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The South Korea Inc.

A Comprador Par Excellence and S.Korea Inc.

South Korea, a vassal state of America, like Philippines, Turkey, and other client states of Uncle Sam, has been occupied by U.S. armed forces since 1945 under the spurious agreement between the lord and the subject.

And the most astonishing fact is that not many Koreans appear to have realized that their country as a sovereign state has been a big joke, they can not sustain and engage in any defensive or offensive maneuvers without American general’s approval, and they even can not sit on a par with North Koreans at any negotiating table sans prior consultation with American mandarins.

They appear to have lost intellectual capacity to distinguish between Japanese colonialism and American neo-colonialism, the latter is synonymous with imperialism that has been prevailing in the execution of the U.S. foreign policy in its entire period since its independence.

Many Koreans have raised the issue of past Japanese colonialism and the misery of thousands comfort women during WWII, even though they seem to be too young to know what the Japanese colonialism was, and they constantly argue about Japanese cruelty and mistreatment of Koreans.

On the contrary, it is bizarre they simply do not appear to sense, bodily and mentally, that they have been occupied by another form of American colonialism while they witness a swashbuckling John Wayne dragging their girls in Yankee town in Seoul.

This Korean numbness reminds me of African Americans in the United States who do not think or feel that they have been living under different form of slave system, shackled with invisible snare of permanent handicap, brainwashed in the hope of pie-in-the-sky which was fed through manufactured consent by the mainstream media and the fundamental Christianity.
Now Blacks in America have to fight over the breadcrumbs among other minority groups, mostly Hispanic who were brought in here through the deliberate policy of “divide and conquer”.

When Gen. John A Wickam, the head of U.S. occupational forces in South Korea, derided Koreans as lemmings when he saw no Korean opposes moronic Gen. DH Chun to rob the political power in the 80s, most of Koreans had kept mum like a eviscerated cow.
In addition, Gen. Hodge, the first commander of American forces in 1945 warned his officer corps that Koreans are breeds of the same cats as the Japanese to be treated as defeated enemy.

I am not sure how many Koreans know the fact that Americans put every Asian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Indonesian and others in the catalog of Gooks, sub-human.
To add an insult to Korean pride, Americans have a propensity to treat Japanese as honorary white.

A few Koreans are too proud characteristically, too timid intellectually, too self-centered academically and too adamant culturally to admit or even think that they are still living under the neo-colonial status of American protectorate (I am afraid some hot-tempered Koreans might challenge me for a duel at the OK corral because they are so easily traumatized and belligerent that they can not engage in logical discussion or rebuttal.)

In addition, no journalist, scholar, or writer in South Korea would dare to speak out or search for the issue of sovereignty and military, economic, and cultural bondage to the U.S. neo-colonialism, since it would not be a good career move and you surely end up in jail.

Any thing beyond the status quo in S. Korea is in danger of being seen as either communist on the left or malcontent on the right.

However, let us go over the horizon of the status quo and let hundred flowers bloom!

A. Political sphere:

DJ Kim, known as so-called people’s president and an honest politician, got his testes held by former presidents because they know in detail with evidence he was as corrupt and manipulative as they were, and he had no option but to release the most oppressive tyrant, Gen. Chun from the gallows and to pardon Yongsam Junior (a son of the former President who was convicted of tax evasion and bribery) from disgrace. And then he blatantly lied to his people that his pardon of General meant for the national reconciliation and farcically mumbled that he exonerated Junior because he is a father of a son. It is amazing effrontery and chicanery to his people that any Korean convicts who has a son could be pardoned if they got his balls tight enough cry him say uncle.

When Gen. Chun was pardoned and released from jail by the president, few politicians praised DJ Kim for his generosity and patriotic move (?) for reconciliation.
However, a Janus-faced Machiavellian president had some cunning and sinister plot in his mind…he desperately needs someone who hails from the south-eastern part of the country where his regional enemy would never vote for his party.

He pulled another rabbit out of his hat declaring that he needs a new party to enhance his policy of anti-regionalism and absorb new faces from all over the country, even though his over-all policies regarding regional factionalism has been rich in rhetoric and very poor in reality when one examines the resumes of who’s who in his administration.

According to newly released U.S. government documents, Carter administration in 1980 had approved Gen. Chun’s plan to use military troops against pro-democracy demonstration at Kwangju-city

The U.S. assurances that it would not oppose contingency plan to use military troops (Special Forces and Paratroopers) were made to Gen. Chun by American Ambassador Gleysteen with the advance approval of then-Secretary of State, Mr. Christopher and now-American ambassador to UN Mr. Holbrooke.

The State Department official said; the use of military troops in South Korea, even acts of brutality, such as beating and use of CS gas, were not considered unusual. This was not an aberration or a sudden departure from the norm.
It was the norm.

Many Koreans still think President Carter as an unctuous Christian and strong advocate for human right and never imagine he turned the blind eyes on the Indonesian invasion of East Timor and subsequent atrocity ended with 250,000 fatality, one third of total population, and continuously had provided the military equipment and other financial aids to buttress the Suharto regime.

I do not have any clue how many Koreans still believe Uncle Sam is a benevolent Good Samaritan due to the ‘frog-in-the-well’ stupidity.

Economic sphere:

South Korea has been under the strict guideline of IMF and Wall Street bankers, opening up every piggybanks and national treasures for firesale at the international flea market, pouring millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money into the insolvent Chaebols (Korean Conglomerates) and banks coffer to induce foreign speculators, and releasing most of the Green belt area for the pleasure of the rentier class.

DJ Kim, a local agent for IMF, called on the Cabinet to proceed with the sale of state-run firms like profitable Korea Electric Power Corp. on schedule ignoring the strong criticism that the government sells it at cheap price.

I have no idea how average Joe-six-pack grasps the seriousness of selling the Energy Company that provides him electricity to cook, to heat, and to light.

The Company would be run by fat, cigar-smoking, and greedy robber barons who sit in the comfortable chairs in the boardroom 10,000miles away from Korea and do not give a damn about poor gooks shivering in the pitch-dark room with his family.

And the president still cups his hand and shouts at his people that he is creating more jobs and accelerating the diversion of national wealth abroad (?)…I do not even have a faintest idea what he is talking about…are Koreans so stupid and dumb to believe that it is national interest and good for them to divert the national wealth into the hand of Trans-national Corporation which has no accountability for the wellness of Korean people?

Since the demise of one of Chaebols (Daewoo), DJ Kim has summoned one by one to his wood shed and drag them over the coals, but never forget to whisper them that he has no choice but to do something close to executing his restructuring policy that was publicized during bravura announcement on National Liberation Day.

According to the government’s own statistics, 30 Chaebols need $160 billion, an awe-inspiring figure that exceeds twice that of the government budget of 1999, if they intend to lower their debt-to-equity ratio below 200 per cent by the end of this year.
Where the hell is the money coming from?
Would Korean Joe have the intelligent capacity to know his boss in the Blue House has been robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Every night in the United States, when most of family gather for the supper, the TV flashes the news of street crimes and drug arrests, most of Americans feel they are under siege by thugs, murderers, and rapists. On the other hand, they barely see any corporate crime or white color fraud in the news.

And it is quite accurate to think that it is a crime and expensive to be poor in America and you steal a loaf of bread three times and three convictions, you live a life in jail.
But you steal millions or billions of dollars such as S & L fraud, you become a celebrity, write a book to tell how you lined your pocket and people stand up in awe. That is what the U.S. is all about and I think DJ Kim is leading Koreans in lockstep towards the land of the quick buck.

A cat burglar, who has ridiculed Korean national police for many years, would never allowed to be pardoned like Gen. Chun and Junior, because he is a small fish to fry to show the people that Justice is being done. Would Koreans follow in drove, like ditto-heads or lemmings, where their factotum president commands?

Military sphere:

Recently, the government has procured enormous quantities of military hardware, beginning from fighter jets, submarines, ballistic missiles, and other deadly weapons from abroad spending billions of dollars that could be allocated to pay the debt.

In addition, they want to develop to build the technology to counter North Korean missile system asking their warlord Mr. Clinton to grant permission.
However, I do not have a reasonable excuse that Koreans want to have long-range missile when Korean general has no authority to launch it, without the permission from American general, for the defense of their motherland.

Even Korean airforce general has no operational power to order his single F-16 fighter jet in the air.

According to the documentary broadcasted by KBS on National Liberation Day, the United States had the contingency plan in 1994, without the consultation with Korean government, to launch the preemptive strike against North Korea to destroy alleged nuclear facilities, and they even have prepared the secret evacuation of American residents from the peninsula to avoid only American casualties. Were Koreans taken aback, after viewing this program, to realize they are out of loop in the consideration of civilian casualty by this imperialistic and apocalyptic approach of their protector, Uncle Sam?

Furthermore, South Korea has been under the nuclear umbrella protection of Uncle Sam and in the future, it will become one of the multiple partners, including Japan, Philippines, and possibly Taiwan, of Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) mechanism, designed by omni-present Uncle Sam.

And again, the U.S. would station permanently in the peninsula even after the peaceful unification of the country because first of all they will never retreat from the strategic point of Pacific region where the harebrained manager of the country begs them to stay to baby-sit them.

There has been a flurry of negotiations and discussions regarding North Korea’s launch of ballistic missile and possession of nuclear bombs. There is no logical explanation why North Korea, as a sovereign state, do not have a right to possess nuclear bombs or to test-launch the long-range missile while Israel, a beat cop for Uncle Sam, has stockpiled over 400 atomic bombs and has attracted rather $3 billion aids annually from the U.S. than the threat of sanction. There is nothing wrong to arm to protect your family, when your neighbors arm to the teeth to lurk your kitchen window.

Cultural sphere:

Overseas Korean residents never go to the Korean-made car dealers to purchase their vehicles, as their counterparts in motherland prefer Japanese-made rice cooker, TV set and other gadgets.
Koreans themselves implicitly acknowledge the inferiority of their culture by swarming over the deluge of foreign movies, fine clothes, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Volvo, and honey moon at Hawaii while leaving their ‘IMF neighbors’ in shambles.

However, I do not deplore their lack of morality or consciousness because this is where the ‘free-market’ system would take them to the Land of Oz.

For the last decade at least, conventional wisdom that Koreans accept without any hesitation states that free market capitalism is necessary condition for the creation of democracy and free society, based on the argument that capitalism tends to decentralize and diminish the power of the government

When you get on the subway train in New York city, the huge panel of advertisement would attract many tourists from the third world country who believe that America is a honey bowl in the ocean of starvation.

The ad displays prominently the toll free telephone number that promises free food for children who starve during their summer vacation (it lasts almost two and half months).
On the other hand, no New Yorkers bother to look at the ad and feel bad about it because they know this is what the U.S is all about.
George W. Bush, a Texas Governor, who, I think, is a shoo-in in the next U.S. Presidential election, said that the charity matter that gives and helps homeless or indigent people should be a business of churches and other volunteer civilian group, not of government or public assistance.

Eventually, Koreans too would lose their cherished version of Confucian tradition, the reverence towards elders and commiseration for the helpless brothers and sisters.

Prof. Kim from Hanyang University in Seoul conducted the poll whom college students most wanted to be as the male or female Korean figure. Chung, founder of Hyundai Conglomerate came in first followed by Korean pitcher of L.A.Dodger, Park, and other Chaebol’s boss.

With regards to international figures, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Michael Jordan. Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, Madelaine Albright..

They do not see them with the image of Commodore Yi Soonshin, Kim Ku, (both of them well-known heroes of Korean people) or Mother Theresa.
I am aghast to see Korean college students want to be Queen of England or Secretary of U.S who has blood all over her hand.

Religious sphere:

South Koreans have produced a few Jesus Christ since they have been exposed to the Christianity, a child of Judaism and a brother of Islam.
It is a wondrous phenomenon in South Korea to have the epiphany of Jesus Christ in every few years and Koreans would never cease to produce another Jesus Christ again when He goes to jail or sinks in oblivion.

Historically, Koreans have not had any systematic theology that promises them a pie in the sky, that is, life after death. Buddhism offers condolence in sorrows and a tooth fairy of incarnation and Confucian teaches the perpetual remembrance of the deceased.

Even Shamans were helpless and in disarray when the wave of Christian tsunami swarmed over the land piggybagged in GI’s duffel bags in 1945.

Christianity promises the continuity of human life even after death…no matter who you are, sinner, cat burglar, car thief, murderer, adulterer, panhandler, affluent, powerful, anyone…very much universal and nothing to lose to swallow it.

Few Korean Christians, however, know that Yeshu was born, lived, taught, and died a Jew and he had never meant to create new religion (Matt. 5:17) or his belief was solely based on Judaism whose god was tribal and extremely prejudiced, that is , when he taught his followers “Love thy Neighbor”, he never meant goyim as his neighbor, let alone Koreans.

A story of Christian god, a sort of decaffeinated one, was told by writers 2000 years ago who believed that sky was like a dish…you could fly through it and enter paradise.

For average Koreans, of whatever religious believer’s, it is impossible not to know that a man ascending vertically from the Mount of Olives, by whatever means of miraculous propulsion, would pass into orbit.

It would make no sense if his teachings that were meant for the Jews in the first century are applied to Korean Christians in 20th century, a type of people whom Jesus never of course envisaged existing beyond over the horizon of Galilee. He inhabited a world that was utterly different from our own.

No matter how absurd Christian faith might be, Koreans have suffered enough during Japanese occupation and the Korean War and searched for the most potent deity to salvage their tired souls as fast as they could. The result is a worldly renowned Rev. Sun Myung Moon and ilk.
Therefore, the more a preacher claimed is powerful, miraculous, apocalyptic, scatological and most importantly alive than dead, the more Koreans rush to an audience with him offering their treasures.

By 1994 there were 35,000 churches and 50,000 pastors in Korea and Korean churches in North America has the highest ratio of believers (?) among other ethnic communities except Arabs.

Praise the Lord, Amen and hallelujah.

Regional sphere:

Regional factionalism and nepotism in Korea has been historically a modus operandi in the formulation of political faction, partisan gathering, spoil system, civil association, and other social activities.

The society has functioned lock, stock and barrel with the formula that draws the party line along the birthplace, matriculation, and provincial vernacular.
It would be abhorrent and egregious to generalize or categorize people in terms of where they were born, raised and died, and characterize them in accordance with what provincial vernacular they principally speak.

However, without a discussion of prevalent Korean tradition that portrays the provincial characteristics, no one, especially foreigners, may comprehend the real aspect of political, social and economic life in Korea, as the concept of Israel as a Jewish state may not be obtained without knowing Jewish attitude to goyim.

The regional character where DJ Kim hails from symbolizes mercurial, double-cross, and treacherous traits where historically most of the underprivileged have resided until just the beginning of Kim’s ascension to his apex.

Seoul region somewhat represents mercantile and smart Alec disposition while middle-eastern mountainous area contains the nature of uncouth and rugged like Appalachian region in the U.S. and is not conducive to the power game.

The middle-western section where DJ Kim’s ex-torturer cum Prime Minister JP Kim has birthright behaves as a fence sitter and political juggler to make other provinces happy whatever it may be.

The support of this region was crucial to crown DJ Kim in the presidential election in return for his promise that JP Kim would succeed him.
It became nebulous whether the president and his party stick to the deal if DJ Kim and his ilk establish a new party combining JP Kim’s party and other riff-raffs, there would be too many chiefs and not enough JP Kim’s Indians to ensure his ascension from perennial butlership (JP Kim has never been in the political apex in his past career and always maintained a perpetual second-in-command position.)

The enemies of DJ Kim inhabit in the south-western part of most populous and industrial sector where people display headstrong and uncompromising obstinacy and blunt verbal tongue lash, and this region has been pampered with every ways and means over decades by electing four native sons, three murderous military dictators and one political hack as president.

It would be very much wise and cunning move for DJ Kim to resurrect Gen. CH Park and to pardon Gen. Chun’s conviction in order to tout the crucial votes for the next April election.

In addition, DJ Kim allegedly suggested Gen. Chun to create the splinter party to destroy the base camp of the opposition party…an enemy of one’s enemy is a friend.

No Koreans believe that regionalism could be eliminated in every aspect of society as they will never be able to discard ‘Korean-Number-One’ chauvinism against Japanese, African American, Chinese, Indian, and other poor and powerless ethnic groups.

The global capitalism would eventually devour Korean homogeneity, integrity, pride and chauvinism without mercy, if they would not wake up from the arms of American Morpheus as soon as possible.
In essence, DJ Kim, touted as a people’s president, would end up a money manager of Wall Street robber barons, and he would never be able to close the gulp between the haves and the have-nots as he drums up aloud like a snake-oil salesman in the market.
He would be harassed and embarrassed as a corrupt and turncoat president as other Generals and Presidents, when he retires from the presidency.

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