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The Treacherous Charade of Machiavellians

The Treacherous Charade of Machiavellians
May 25, 2000

DJ Kim, a Machiavellian par excellence, has pulled another political rascal out of his multi-colored hat, appointing Lee HD as his third Prime Minister after his second PM was kicked out of the position with disgrace.
He has displayed the ultimate effrontery against his people telling a white lie that his government has never ended the alliance with ULD and his party maintained consistently bi-partisan ties with them, when he was derided about his Janus-faced double-talks.

DJ has been infamous to change his political color, like a chameleon, whenever it suits for his political benefits:
He had stood in front in demand of the withdrawal of the American occupational forces from the Korean peninsula since his political debut and later made 180 degree turn petitioning his master to stay in the region even after the peaceful reunification.
He has promised of heir-apparentship with his former nemesis JP Kim when he was desperate and has discarded it like a piece of rag when he was comfortable.
His promises appear to be worthy of nothing more than a pack of cigarettes.

On the other hand, JP Kim, ridiculed as a perennial second man and wishy-washy political hack, has been backtracking against what he said when he was dumped: Never would I help DJ any longer. He appears to be suffering from blockhead syndrome of forgetting that he had already been sacked and jettisoned by Gen. CH Park in the 60s and reneged by DJ again few months ago.
Now, JP Kim appears to be falling into the last pitfall, swallowing another bait that might result in the total loss of his political fulcrum.
It has been the talk of political town that Lee HD, the Prime Minister-designate has been fishing in the troubled water since his departure from the opposition GNP party after his failure to the leadership challenge. Lee has sold his potential leverage to solicit few renegade lawmakers of opposition party into the arms of ULD and MDP.
Moreover, Lee would not hesitate to take all of ULD members into DJ’s harem with the perks of the some cabinet memberships in order to build up his own power base for the next presidential election.

Lee has been characterized as a shrewd chameleon to change his political colors, like DJ, and his doubletalks have reached the apex of hypocrisy, when he said that coalition ties are inevitable totally ignoring what he was venting his anger that ULD will punish DJ government during April election campaign.
Lee has no choice but to demonstrate his treachery and machination in order to remain on the job, because DJ has picked him only for the majority votes that the South Koreans have refused to give him in the last parliamentary election.
Lee knows very well that his days are numbered if he can not meet the DJ’s demand and he can’t be a favorite son for Cholla province in the next Presidential election

It is the travesty of democratic election that a cabal of Machiavellians deliberately circumvent the will of the voters, in which no single party enjoys the absolute majority in the legislative branch, because the voters have not trusted the incumbent government or the opposition party for total mandate.
There is no question that DJ Kim is a final exploiter and sleazy manipulator in the Machiavellian treachery.
C’est passe for JP Kim.
Dog-eat-dog fighting for Lee HD.

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