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Is S Korea a Christian Nation?

A Vassal of The Papacy: Is South Korea a Christian Nation?
March 6, 2000

When DJ Kim had an audience with the pope, John Paul, he asked the pope whether the god’s representative has ever considered to kiss the tarmac of Pyongyang Airport and he suggested to advocate the pope’s visit to the North when the pope responded negatively.

First of all, no South Korean would have any objection that he has met the pope as a devout Catholic himself, but his suggestion as an official status of President would raise serious eyebrows from many of other religions and the free-thinkers.

On what mandate he asked the pope to visit the North to bless (?) godless people? Did he have it from Kim Jong-il, the National Assembly of South Korea, or simply a product of the pillow talk with his wife? Perhaps was he emboldened by the strength of Christianity in the country?

Demographically, South Korea has developed for a high proportion of churchgoer’s nation since the Korean War and Christian belief and worship have crept into the public policy and consciousness of The South Korea throughout the history.

The South Koreans have become the butts of sick joke globally whenever they breed a Jesus Christ in almost every year and the Moonies gather for the conjugal ceremony. And now it is their president’s turn to solicit the sick pontiff’s help in order to galvanize his half-dead sunshine policy.

Politicians and religious leaders around the world jump on the religious bandwagon whenever it fits for exploiting their political aims…George W Bush, a Republican shoo-in in coming US Presidential election, got burned when he went to address at the Christian fundamentalist Bob Jones University in South Carolina and made an abrupt U-turn to apologize when the Catholics raised Cain. Christian communities in America want to display the framed Ten Commandment on the wall of every classroom whenever juvenile killers rampage and massacre their classmates, as if there is close relationship between religion and morality. The desires to do good and not to harm others are not predicated solely on a belief in Jesus or adherence to a religion. Conversely, many perpetrators and criminals would consider themselves to be god-fearing as crooked politicians raise the Bible whenever it helps to consort with his purposes.

Religion has always been the great divider of people in the world. People kill each other based on religion that was formulated and manufactured in a time when they believed the earth was flat. The Roman Catholic Church was especially notorious in persecuting many philosophers and scholars for the crime of heresy…for example, Giodano Bruno, Italian philosopher and scientist in 17 century, was burnt alive at the stake with his tongue tied so that he would be unable to address those gathered to witness his execution.

The pontiff must have surprised to be asked that he would go to the pariah nation to help out infidels in his ailing health. He’s been sick and in great pain due to the Parkinson’s disease that there has been ongoing debate whether he should retire from the job of God’s deputy.
It would be more prudent gesture to the elder if DJ Kim, as a vassal of the papacy, brings some packages of Ginseng and other recipes of the ancient Chinese secret to palliate his pain.
Well, as I have noted in many essays on DJ Kim in this forum, I would not surprised about his naked initiatives of exploiting the papal audience that his trip would enhance his god-fearing image to garner the total support from the Christian voters in April election.

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