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Uncle Sam threw cold water on DJ Kim

Uncle Sam threw cold water on DJ Kim
March 10, 2001

“The US has no illusions about North Korea that is despotic and a rogue nation, and the authoritarian regime in the North will collapse whether it adopts an open-door policy or not.”
Gen. Colin Powell, the US Secretary of the State, at the Senate hearing on Thursday.

When DJ Kim, so-called people’s president of South Korea and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, has made an audience with George W Bush at the White House, he never expected that George would insult him calling a visiting president “this man”, and his hope to leverage the Nobel Laureate status has clashed on the floor of the White House.
However, as usual, he has kept maintaining a brave face and rictus smile of a bowing undertaker, taking an entourage of his mandarins for begging tour with hat in hand around the Washington Beltway.

DJ Kim as a comprador for the World financiers has to report to many bosses: Horst Koehler, managing director of IMF, James Wolfensohn, World Bank President, and US Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neil.
He leaves for Chicago, his final leg of tour, to persuade GM rescue Daiwoo Group that no one wants to buy the bankrupt Chaebol’s enterprises.
In a nutshell, his tour for selling Sunshine policy to the new US Administration was doomed to a failure, no matter how the South Korean media drummed the Korean people up to its own march that the US-Korean alliance is never in danger.

When one looks at the stark reality sans the diplomatic rhetoric, euphemism, and manipulation, it would not be difficult for ordinary people to comprehend where the Bush Administration heads for in its foreign, military, and domestic policy.
The new Administration desperately needs the National Missile Defense (NMD) program militarily and economically, and therefore they require to have a bogeyman—they have to produce it if there is none—to sell over $60 billion project to the thumb-sucking Americans.
George, in one hand, owed a lot of money to the US Military Industrial Complex, like Raytheon/Hughes, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, United Technologies, the Carlyle Group, etc, and in another, he is indebted to his millions of constituencies that these companies provide them jobs, security and happy family life in return for misery and poverty of others around the world.

In addition, the Bush Administration has no reason to hastily engage with the North Korea, the international pariah state like Cuba that has not much economic values and infrastructure to be exploited by monied interest in the United States.
The rumor of war in the Pacific region does no harm to the Bush people, but good for the US economy, and there are other conflicts that is vital for US interests to deal with, such as Mideast and Balkan region.

For DJ Kim, whose days are numbered for his legacy building as a peacemaker, he has crossed Rubicon giving up too much, getting nothing back from the Chairman Kim JI, and sitting on the cutting board under the Damocles sword.
Chairman Kim has no love lost with Uncle Sam, and he knows very well George would never give him what Clinton promised in 1994 at Geneva, waiting the North Koreans starve and collapse as other communist countries did.
The Chairman has got DJ’s balls tight and determined to skim the every available creams out of the South Koreans for paying nothing except tons of tears from the separate families.

The following is the brief that the Bush Administration would strive for in its foreign policy against the North Korea.
For Chairman Kim, Uncle Sam’s demands are like asking a drowning man to discard his life jacket (the nuclear capability and its delivery vehicles) in the ocean of sharks and if he does not comply with the demands, no one gives him a hand to rescue from the turbulent water.
But, what if does Chairman Kim comply with it? Then Uncle Sam would punish the North at will with 30,000 high-altitude bombings and Tomahawk cruise missiles and imposing arbitrarily no fly zone just below the Pyongyang city whenever the US thinks fit to do, as with Iraq.
In another words, Uncle Sam wants Chairman Kim to commit suicide and no one believes that Chairman goes to hell leaving others along.

1. The US would never provide two light-water nuclear power plants that they promised in 1994 Agreed Framework at Geneva with the North Korea. It is simply ridiculous to believe that George is foolish and generous enough to provide the nuclear energy sources to his enemy when he anticipates that the North Korea would sooner or later collapse in any scenario. Uncle Sam historically has never been in a charity business, but always in quid pro quo.
2. The US would demand three major concessions from the North: a. a reduction of the North Korean army b. the discontinuation of long-range missile programs c. an end of Scud missiles exports to Iraq, Iran and other rogue nations d. an abrogation of the nuclear weapons of mass destruction. They would reconsider the implementation of the Geneva Agreement, if these concessions were met with full verification and transparency.
3. The Bush Administration would maintain continuously the skeptical view of the North Korean regime that Chairman Kim’s words are not worth a salt without verification or reciprocity. And peace declaration or whatever DJ calls it means nothing more than a piece of rags for Uncle Sam, no matter how significantly DJ invested in an illusion of peace and his political future.
4. The US would never allow, from now on, DJ Kim giving out freebies or making any concessions without tangible reciprocity from Chairman Kim. Uncle Sam specifically is not happy with the Hyundai Asan Group paying cold cash to the North of $12 million per month, $1 billion until 2005. George is ready to economically sanction the South if it continues to help the Hyundai Group.

In the international diplomacy, truth is a first casualty among many rhetoric…and the Sunshine policy is not an exception, as in the Mideast peace talks.

During the last few months of the Clinton Administration, the mainstream media pumped up an illusion of peace is around the corner between Israel and Palestinian Authority, turning the blind eye on the vital issues of Rights of Refugees Return and Compensation, and eventually the Oslo Accords bellied up and was dead after years of hundreds of negotiations.

DJ Kim’s engagement policy vis-a-vis North Korea was flawed from the start when he deliberately avoided to deal with the critical issue of the US occupation in the South, noticing that he has no recourse to settle the issue.
He attempted to cheat his people employing the most deceptive double-talk that the peace and national unity can be achieved with the American GIs on both North and South Korean’s back.
The worst part was South Koreans took his dumb sophistry lock, stock and barrel, because he solicited people with an illusion of imminent peace furnished on some fringe benefits of meeting arrangement of the separated families and now-bankrupt tourism for the diamond mountain.

When DJ Kim has returned from the Summit meeting at Pyongyang, he declared that peace is near as if he fetched peace from the North like a marketable commodity, and people danced in the street, hold each other patting on the back, and cried with abandon.
As Uncle Sam threw cold water on the DJ’s Sunshine policy, it is about time for the South Koreans wake up and smell reality where they are, because DJ Kim would strive again to finagle his waning popularity out of upcoming Summit with Chairman Kim and holler again, Voila! An angel of peace came down from the North as Santa Claus from the Arctic.

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