a new God, money, that was created out of nothing by the international bankers, financiers, and bondholders under the debt-based fractional reserve banking, and men become the slave of money, without knowing that they are paying the costs (interest, taxes, insurance premiums) of their own slavery with abandon.

Many including students of finance and economics would dismiss the argument as a mad, crazy, wild conspiracy theory or commie propaganda…however, few of them know that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, signed by Woodrow Wilson was a brainchild of the world financiers from the Wall Street and the Bank of England, who obviously acted in the best interests of their ilk, not for the public welfare.
The only thing the bankers needed was the public faith on their Mammon (money) that was guaranteed by the Federal Reserve System and insured by the FDIC.
To create money, lend it as commodity, and make profit, all in the creation process out of nothing, each and everyone must believe in Mammon (money).
Only then did Mammon replace an old God as the Supreme Court of Finance, which is accountable to none but itself, and men blindly attend the Temple of Mammon in an attempt to find the meaning and value of life, as if life minus Mammon is no great matter.

Religion is a thought control

Religion, Politics, and the Peace talk in the Middle East
September 7, 2000

Recently, there was a gathering of the soi-disant world religious leaders at UN for the “Millennium World Peace Summit”, that was ironically invented and sponsored by Ted Turner, a high priest of capitalism.
Mr. Turner, an epitome of mammon, has entertained, as an honorary chairman, the enlightened assembly evoking much laughter by criticizing the Christian claim of the monopoly of heaven, and many attendant religious and spiritual leaders from all faiths echoed in unisonous hymn of love, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

However, no mass media in the United States took serious look at their commitment to global peace, condemnation against all forms of violence, and proclamation of the equality of all religions, since there were neither Pope, nor Taliban leader, Ayatollah, Dalai Lama, and Grand Mufti, but a band of small fries of various religious group.

Pope was busy to beatify his predecessors in preparation of nominating them as saint, and one of them, Pius IX who reigned the Pontificate from 1846 to 1878 was infamous in abducting a Jewish boy from his parent and later made him a Catholic priest. Edgardo Mortara, a kidnapped Jewish boy, was forced by Pius IX to lick the floor with his tongue drawing a cross in public to affirm his faith as Christian.
Pope Pius IX during his 32-year reign has called the first Vatican Council to define the doctrine of papal infallibility in matters of faith and morals, and he branded Jews as “dogs” because they kvetch all days and every day.

In the meantime, in the United States, a Mecca of democracy and land of freedom, Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Joseph Lieberman, an orthodox Jew, rhapsodized that “ Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, and there must be and can be a constitutional place for faith in our public life.”
This self-styled guardian of morality and faith defiantly insisted that he would continue to preach from campaign stump, calling his invocation of God and religion “the American Way.”
It is the Connecticut Senator’s most explicit attack on the Constitutional principles of freedom of thought and the separation of church and religion.

There appears to be two-pronged electoral tactics in Lieberman’s interpretation of the First Amendment prohibition of state support for religion.
First, by sermonizing the Republican right that stress the role of religion in establishing a unifying ethics among American people, Democrats attempt to neutralize their opponent’s tactics to exploit the Lewinsky peccadillo.
Secondly, Democrats desperately require garnering the Jewish support, especially from Orthodox Jewish section of the electorates, who have been gang-voting according to the instruction of their rabbis and leaders.
American Jews, though only three percent of the total electorates, have concentrated in the electoral regions crucial in winning the presidential election like New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Florida, and California. And they are singularly notorious to turn out en masse to support their friend, unlike other fragmented and illiterate ethnic group like black, Hispanic and Asians.

However, the reality, that the conceptual foundation for all democratic rights to free thought and expression is compromised if secularist basis of the state is removed, has been abundantly manifested in the state of Israel, where its non-Jewish citizens or Jewish citizens who oppose the principles of the Jewish state are not entitled to enjoy the benefit of being Israeli citizen…that is, Israel is not a state of its citizens but of Jewish people, who believe in Judaism, whether it is reform, Haredic, or orthodox where Mr. Lieberman calls it home.
Imagine that an American, born, raised, and worked in the land, is not entitled to have property, liberty, freedom of thought, and potentially subject to legal sanction or discrimination on account of his belief. There can be no freedom of religion without the right to be free from religion.
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, two of the most important framers of the Bill of Rights, insisted as deist that new republic be founded on a secularist legal code despite the prevalence of religious backwardness among people at the time.
When Americans have elected John F Kennedy, the first Catholic to be their president 40 years ago, he insisted that his religious beliefs were nobody’s business but his own, and if elected, they would play no role in the formulation of government business.

As for the Republican candidates, George W Bush and Dick Cheney, they are a cabal of “compassionate conservative millionaires” who feel your pain while causing more of it, and they publicly support to impose prayer in the public school.
Imagine again that a child of a secular family or of other religious faith stands in awkward position in his classroom while other kids loudly pray in unison in their Christian faith. I wonder how Mr. Lieberman reacts if his kid with yarmulke were tormented by other Christian classmates, and perhaps he would dream that the United States of America becomes a “Jewish States of America.”
When child is young, for good Darwinian reasons, it would be valuable if child believed everything it is told. A child needs to learn a language, it needs to learn the social customs of its people, and It needs to learn all sorts of rules for good survival reasons.
But any rule that “believe everything you are told” is automatically going to be vulnerable to parasitization and consequently the minds of young are stunted and filled with fanatical hostility to those who have either other belief engine or object to all fanaticism.
It boils down to the question whether religions do rather harm than salvage the people from misery, ignorance, and violence.

To find an answer, let us travel to the Middle East region…
First of all, many people, whether Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or atheists, possess an “encyclopedic ignorance” about the Jewish fundamentalism (Orthodox Judaism) due to the virtual Jewish control over the mass media around the world, and it is a taboo subject especially in the United States to raise the issues of middle east peace talk with respect to the open and hidden influence of the Jewish fundamentalism. If there is anyone who’s brave enough to have cavalier attitude against it, then the New York Times would make sure that he would never be heard from again.

Therefore, it has become a received conventional wisdom in the world that the Oslo Accord and ensuing many talks that have been arranged and mediated by the U S government would finalize the conflicts in the region and bring forth a peaceful solution in near future.
On the contrary, to understand the situation in the Middle East and the prospects for peace, one must come to grips with how strong and effective the political influence and importance the religions in general and Jewish fundamentalism in particular have on the whole agendas on the negotiating table.

The basic principles of Jewish fundamentalism are the same as in the case of Christianity or Islam: restoration and survival of pure and pious religious community where there were rabbis, mullahs, and saints call the shot.
All sorts of religious fundamentalism are hostile to democracy, because it contains a form of totalitarian and messianic strains in its basic structure and denies equality for all citizens.
As for the Israeli orthodox Judaism, it influences especially the principles of state policies decisively and Jewish fundamentalists absolutely sanction the ideology that Jews are morally superior to all other nation and condemn almost everything “not Jewish” mostly because it is non-Jewish. They closely adhere to the archaic form of Jewish tribalism that confirms the cosmic difference between Jews and non-Jews.
There exists a ridiculous case no one could believes is that Israeli educational authorities removed the plus sign (+) from the elementary textbook of arithmetic used in the first grade of Israeli school, because the plus sign which is cross could religiously corrupt little Jewish children and substituted it with a capital “T” that was made several years after Israel became a state.

One of the thorny issues in the peace talk has been the Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories, and most of the settlements were created with Gush Emunim movement that aims to establish a homogeneous models of new society where they live in the collective Jewish identity and values established through Halacha and Cabbala.
There was total negligence about the settlement issues in English language coverage in the West that Gush Emunim’s urge to settle in the mountains of Judea and valleys of Samaria has been theoretically motivated and is a manifestation of Jewish fundamentalism.
Any political leader who dares to go for land-for-peace settlement was termed as Jewish traitor by the Jewish fundamentalists, as Yasir Arafat would write his own obituary if he ever gives up East Jerusalem in return for Palestinian right to statehood. Ehud Barak, Israeli Prime Minister would never be stupid enough to be oblivious about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin years ago by one of the fundamental zealots who believe that Oslo accord is a culmination of spiritual apostasy.

There is a deeply flawed understanding about why Israeli constantly refuse to admit that Israel had anything to do with the Palestinians becoming refugees. Contrary to the popular notion that Israeli do not want to assume the financial responsibility to compensate the Palestinian refugees of five millions, the Jewish fundamentalists do not recognize theologically and ideologically the historical reality that Palestine is now the homeland of two separated communities where Jews and non-Jews have equal rights to the lands they jointly inhabit.
Most of religious Jews view that no land of Israel should be given to non-Jews in accordance with the beginning of Jewish Redemption, and any concessions to non-Jews in the state of Israel has to be based solely upon the consideration of whether denial could prove harmful for Jews.
Their views on territories have been clearly reflected a great part of the actual foreign policy of the state of Israel in both Labor and Likud Party. (Two parties have been almost identical twins on territorial issues and totally swayed by the ideological hegemony of the Jewish fundamentalists like the National Religion Party (NRP) and Gush Emunim).

Despite of its otherworldliness, religion has been highly pragmatic and people have continued to adopt a particular conception of the divine because it worked for them, not because it was scientifically or philosophically sound.
Many people salivate how Mr. Lieberman’s religion, orthodox Judaism, a.k.a. Jewish fundamentalism, plays a role in American political arena, where there has been strong revival of fundamental Christianity in the national horizon, because he said he would live up to his religion. He can’t eat, fly, drive, vote, fuck or virtually do anything on Sabbath day. He even can’t ride a bike for an exercise, let alone to try to save goyim’s life on Sabbath day. The exception on Sabbath day is he can do something to save Jew’s life because Jewish life is worth saving.
Well, a lot of politicians admire him as a smart and pragmatic guy who knows the ropes and compromises accordingly, as other Jewish fundamentalists in Israel make concession only because the Jews fear the non-Jewish retaliation harming the sacred Jews.

Politicians and religious leaders around the world jump on the religious bandwagon whenever it fits for exploiting their political aims…George W Bush, who has been presiding over 143 executions, got burned when he went to address at the Christian fundamentalist Bob Jones University in South Carolina and made a U-turn to apologize when the Catholics raised Cain.
Christian communities in America want to display the framed Ten Commandment on the wall of every classroom whenever juvenile killers rampage and massacre their classmates, as if there is close relationship between religion and morality. The desires to do good and not to harm others are not predicated solely on a belief in Jesus or adherence to a religion.

Conversely, many perpetrators and criminals would consider themselves to be god-fearing as crooked politicians raise the bible whenever it helps to consort with his purposes.
Religion has always been the great divider of people in the world. People kill each other based on the belief that was formulated and manufactured in a time when they believed the earth was flat.
The Roman Catholic Church was especially notorious in persecuting many philosophers and scholars for the crime of heresy…for example, Giodano Bruno, Italian philosopher and scientist in 17 century, was burnt alive at the stake with his tongue tied so that he would be unable to address those gathered to witness his execution.
It is intriguing phenomenon in this post-Enlightenment age to find why religion has such a powerful hold in human life and flourished with no end in sight, even though religion is directly responsible for more death, war, murder, destruction and misery through the ages than any other human activities.

Religion is a disease

Religion is a disease
December 25 2001

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary for man to invent him.” Francois Voltaire

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Bertrand Russell, a Nobel laureate for literature in 1950 and a renowned English philosopher, once wrote that religion is a disease born of fear, primarily one of the social phenomena, and people accept religion on emotional ground, believing that it is thought virtuous to have faith and wishing to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes—that is, what really moves people to believe in God is not any intellectual argument at all, as fear is the mother of the whole thing, fear of the mysterious, fear of punishment and fear of death, etc.

When the church argue in defense of Christianity, they do not give reasons for believing that God exists and the Bible is his words.
Instead, they argue that if people believe in this way, they act better than if they do not and a believer is happier than an unbeliever, therefore we should not to permit ourselves to speculate whether God exists. If any doubts raise its head, we must suppress it vigorously and historical records must be falsified if people cast doubt on the received wisdom of religion.

Because of fear, people refuse to accept the ordinary laws of science that human life and life in general on this planet will die out in due course.
People have come to entertain of immortality because it is pleasant and consolable to think that the invisible hand would somehow rescue us from our bodily death.
That’s why people invented God and immortality, central dogmas of the Christianity—in that Jesus Christ emphatically believed that his Second Coming would occur before the death of all the people who were living at that time, and he instilled the fear of everlasting punishment to the minds of people with vindictive fury, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell.”

However, faith eventually renders harm to people by stunting the growth of minds with a conviction that can not be shaken by contrary evidence or argument.
If contrary evidence might induce doubt, it is held that contrary evidence must be suppressed and met by fanatical hostility to both those who have other fanaticisms and those who object to all fanaticisms.
As people depend upon the absolute truth of faith contained in the saying of a certain man, like Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad, a body of experts that interprets his saying, like church, synagogue, mosque, or temple, acquires the infallible power, dictate people’s minds, and becomes tyrannous obscurantist and cruel oppressor in high degree, where as in Inquisition that millions of people were burned as witches in the name of religion.

Because of religion, more people were murdered, tortured, maimed, hated and discriminated than any other reasons, political or economical, in the history of man. And today the only wars are religious wars no matter how they are named, the Gulf war, the Balkan war, or the Afghanistan War as George Bush termed-and-detracted it “A Crusade”, an ominous but true reminder of the Crusader of killing millions of Jewish and Muslim worshippers by the Christians.
In the affairs of all mankind, religion is the most crippling disease, among others, to the evolution of humankind, that people inflicted upon themselves by inventing a God and asking the churches mind their spiritual shop.

Religious life is a duologue between soul and God and a deeply personal matter rather than a collective behavior, and there can be no middleman in this relationship.
Not your parents, your pastor nor any other self-appointed deputy of God, such as the Pope or the Queen of England.
It is obscene at least to accept another human being as a representative or a mouthpiece of the Creator of Universe for people living on the same planet.
It is not Christianity itself that can be regarded as a dangerous bogeyman to people and its community, but the way in which its dogmas are held as sacred, infallible, and inviolable, and to doubt which is sin and deserves of severe punishment.

In an era of archeology that refutes the historical reliability of the Bible, the thumb-sucking people still gather in churches to pay tithe for the purchase of a happy meal at Heaven, heavily sedated with the social programming like “Merry Christmas” oo’la’la of a virgin birth of Jesus Christ and an overdose of Christmas hymns, tinsels, creches and stars, which present the gospel birth stories as historically real and accurate.
The Bible, our knowledge on God was derived from the human source that is mixed with an enchilada of errors, prejudices, dreams and hopes, not supernatural beyond the reach of our critique or logic but within the domain of human quest for knowledge.
A simple challenge that God is a man-made product gives a shiver down Pope’s spine, because it may put him on the unemployment list to line up for collecting the premium.

“Jesus loves me, this I know…For the Bible tells me so” is the popular children’s Sunday song. And when kids grow up with the same conviction without a query on its source because their parents, teachers, ministers or churches say so, they are warranted to suffer from the lifetime religious illiteracy that scares them a lot to keep up with millions of Christian Joneses.
In the present day in the Middle East, the Bible renders fancifully the political legitimacy of Israel and upgrades erroneously the Chosen status of Jewish people, under which conviction Jews kill their Semite brothers and sisters with no other apparent reasons than “Bible said we are superior than you”.
When the Bible, especially Old Testament, is used to forge the national identity of Israel, and gives a story how special Israel is, that legitimizes Jews killing Non-Jews, and if this Bible is a collection of legends that contains a plethora of fictitious, man-made, erroneous, and unethical bullshits, then, the truth will free people from the wrongful conviction of fear, prejudice, hatred, and retribution.
In this sense, religion is a dreadful disease that the Bible prescribes people an erroneous drugs to harm rather than love their fellow travelers on earth.

The best township for the Christians to live in the US

The best township for the Christians to live in the US
January 20, 2002

According to the Harper’s magazine (February 2002), the mayor of Inglis, Florida, Carolyn Risher has written the following proclamation and posted in her office in November last year.
Copies of the decree were also placed in hollowed-out fence posts at the town’s four entrances: the posts were then sealed and painted with the words Repent, Request, and Resist.

It is amazing to see how arrogant, arbitrary, despotic, and tyrannical a little local mandarin bleats about the mandate by its citizens and the appointment by God to decree: Hey, Satan, Go Away!

It is also fascinating with her hilarious challenge to issue an edict against the Satan, one of the Creator’s devastating mistakes in his induction of men and women in this planet, that she has the power and capability by a simple proclamation to keep the Satan out of town’s boundary and save her brothers and sisters from the daily satanic temptations.

The proclamation, “ Citizens! Do not panic! Here comes our mayor on a white horse charging against a Satan and taking everything back that was stolen from the town”, appears to be a chivalrous Quixotic exorcism that only dittohead and born-again Christians are eager to absorb and pray aloud together, Hallelujah Amen.

For mayor of Inglis, Satan has been running the US, with no freedom for its citizens, and without liberty to worship God, and therefore it is her duty to proclaim an edict that stakes the Satan out from town’s border. (Mullah John Ashcroft might drag her to the court for high treason.)

In the born-again world of an evangelical Christian fundamentalism, the low-grade exorcism performed by an elected official like the mayor of Inglis would be a godsend gift in tearing down the wall of separation between state and church and providing a cozy nest for the airhead Christian zealots.

What about the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and freethinkers? For the Christian Wahhabists, they are all infidels that deserve to be kept out of town’s border, because they refuse to hear and follow the words of a Jewish rabbi from a cow town, Jerusalem, two thousands years ago.

Here is a decree by the Mayor of Inglis, Florida, Ms Carolyn Risher.

Be it known from this day forward that Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis.
Satan is hereby declared powerless, no longer ruling over, nor influencing, our citizens.

In the past, Satan has caused division, animosity, hate, confusion, ungodly acts on our youth, and discord among our friends and loved ones. NO LONGER!
The body of Jesus Christ, those citizens cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb, hereby join together to bind the forces of evil in the Holy Name of Jesus.

We have taken our town back for the Kingdom of God. We are taking everything back that the devil ever stole from us.
As blood-bought children of God, we exercise our authority over the devil in Jesus’ name.
By that authority, and through His Blessed Name, we command all satanic and demonic forces to cease their activities and depart the town of Inglis.

As the mayor of Inglis, duly elected by the citizens of this town, and appointed by God to this position of leadership, I proclaim victory over Satan, freedom for our citizens, and liberty to worship our Creator and Heavenly Father, the God of Israel.
I take this action in accordance with the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as recorded in Mathew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18

Signed and sealed this fifth day of November 2001.

What is the Trinity?

What is the Trinity?
December 20 2002
A Canadian

This, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, thing is always bothering me.
Does anyone have any good explanation about it?

Paul JDSN replied:
December 21 2002

Trinity has to do with an important Christian belief that God was and is present among humans and will be so.
God showed his love through his son, Jesus and also does in his Holy Spirit. Therefore, in Trinity, we see that God is not just foreign to us because of God’s absoluteness.

Christianity believes that God share the suffering of human in history. And God will guard and lead us to the right way through his Spirit.
In common sense, we think that we must serve God because God is divine while we are mortal.
However, in Christianity, God firstly serves human beings participating in our concrete context.

So, we call God as a gracious thing. It is better that you understand Trinity not as a dogmatic formula but as a metaphorical description.

Let us make a modern God
December 31, 2002

“Truth is never absolute, since new discoveries could always replace the old; it has to be demonstrated objectively and measured by its effectiveness in the practical world”

In a reply to an inquiry by “a Canadian” in this forum, Lee SH tried, rightly and scrupulously, to avoid to define or elaborate the dogmatic theology of the Trinity that the Christians for centuries have struggled to understand the nature of God as three persons in One, as early as in1533, the Protestant reformer, John Calvin had the Spanish theologian Michael Servetus executed for his denial of the Trinity

As Irenaeus, the bishop of Lyon in the fourth Century, had lamented that the mystery of the Trinity was not only indescribable but also incomprehensible to human mind, the belief in Trinitarianism was the most difficult idea for the human beings to comprehend or imagine the existence of three beings, each of whom is equal to the three, that was shoved into the Christian throats by the arbitrary decree of early Christian fathers.

Jesus Christ, according to the pulpit, is the second person in the Trinity, the Father being the first and the Holy Ghost the third…each of these three persons is God…that is, God exists in three persons, but these are not three Gods but one God revealing himself in three person.

In other words, the pulpit would compare the trinity to identical reflections in the several fragments of a broken mirror, or to the identical composition of water, snow, and ice.

In secular understanding, the son (Jesus Christ) is just as old as his father, and the father is just as young as his son.
The son was begotten by the father, but existed before he was begotten. Christ is his own father and his own son. The Holy Ghost is neither father nor son, but both.
Therefore, it is declared that the Father is God, and the Son God and the Holy Ghost God, and that these three Gods make one God.

Then, who has developed this absurd doctrine that only the gaping primates may take it in their belief system?

It is true that the doctrine of the Trinity is important to Christianity, not because, as LEE SH indicated, God showed his love through his son Jesus and his Holy Spirit, but because it has tremendous implication for how one understands the Jesus who had two natures, one human, the other divine, or who had one nature of a fusion of human and divine…that is, the doctrine of the Trinity consolidated a human Jesus Christ evolving to a divine Son God when the Church functionaries under the guidance of the Pope and the Roman Emperor in the fourth Centuries voted to crown Him with divinity.

In the early Christian history, the theological doctrine of Trinity was hotly debated among the bishops and priests, and the Emperor of Rome, Constantine wanted to settle the matter once and for all, convening the first Ecumenical Council of the Church in 325 CE (Common Era).

At the meeting, the Pope Celestine the First declared, with the help from St. Athanacius, the bishop of Alexandria, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who has the same nature or essence (homo-osion) with God the Father, therefore, one in being.
Other bishops argued that the Father and the Son were “homo-iousion”, similar essence or nature, which means that the Son might be similar to God, not really divine.
Then, the Pope won and other dissenters were exiled…

The argument over the divinity did not stop there…Nestorius, a monk of Antioch later became the archbishop of Constantinople, taught that Mary, the Mother of Jesus was only the Mother of the human person in Jesus, therefore, she should not be called the Mother of God, “theotokos”, but only “Christokos”, the Christ-bearer.

This caused the widespread anger among the people that gave rise to convene the Council of Ephesus under the guidance again of the same Pope.
He declared that in Jesus, there were two natures, one human, one divine, but united in only one person, the divine Person of the Son of God, and since Mary gives birth to a person cum divine Jesus, not just a body or a soul, Mary could truly called “theotokos” the Mother of God.
When the decision was announced, the people of Ephesus went wild with joy, parading the streets with torches, dancing and singing with abandon.

In the modern society that values only rational or scientifically demonstrable truth, the dogma like the Trinity, Immaculate Conception, Original Sin, or Armageddon theology, becomes an idiotic and absurd problem that occasioned the beau-coup conflicts among the nations.
The Middle-east conflict is one of the human conflicts that was caused by the egocentric dogma of the Chosen Land by the Chosen People with the financial help of the Christian dispensationalists who believe in a God not of love, but of war, the Armageddon theology.

And I read loud and clear that LEE SH sought to bypass the dogma and got back to the fundamentals of all religions; the love of God manifested through the Prophets, Jesus Christ, or Muhammad, warning me not to understand the Trinity as a dogmatic formula but a metaphorical description.

However, his assertion, that “God shares the suffering of human in history, therefore, God is a gracious being”, appears to be a highfalutin self-adulation in his endorsement on the Christian dogma of the Trinity.

From the beginning, God was fundamentally to blame all the sufferings of the human race, contrary to what LEE SH proposed and believed…I only can surmise…that God shares the human pains through his Son to be nailed in the cross for the salvation of the human kinds (the Trinity).

Though I am not using the Bible as a proof-text, God was a slow-learning, bungled, and absent-minded scientist in the creation of the universe, later drowning 99 percent of his masterpiece, human races save a sample of them, and “re-peopled” the world.
(Noah’s cargo list did not have the name of dinosaur since at that time America was not discovered yet?)

Of course, I am sure LEE SH believes that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present entity in our life…in this perspective, nothing could happen without his knowing beforehand that it did happen in human history.
Nothing happens without His permission and acquiescence; nothing could happen if He chose to prevent it.

This means that God in his loft throne in the sky allows knowingly inflicting a one-two punch on his products whenever he feels fit to do it, and He is one and only responsible for everything that happens.
And curiously, the devout Christians still adore Him as our Father, “who serves firstly human beings,” as Paul JDSN gloats..

Throughout the human history, people commit as many deicides as they required to do when God no longer works for them, and there is no reason why we should not throw the absurd and idiotic dogmas, like the Trinity, into the dustbin of ancient nonsense and wash our hands.

The concept of loving God is simply impossible to accept after we had experienced the Christian Crusades, Auschwitz and Hiroshima, to name the few human catastrophes, and we are still on the war wagons to kill each other, who I believe are perhaps the poorest of all the invention of God.

If Christ had really been God, He could have proved it, since nothing is impossible with God.
The pulpit where LEE SH works says for thousands years He is coming, He is coming, He is coming, and He still seems to be thinking about it for TWO thousands years and could not make up His mind, while for hundreds of generation billions of His loving products die and go to hell.

Why don’t we kill this slow-moving, unresponsive, and lethargic god of Bible and replace it with more fast-moving, efficient, and passionate god of the present day?
After all, Jesus Christ, the Bible God was born and lived in a cow town, and died ignominiously there only knowing that there was no other place beyond the horizon of Jerusalem, let alone the stupendous nature of real universe.
Let’s create a modern God, folks!