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The State of Israel and the Jewish Ideology

The State of Israel and the Jewish Ideology
February 4, 2000

Recently (Korea Herald), Israeli ambassador to South Korea said that the Israeli government is willing to support and give an aid to North Korean agricultural development, if the North stops to export the long-range missiles to Iran, Iraq, and Syria, while admitting sheepishly that the Israeli is selling radar-destroying 100 ‘Harpy’ missiles to South Korea meddling directly in the conflict of two Koreas.

The state of Israel, the local cop on the beat for the United States since its independence, has been the marauding forces in the region in the violation of the UN charter, invading and occupying the southern portion of Lebanon, and engaging in cross-the-border air strikes against their neighboring Arab countries whenever Israeli considers them too powerful and intimidating.
The ambassador considers the North Korea one of the few rogue states left in the world, and I do believe the envoy’s country also belongs to one of them.

In becoming the world’s sixth nuclear power after US, USSR, Britain, France and China, the Israel has maintained exclusive monopoly of the atomic power status in the region in order to guarantee the country’s survival from the sea of Arab states and they consider any neighboring states that are able to produce A-bomb or to launch the long range missile as their ultimate enemy and the threat to their national security.
Accordingly, the North Korea that can produce both weaponry and provide the technology to the Israeli enemies would become the target of the Israeli air attack if the Israeli were able to obtain the refueling permit from the South Korea and American sanction.
However, the Israelis are employing the carrot and stick policy, for the North they solicit the starving beggar for meager food while arming the South to destroy the North.
No nations, the US, Japan and South Korea would want to challenge the North Korea that might choose for the Samson option, taking along 40,000 American soldiers, millions of Koreans and Japanese people with the total destruction of the Far Eastern region.

For the majority of South Koreans whose religious belief has produced 50,000 pastors with 30,000 Christian churches in the region, there is a tremendous misconception and ignorance about Israel that the Jews have the providential and exclusive right to establish their habitat in Palestine, romanticizing that Israel would preserve the sacred land without any slightest idea what the Talmudic passages direct against Christianity or non-Jewish people.
And non-Jewish Koreans would never understand the Jewish characteristics without a discussion of the prevalent Jewish attitudes to non-Jews, even the concept of Israel as a Jewish State, as Israel formally defines itself.
Furthermore, It is well known fact that the general public in South Korea are ignorant and narrow-minded in the international affairs, especially in the Middle-east, since the mainstream media do not inform the public any in-depth analysis or the alternative views, but simply regurgitate the biased news story from the US media where the powerful Jewish interest controls tightly about what ‘s to report or not, how to disseminate, and when to report to the public.
Also, it has to be noted that the image of the Diaspora Jews and their attitudes to non-Jews is quite different from the attitudes of classical Judaism, like rabbinical and Hassidic.

A. Jewish attitudes to non-Jews according to the Talmudic law.
Every Jew, whenever passing near a cemetery, utters a blessing if the cemetery is Jewish, but to curse the mothers of the dead if it is non-Jewish, during the Sabbath a Jew should not allow to use his phone to call the ambulance for a non-Jew (Christian, Muslim or goyim whoever) who happens to collapse in front of his house, and in Maimonidean Code, Jesus of Nazareth and his pupils are specified as the prime example of infidels.
According to the fundamental book of Hassidism – so-called Lubavitcher rabbi who leads the powerful organization from New York Headquarters – all non-Jews are totally satanic creatures in whom there is absolutely nothing good and the very existence of a non-Jew is inessential, whereas all of creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews.
Judaism has a powerful streak of totalitarianism in their character reaches above the level of absurdity…the harvesting is one of the works forbidden on the Sabbath and this is stretched to a ban on breaking a branch off a tree. Hence, riding a horse (or any other animal) is forbidden, as a hedge against the temptation to break a branch off a tree for flogging the beast. It is useless to argue that you have a ready-made whip, or you intend to ride where there are no trees. What is forbidden remains forbidden forever. The basic rules for every problem are stated dogmatically and cannot be questioned. It can, however, be stretched and made stricter: in modern times, riding a bicycle on the Sabbath has been forbidden, because it is analogous to riding a horse.
Sexual intercourse between a married Jewish woman and any man other than her husband is a capital offence for both parties and one of the three heinous sins. On the other hand, the concept of adultery does not apply to intercourse between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman (married or not), since as far as Jews are concerned, the concept of matrimony does not apply to Gentiles: rather Talmud equates such intercourse the sin of bestiality.

B. The state of Israel as a Jewish State.
The principle of Israel as a Jewish state was inculcated into the Jewish population in all conceivable ways. The constitution stipulates that no party whose platform openly oppose the principle of a Jewish state or to propose to change it by democratic means is allowed to participate in the elections to the Knesset. The legal consequence for the non-Jewish citizens or Jews who oppose above-mentioned principle is that they are not allowed to participate in the parliamentary election due to the application of a Jewish ideology.
In other words, Israel is not the state of its citizens, but of the Jewish people, those in Israel and in the Diaspora…it would be hard for Koreans to grasp what it means if Korea is not the state of its citizen, but of the Christian Koreans.

The official Israeli definition of the term Jewish distinguishes Israel as a Jewish state from the majority of other states. Israel belongs to persons who are defined by the Israeli authority as Jewish, irrespective of where they live, and does not officially belong to its non-Jewish citizens (one out of six citizens) whose status is even officially inferior. This means in practice that if any Koreans are converted to Judaism, and thus regarded as Jewish, they are entitled at once to become Israeli citizens and benefit from all the privileges that non-Jewish Israeli citizens are forbidden to enjoy.
According to Israeli law a person is considered Jewish if either their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother were Jewesses by religion: or if the person were converted to Judaism in a way satisfactory to the Israeli authorities, and on condition that the person has not converted from Judaism to another religion, in which case Israel ceases to regard them as Jewish. The conversion is performed by authorized rabbis in a proper manner that entails for females their inspection by three rabbis while naked in a bath of purification, a ritual which is notorious to all readers of Hebrew press but the English media.

C. The Jewish discrimination against non-Jewish citizens of Israel.
The state of Israel officially discriminates in favor of Jews and against non-Jews in many domains of life, for example, the residency right, the right to work, and the right to equality before the law. Discrimination in residency is based on the fact that about 92 percent of Israel’s land is the property of the state and is administered by the Israeli land authority according to the regulations issued by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), an affiliate of the World Zionist Organization. In its regulations, the JNF denies the right to reside, to open a business, and often to work, to anyone who is not Jewish, only because he is not a Jewish. If it were applied to the Jews in the United States, such discriminatory practice would instantly and justifiably be labeled anti-Semitism and would no doubt spark massive protest. When applied by Israel as a part of Jewish ideology, they are usually ignored or excused when rarely mentioned.
Non-Jews are prohibited officially from working on land administered by the Israeli Land Authority according to JNF regulations. Israel also strictly prohibits Jews settled on National Land to sub-rent even a part of their land to Arabs who are even the citizens of Israel. This means by virtue of being a Jew, you have the right to lease an orchard for harvesting its produce from another Jew, but a Non-Jew, when a citizen of Israel or a resident alien, does not have this right.
The kibbutz, widely hailed as an attempt to create a Utopia, is an exclusive Utopia for Jews only and it does not accept Arab members on principle and demands that potential members from other nationalities be first converted to Judaism.
The Land of Return, the crucial law that defines the right of entry and settlement states explicitly that Jews who cannot speak one word of Hebrew obtain on arrival the citizenship and financial benefits by only virtue of having returned to the Jewish homeland while other non-Jewish citizens who are born and lived in Israel are denied such privilege only because they are not Jewish.

D. The Palestinian problems.
With regard to the Palestinians, Israelis have placed them in the biggest prison (Gaza strip) in the world, detained them without the trial for several years, tortured them with no mercy and relegated them into the subhuman treatment.
Since Oslo accord and Wye agreement between Israel and Palestinian Authority under Yasir Arafat, Israel has reneged in numerous times the implementation of the agreed deals under the sanction of a terrible sponsor of the peace process, the United States.
It is the received wisdom that above-mentioned two accords have pretty much settled the Israel-Palestinian question. However, the factual descriptions is just farcical when you examine the map of the West Bank how Israeli corrals the Palestinians in numerous pockets of the municipal areas (2 percent of total area) surrounded by total control of Israel (70 percent) and the Palestinians have no safe passage without the Israeli permission to the Gaza Strip where Israeli controls 30 percent of the land to watch over the Palestinian shoulder. And to add insult to injury, the Palestinians have no physical access to outside world and they are subjected to frequent curfew imposed by the Israeli army and the administrative detention and torture by Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Police). Such restrictions on travel make a mockery of any kind of Palestinian autonomy, let alone independence. For Palestinians, freedom of movement is no longer a right but a privilege allotted to an entitled few. Israel awarded different grades of passes with incremental privileges to a small group of favored people that surrounds Arafat, the governor of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and Israel does not govern the Palestinians but governs the governor of Palestinians letting him wash the dirty laundry for the Jews.

E. The Jewish influence in the U.S.
Modern anti-Semitism appears first in France and Germany, then in Russia by the ardent believers in the conspiracy theory of history and was largely a generic expression of xenophobia, a desire for a pure homogeneous society like Nazis.
In the United States, where Jewish descents represent only 3 percent of the population, the strong influence wielded by the organized Jewish community has attracted the envy and animosity from other social classes, like African-American and white supremacy group. Government officials who are dealing with Palestinian matters are mostly to be of Jewish extraction: the Secretary of the State, National Security Adviser, the Secretary of Defense, the State Department spokesman, and the envoy to the Middle East.
The major decision-makers in the economic policy are of the same racial lineage: the chairman of Federal Reserve Board, former Secretary of Treasury (now chairman of Citicorp).
The state of Israel receives American taxpayer’s money of $3 billion annually no other minority in American history has ever enjoyed pro bono, through the elaborate scheme of bullying and purchasing the majority of lawmakers and the president.
The news media are under the straight jacket of Jewish hegemony: CBS, Fox, ABC, New York Times, and hundreds of journalists, columnists, editors, and managing editors.
I believe that it does not warrant any further discussion and the data speak itself.

F. The Jewish involvement in South Korea and other third world countries.
As far as I know, the first Jewish businessman who had the major business dealing with the South Korean government was Mr. Eisenberg who was born in Shanghai in China, when he brokered the sale of Candu Atomic Power Plant between Canada and the military government of Gen.CH Park. Mr. Eisenberg has inflated the price of the sale in order to pay the General millions of dollars and sparked a huge controversy in Canada.
And the first official contact was established when Korean CIA during Gen. Park’s regime approached the Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, to obtain logistical help and technical assistance to nail down on the Korean dissidents who reside in foreign countries, especially West Germany and the Mossad has provided KCIA agents necessary training at their camp in Israel.
In addition to meddling in South Korean scandal, Israel had played the role of proxy on behalf of the United States to arm and logistical aid to the Somoza National Guards in Nicaragua, the army of El Salvador, Guatemala, and various countries in the African continent.

G. Conclusion
The state of Israel has been raising Cain over the Holocaust over a half century and demanding the compensation from the Germany and Switzerland while mobilizing inhumane tactics to subordinate and repress the Palestinians.
They have dispatched in numerous times the elite commando units and the assassins to apprehend and avenge former Nazi officers in other sovereign countries in violation of the international law.
The suffering is not the exclusive possession of Holocaust victims but making it incumbent on them not to cause suffering to other victims. The maxim that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it applies to those Jews who refuse to come to term with the Jewish past.
Regretfully, the Jews appear to have the shortest memory span of their suffering and maintain the Zionistic racism, xenophobia, chauvinism and exclusivism against non-Jewish group, goyims.
I think Israel is at a crossroads, a stage that may force the structural changes for more democratic and humanitarian state or remain as a Jewish state predicated on the classic Jewish ideology that causes other victims to suffer only because they are non-Jewish.

P.S. Israeli ambassador to South Korea has sent a letter to the Korea Herald and put the grievance against the paper that the writer mistakenly called the capital of Israel TelAviv instead of Jerusalem and obediently the Herald printed in my opinion column.
The fact is that Israel had annexed the city of Jerusalem against the UN resolution and declared the city as their capital. However, few countries have accepted the legitimacy of Israeli claim that the city of Jerusalem that hold Islamic temple belongs totally and exclusively to the Jewish State.
And I am not sure whether South Korean government recognizes Israeli claim.

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