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DJ Kim agrees to meet with Boy George

DJ Kim ‘agrees’ to meet with Boy George
January 25, 2001

Korea Times newspaper in South Korea today gets into big print that DJ Kim ‘agrees’ to meet with US president George W Bush in March at Washington DC.
It was evidently, for the South Korean press, not other way around that Boy George agrees to meet DJ Kim, who is a servile comprador for the US, and the Korea Times stressed that the Blue House spokesman elaborated Boy George had called in, not DJ.

After I got my teeth off the floor, I had no other choice but to believe that the South Korea is a great nation to be proud to live among other neo-colonial countries around the world, like Turkey, Philippines, Fiji, and so forth.
It takes a lot of chutzpah for the South Korean media to tell their audience that Boy George was so much honored to have an audience with a Nobel Prize winner that the meeting was arranged ahead of any rendezvous with other heads of states.
Is this the way for news people wagging their tails to fawn with the politicians?

For many South Koreans, they still hold the popular image of the news media as aggressive public watchdogs that believe in an unbiased democratic principle.
When DJ had returned from the three-day visit to the North Korea, the Korean media had stirred up brouhaha of imminent peace and security in the region, and people danced, cried, and exulted in the street…the media have made people forget the reality that they have absolutely no power to dictate their own sovereign decision over the matter of national unification without clear nod from their master, Uncle Sam.

Now there is a change of emperor in the imperial palace of Uncle Sam, all factotums around the world have to pay homage to the new boss, and DJ, as one of them, is given a privilege (?) to kowtow to his master ahead of other agents, because Boy George wants his prodigal agent on the carpet, warning that there would be no more concession or giveaway to the North Korea without getting substantial reciprocity in the future.
Boy George wants a sort of cops and robbers game against the North Korea in order to convince American people that the National Missile Defense (NMD) system is vital for the defense mechanism against a new bete noir, Red China.
DJ’s audience with cocky Boy George would be totally differently from amiable and diplomatic Clinton, but DJ holds very much smarmy character of servant to wag his tail with rictus smile of a bowing undertaker.

While Clinton worked within the overall policy framework of reconciliation with the North Korea and stability in the Pacific region, Boy George requires to produce a new punching bag that he could play without getting too much counter punches, as his general Colin Powell once said: “If we go in, we go in to win.”
The North Korea belongs to the classical image of terrorist and pariah state that no one volunteers to help out, except the Red China, which is Boy George’s real target.
A bully (US) in the schoolyard could engage in a dustup with an urchin (North Korea) without serious risk of major warfare.
On the other hand, Boy George has the obligation to make the Military Industrial Complex rich and prosper…

Would Boy George care about the peace and unification in the Korean peninsular?
When the guy has never traveled overseas in his whole adult life except only once to Scotland to attend a wedding ceremony, one could imagine easily what kind of mentality and perception this bozo would have in the global perspective.
The mass media in Seoul have once floated the farcical and cockamamie idea that DJ Kim suggests Bush to go to Pyongyang to meet with Kim Jong-Il as he did to Clinton.
Boy George would explode with a healthy laughter, pat on the DJ’s shoulder as he did to Allan Greenspan few days ago, and pillory Koreans as Panglossian tribe.

The spokesman from the Blue House even implied that DJ Kim, during telephone conversation with Boy George, has educated Boy George on Kim Jong-Il’s trip to Shanghai, China, as the North has chosen a pattern of opening their economy up to global market.
Would Boy George listen to what DJ attempts to educate him?
Hell, no. Boy George would rather daydream about his weekend turkey shoot in his ranch at Texas.
It appears Kim Jong-Il is smarter than DJ Kim…he seems to know that the North-South détente reached its cul-de-sac with Boy George’s ascent to the imperial power and his survival rests only on Chinese help as his father got during the Korean War.

There is a fundamental chicanery in DJ’s engagement policy on the North…it is a tooth fairy to believe that the détente can be achieved without dealing with the essential issue of US imperial forces stationed in the peninsular since 1950.
As the Mideast peace talks revolve around days, months, and years without dealing with the issues of Palestinian refugees, DJ Kim gave Koreans an illusion of peace and finagled the Nobel Peace Prize with US $940,000.
DJ and his mass media have made South Koreans think that Kim Jong-Il is too stupid to agree to unify the nation under the supervision of Uncle Sam who would occupy the land permanently.
It is now about time for the South Koreans to wake up and to reclaim the reality that no peace is near under DJ’s ridiculous assumption that the USFK remain in the region.

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