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A Journey to the Cul-de-sac

A Journey to the cul-de-sac
A reality check on the Sunshine Policy
June 15 2001

“The tongue has no bones, and it can be twisted in any direction and all the politicians are the masterful users of a twisted tongue.”

Since DJ Kim was snubbed by his master George W Bush with a harsh word “drop dead” on his engagement policy for North Korea in March this year, soi-disant Nobel laureate was on bended knees constantly begging everyone and anyone for help to revitalize his last pitch of legacy-shopping spree.

In the past year since the last June summit between two Kims in North and South, DJ Kim was in hock to the whim of Chairman Kim JI in North Korea and subjected to the inclement changes of the political atmosphere in Washington, barely hanging on a precarious and threadbare hope that somehow his master George might have a change of heart on the rogue status of North Korea.

When the US proconsul, Richard Armitage, came to Seoul in May to prop up the National Missile Defense policy, DJ Kim and his mandarins were eager to announce that Uncle Sam is in the process of formulating policy on North in accordance with DJ Kim’s initiatives, totally forgetting that Mr. Armitage, the Deputy Secretary of the State, had given them the US demarche of warning DJ Kim not to proceed with his Peace Declaration with Chairman Kim who is still registered in the terrorist roster of rogues gallery in the State Department.

Last week on the spur of the moment Colin Powell had a press conference that he ‘hopes’ a US-North Korea talk may resume in New York City soon, DJ’s regime was jubilant to tell his people that their master finally agrees to meet with the North, as if the talk would bring some light at the end of blind alley.

The bootlicking mainstream media as usual did a penguin walk in unison along the DJ fantasy and duck-talked vociferously over the possible détente between two lifetime enemies, ignoring the reality that there was no new catalyst to make Uncle Sam’s view change on the North Korea as a rogue state. (The U.S. refused the South Korean appeal to end the rogue status of the North.)

On the other hand, Chairman Kim has become increasingly reluctant to continue engaging in fruitless patacake with DJ, rebuking every inter-Korean talk and challenging the South’s territorial integrity.
DJ’s government has been on a charity drives for the starving North Koreans, spending $170 million of taxpayer’s money for fertilizer, corn and flour, and footing the bill of another $40 million fee for bankrupt Mt. Diamond Tour, a cash cow for the long-range missile program and the People’s Army of the North Korea.

Chairman Kim showed his eccentric whims by sending his commercial vessels intruding Northern Limit Line (NLL), while attacking the fishing boat of the South with machinegun fire, and DJ Kim, with his tail between his legs, sheepishly allowed Chairman’s reckless escapades with impunity.
DJ Kim had allegedly made a secret arrangement with Chairman Kim on his limousine ride during the Pyongyang visit last year that the North’s commercial vessels are allowed to pass through the South Korean water that was deeply hidden from the South Korean public.

Chairman never forgets what DJ Kim pledged North Koreans in his so-called Berlin Declaration right before the first inter-Korean summit in 2000: DJ has brayed that his government would provide massive aid to North Korea for the buildup of roads, railroads, harbors, power plants, and telecommunications.
Rumors abound that DJ had another secret deal with Chairman Kim on the electricity: South would provide 2,000 megawatts of electric power to North immediately.

Chairman Kim is aware of his counterpart whose days of legacy-building is approaching fast to an end and is ready to squeeze every available blood out of his sucker brother, a desperado- Machiavellian-comprador-ruler of the South.
Chairman Kim appears to be holding many secret cheques issued by DJ Kim who recklessly promised to pay for the Summit with taxpayer’s money, and the Chairman knows the cheques are not going to be honored when the issuer kicks the bucket.
The Mt. Diamond Tour is a kind of ‘watershed’ cheque that DJ Kim could never afford it to be bounced if he wants to have Chairman Kim in his Blue House, because the Tour has provided North for years almost half of $500 million, total amount of North’s annual export.

There are more holes in the Sunshine policy than in a slice of Swiss cheese, and one of the big holes is an outrageous fallacy that the United States can keep its occupied army of 37,000 strong in the Korean peninsula even after the unification of the whole country and Chairman Kim, according to DJ Kim, is concurred with the assumption, in which dim-witted South Koreans accepted it lock, stock and barrel
The North Korea has been reiterated their long-standing position that the US should not interfere in the issue of Korean unification and the US should go home after signing peace treaty with North Korea since two parties are still at war after the 1953 armistice agreement in the Korean War.
For half a century, the North Korean Government has refused to sit for talk with the South in every meeting with the United States, until the debacle of the USSR forced them to seek an economic help from the western world.
It is anyone’s guess how much DJ Kim has paid the cold cash into the bank account of Chairman Kim in Singapore before two Kims consummated a hail-fellow-well-met kind of the summit meeting last June.

Another fallacy is to believe that George W Bush, a so-called compassionate conservative, would ever keep the Agreed Framework of 1994, providing the North with electricity and other economic aid in return for abdication of missile programs by the North.

Is he such a charitable imperial lord to feed a bunch of starving red urchins?
Why does he have to hurry to meet with them when he has other immediate concerns in his hands? (He has four years and more to go while DJ Kim has only one year of lame-duck life)
Isn’t his NMD (National Missile Defense) program required to keep the North Korea as a rogue state in order to sell the NMD for thumb-sucking Americans?

Cui bo no?

The North Korea is not a big thing on his radar screen and just a blip that makes them enough to keep as a bugbear for suckers.
The more he procrastinates the implementation of the US obligation in the 1993 agreement with the North, the more he gets defense budget for his friends, Military Industrial Complex, and the faster the North Koreans starve to death. One stone gets one friendly bird to feed and one enemy bird to kill.

Therefore, George and his warriors in Defense Department have upped the ante to demand the reduction of the conventional forces stationed in the northern part of the DMZ, while the US and their client army, ROKA, increased its firing range of missiles, deployed the state-of-the-art Aegis-class battle ships, and allocated more defense budget for procuring new fighter planes.
It is an outright shell-game that contradicts and denies the reciprocity and mutuality, in which no one would accept the deal that digs ones own grave by own hand.

The mass media in Seoul continuously asserted that the US took fully into account DJ’s initiatives on the Sunshine Policy, because the Secretary of the State, Powell welcomes Chairman Kim’s visit to the South, and the rumors of Chairman’s trip abound from every corner of the political circle in the South including the Blue House grapevine.
Again, it is anyone’s guess how much cash into the Chairman’s bank account and what level of security measures for his trip are required to ferret him out of his den into the six-lane boulevard of Seoul.

In reality, Chairman’s outing would be his security nightmare, because he is still one of few most wanted in the rogues gallery in Washington, sharing the roster with Fidel Castro, Muhammad Quadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Slobodan Milosevic, and George W Bush would be happy with Chairman Kim on a pinstriped prison garb shackled with chains on hands and leg-iron paraded on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for a photo-ops.

George W. has inherited his father’s legacy of invading Panama snatching the head of sovereign state, Gen. Manuel Noriega, out of the country, putting Noriega on trial in the US court, and throwing key out in the Caribbean Sea.
Chairman Kim is alleged to be scared of travelling on air because he is more exposed to the watchful eyes of US reconnaissance flights by SR 71 spy-planes that frequently fly high zigzagging over the Korean peninsular than secured on the excursions by train or car.

At any rate, why are people excited about the Chairman’s visit to Seoul?
Does he fetch something called “peace” from his palace as Santa Clause comes from the Arctic?
Do people believe the Chairman’s visit brings hope for the unified land in the peninsular?
When DJ Kim came home from his trip to Pyongyang last year, people were oohing, aahing, and dancing in the street, believing what he declared: Peace is around the corner.

Today, at the marking-up of the ‘historical’ summit, people are booing, baaing, and revolting in the street, feeling that DJ’s journey to the North would end up in the cul-de-sac, no matter how he twisted his tongue to cheat his people, giving only an illusion of peace and finagling the Nobel Peace Price with the cold cash of $940,000 bounty.

It is a norm for Nobel Peace Prize to be given to multiple persons when it is awarded to person rather than an institution, because peace is not to be achieved by one heroic or manipulative person but by the mutual endeavors of concerned parties, and it amplifies how absurd and irrational the politicization of Peace Prize and its acceptance by thick-faced DJ Kim are.
In 1973, when Nobel Peace Prize was given to Henry Kissinger of US and Le Duc Tho of Vietnam for their successful closure of the Vietnam War, the Vietnam recipient has declined to accept the prize, saying that their country is still divided and peace is not achieved, though the war is ended.

In the political negotiations in both domestic and foreign policy, the truth is always the first casualty among many rhetoric…and the DJ’s engagement policy on North is not an exception as in the Mideast Peace Talks and Balkan conflicts.
DJ’s spin-doctors are all in full court press to beatify the first inter-Korean summit in 2000 as the historical event, no matte how it ended up with a feel-good-summit that wine, dine, three banzais, and press the flesh with lots of tears.

In expectation of a dim chance at the one-year anniversary that Chairman Kim would return the visit to Seoul, DJ Kim has cried out loudly of the significance of Chairman’s visit and serenaded mournfully an unrequited love song to his disgruntled partner to tell him when, dangling $40 million carrot of Mt. Diamond dues and other freebies of fertilizer and food.

It is the sheer rhetoric of political sophistry that Chairman Kim’s return visit is vital in bringing in peace and national unity in the peninsula, as DJ’s visit to Pyongyang last year hit the blind alley, only egging people with an illusion and façade of peace that awards DJ’s personal gain of the Nobel Prize.

Would the Chairman Kim receive the same Nobel Prize if he repeats this year what DJ Kim did last year? Nope. Because peace, this time, is not a marketable commodity to be fetched around between North and South, and no one rewards an international terrorist with a $1 million cash bonus.

Invention of peace goes always hand in hand with the denial of the reality…the refusal to see, to know, and to accept unpleasant and adversary facts.
The fact of matter is South Koreans have to accept the reality the Sunshine Policy is a non sequitur for their new master, George W. and his oldhat warriors of the Cold War era, who take for granted that first, war is natural and inevitable, two, peace is just the intervals between wars, and three, therefore they have to be ready for next war, in which process provides more jobs and profits for the American people.

The second fact is Chairman Kim’s visit brings nothing but a useless journey of sensation, illusion, and then frustration that eventually leads to the cul-de-sac.
George W. and his ilk know it.
DJ Kim and Chairman Kim know it.
God, if he ever exists, knows it.
Only Korean suckers in both North and South do not know it, because they have been blinded to remain as the dittoheads by the twisted tongues of their political leaders and corporate media.

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