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A wrongheaded jeremiad

A wrongheaded jeremiad
August 5, 2005

First of all, your lamentation that we are in a war of religion between Christians and Muslims is a misconception that is the view put forth by a gaggle of neocon Israel-firsters who support the Jewish occupation of the Palestinian land and the fascistic group of Christian fundamentalists who are on a warpath to proselytize the whole world.
Instead, the war we are in is rather a series of the hegemonic, neo-colonial, and imperialistic endeavors all over the world, not just Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Muslim countries, by the New Rome, the Empire of the USA.

These secular and religious ideologues occupy every nook and corner of the Bush Administration and disseminate the Bush’s claim that the Islamic terrorists want to destroy the Christian civilization because Muslims are envious of our freedom and values.
In other words, they strongly propose the concept that the suicide attacks in New York City, Madrid and London were committed by the barbaric Muslims against the civilized society, Christendom…
Therefore, they claim that we have to go over there, Iraq and Afghanistan, to fight, so we don’t have to fight them here, England and USA.

Of course, religion plays a role in most of human activities including war, when both engaging parties have different religious faith as we see the Christian occupiers and Muslim occupied in Iraq.
However, as we had witnessed among the recent suicide attacks against the Western countries, not all attacks are motivated by their religious belief, but mostly for the interest of nationalism…religion is far less of a factor than politics, like the foreign policy occupying other countries with a massive military forces.

In your dirge, you are perplexed and felt sorrow over the terrorist attacks in London and Egypt why the Muslims vent on the revengeful atrocities against the civilians.
I wonder aloud why you do not feel the equal sorrow or are not perplexed over the coalition soldiers, your Christian bedfellows, who bomb, kill, torture, and maim the innocent Iraqi and Afghan children, women and old men.
Have you ever thought about why terrorists chose New York City, London, and Madrid instead of Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Monaco?
Why should Muslims react any differently to the killing and maiming of their family, friends, and countrymen than Christians do when the same thing happens to their family, friends, and countrymen?

The bottom line is that Bush planned the war before the 911 terrorist attacks and the religion of Islam has essentially got nothing to do with terrorism…that Islam is exploited by Muslim terrorists as Christianity by fascistic evangelical fundamentalists, so that both the terrorism and the war are propped up for broad public support in the Arab world and the Western countries.
Since the collapse of Soviet communism, Uncle Sam has been on a full court press locating a new enemy that scares the American hoi polloi in order to sustain the “Western values”, and the war we are in is not to export a “democracy” to the Arab world but to bring the recalcitrant Abdullah under the yoke of US imperialism.

Secondly, let me briefly comment about your blog on “the Islamic culture”…which appears to be a pseudo-historic mumbo-jumbo that attempts to determine Islam “a daughter of Christianity.”

You alleged that the Muslims believe Jesus Christ a messiah, “Iusa”, and in emphasizing your argument, you cleverly quoted the Financial Times article about the “Christmas Card from the Hezbollah”….

I am cocksure that you do not know the linguistic history that Greek name “Jesus” was not the original name of the savior, a man from Galilee…in other words, the name Jesus did not exist and would not have been spelled with the letter “J”, until about six hundred years ago.
There was no J in any language prior to the fourteenth century in England.
For example, James was spelled Iames, and Jesus was spelled Iesous,

In the ancient Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, there was no J either, so Jesus was named Yeshua, which is feminine singular when transliterated in Greek, and church solved the problem by dropping ua to u, so becoming a male gender Yeshu that you, Koreans, call.
Story does not stop here, the fact of matter is that Latin Iesus which was derived from Greek Iesous was in turn derived from the Egyptian “Iusa”…“Jesus” has Egyptian roots.

It is true that both Christianity and Islam are offshoots of Judaism, in which Christians and Muslims borrowed major dogma from the Hebrew Scriptures. (The Old Testament is a kind of misnomer)
In this perspective, Christianity and Islam are a Siamese twin mothered by Jews whose relationship with Egyptian culture bred the fundamentals of the Judaism.
Only difference is that Christianity is 600 years older than Islam

Finally, a little pansee on the fundamentalist religion whether it is Christianity or Islam…when religious fanatics begin to read their canons, the Bible or Koran, literally and to quote it “proof text” rather than symbolically, allegorically, and metaphorically, there will be no inter-faith understanding between two religions.
And our sleazy politicians know how to take advantage on it and to call the shots.

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