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Driving While Chink (DWC) No.1

Driving While Chink
January 27, 2000

In the United States, DWI, DWA, DWB, DWM, and other abbreviatory form of the word or phrase are widely used to emphasize and call to attention to the general public and I would like to coin another contracted form of DWC (C+K) in order for the South Koreans to grasp what’s going on here, the Land of Oz.

DWI: Driving While Intoxicated – well known among many beer-guzzling fellas and it does not warrant further explanation.

DWA: Driving While Arab – during the Millennium hoopla, the US government including ‘Adolph’ Jiuliani administration in NY city drummed up the possible terrorist attack in the region and encouraged American citizens to rat on any suspicious activities of strangers and they were on the war path to arrest aliens especially with Arab complexion until the business community complained that the excessive fear-mongering may pour the cold water over the consumer spending.

DWB: Driving While Black – for average South Koreans, DWB appears to be foreign and hard to swallow, but the predicament that many Black Americans have to face in daily basis is prevalent in every corner of the white neighborhood where any colored man driving expensive car like BMW, LEXUS, or Mercedes Benz have the higher chance of being pulled over by the cops with absolutely no reason whatsoever except the driver is black.

DWM: Driving While Mexican – recently, Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US Government has engaged in massive campaign to interdict hundreds of Central American wetbacks who attempt to cross the Mexican-US border, and many Mexican-descent Americans are randomly stopped by the Border Patrol from INS in the Southern Texas towns. Among them are judges, mayors, councilmen, and even Border Patrol agents themselves whose appearance resembles dark skin or vehicles hold multiple occupants.

DWC (C+K): Driving While Chink (Chinese and Korean) – there has been an onslaught of illegal refugees arriving at the Pacific side of Canada and US from mainland China, the human cargo that takes months journey in decrepit vessels or containers where many human life perishes. When they arrive in American territory, they were hustled into the detention camp like a pack of runaway cattles and immediately proceeded for the deportation order. On the other hand, when they call Canadian port of entry, they were given foods, health inspection, and released to the community group while their claims take due process and they are free to roam or cross the US border to disappear into the din of China Town in New York City.

As far as the South Koreans are concerned, they have the luxury of flying trans-oceanic journey on Boeing 747 due to the visa exemption program between S.Korean and Canadian government.
However, when they try to cross the border to join their compatriots in Queens in NY City, they are on the same boat with Chinese refugee claimants. The Korean chutzpah has no place in the smuggling operation that they would be jam packed like sardines under the truck bed, rickety boat or narrow bunk bed in the Recreational Vehicles.

Due to the exponential growth of the smuggling operations, many Asian-Americans and Canadians who travel across the border are subjected to be inspected more frequently and in some cases harassed by INS agents who judge them as Chink no matter who they are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Filipinos.

The US embassy in Seoul reported that the visa rejection rate in South Korea is down from 15 percent in 1997 to 10 percent that is well above the 3 percent rejection rate, in which visa exemption program might be considered for the South Koreans. I wonder why the proud South Koreans are not dare to request the reciprocity in visa requirement to the US government, as their neighboring Japanese travelers are entertained with the visa exemption. Would it be too far-fetched to think that 4.3 million, 10 percent of South Korean population, may end up hiding in the Korean colonies in the United States if they were given the visa exemption?

I would like to introduce a despicable news story from Toronto Star in January 26 2000 that 10 South Koreans including two minors were caught in illegal border crossing scheme masterminded by another Korean resident in the US and paid $30,000US in fee.

Shame on you, South Koreans!

Two South Korean youths have been returned to Canada after allegedly being among 10 who snuck into the United States at Niagara Falls hidden under hydraulically operated beds in a recreational vehicle.
“It was something we don’t normally see here,” said Mike McLaughlin, U.S. immigration’s assistant director for investigations in the Buffalo district.
Ten South Koreans, ranging in age from 13 to 37, hid in the hollow bottoms of twin beds in the back of the vehicle as it entered at the Whirlpool Bridge in Niagara Falls about 5 a.m. Sunday, U.S. court documents said.
Two youths, two men and six women had arrived at Pearson International Airport late Saturday night and got into the RV with New York license plates, driven by another Korean, McLaughlin said.
Tow members of the group later told officials they were charged $3,000 for the illegal entry and trip to New York, court documents said.
At the border, U.S. officials closely examined the beds, which had metal bases, but could find no proof anyone was under them. They allowed the driver, who had a Korean passport and U.S. alien registration card, to enter.
U.S. agents secretly followed him. He halted at a truck stop on the New York Thruway about 80 kilometers east of Buffalo. Their agents saw two women walking with him to a coffee counter, the documents said.
They arrested the trio and found the rest in the back of the van. All 10 passengers had Korean passports and none spoke English, the court document said.
Kyung Chol Shin is charged with alien smuggling. Two juveniles, 13 and 16, were not charged.
Joo Hyun Kim, Kyung Hee Lee, Sun Young Lee, Ki Bbeum Yang, Dal Jae Mun and Ji Young Kim pleaded guilty to attempting to enter the United States illegally. They were sentenced to time served and were to be returned to Canada today.
Hey Ran Jung and Huan Mook Lee are charged with entering the country without an inspection and attempted illegal entry.
Immigration Canada spokesperson Giovanni Gatti said officials here had been informed of the arrests. She could not discuss specifics about the cases.

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