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We control America

“We control America”: Ariel Sharon
October 6, 2001

For most Arabs, America is virtually indistinguishable from Israel, and the bitter joke in the region is that the United States is a client state of Israel, not vise versa.

According to the Israeli Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon reportedly has yelled at Shimon Peres, his Foreign Minister, during the last week’s cabinet meeting: “everytime we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”
Sharon blew off the top of his head when Peres warned him Wednesday that refusing to listen to the American demand for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would turn the US against the Israeli interests.

Then on Thursday, Sharon has poured an insulting scorn on George Bush: “Don’t repeat the terrible mistake of 1938 when the enlightened democracies of Europe decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a temporary solution. Do not try to placate the Arabs at our expense…Israel will not be Czechoslovakia.”
Sharon, an American satrap in the region, was comparing the King George’s US-coalition building in the Arab world with Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister’s appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s, and he declared that Israelis will take whatever steps necessary for its own interests.

Sharon immediately ordered Peres to stop the cease-fire talks with Yasir Arafat and launched the military offensive deep into Hebron in West Bank with tanks, armored bulldozers, helicopters and paratroopers, killing five Palestinians blown pieces with tank shells and actively removing an illusion of peace process in the region.
Obviously King George was infuriated with his satrap’s audacity and as bluntly as warned Sharon that his remarks are unacceptable, but never forget to remind his powerful Jewish constituents that Israel could have no better or strong friend than him. (6 million American Jews or only 3 percent of American population but with the unfathomable power of Jewish lobbyists, corporate executives, attorneys, Wall Street financiers, politicians, Media barons, columnists, editors, heads of academia, Hollywood moguls, etc.)

On September 11, Black Tuesday, Americans suddenly woke up from the chosen somnambulism of see, hear, and talk no evil mentality on their 50-odd year’s laundry list of pro-Israeli policies that came home to roost and many began to take stocks on why Americans incur such profound dislike and hatred from the Third World in general and Muslim world in particular.
Even the leading conservative columnist, George Will unabashedly placed the US policies on Israel at the root cause of the Kamikaze assaults on American establishments: “The acrid and unexpungible order of terrorism, which has hung over Israel for many years, is now a fact of American life…Americans are targets because of their loyalty to those nations that, like Israel, are embattled salients of our virtues in a still-dangerous world.”
That is, Americans have chosen to make the enemies of Israel their enemies and eventually become a target for terrorism in large part because of Israel.

Some Western apologists have attempted to hoodwink the American populace into believing the terror attacks as evil acts of hatred on modernity tinged upon the apocalyptic nihilism and King George initially tried to muffle the attacks as a simple cowardly and jealous act, and comically described how Uncle Sam would smoke Osama bin-laden out from the caves and get him running.
However, four weeks after the attacks, the United States, in an attempt to consolidate Arab solidarity on the war against terrorism, finally let Arab countries know that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state was in the US cards, before the September terror attacks occurred, so long as the right to Israel to exist is respected, alluding implicitly that American support of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians caused an unbearable pain on the Islamic nations around the world and might have something to do with the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Nearly every night since last year, Arabs watch the television of Israeli helicopters, F-16 fighters, and tanks killing Palestinian children and women and these deadly forces are provided by Americans through the annual $3 billion aid packages.
Since Sharon took office, there were 10 more new settlements built around the Occupied Territories with money provided by the United States.
Some analysts suggest that Uncle Sam should throw its weight around, not just with Pakistan with bribes of money and waiver of economic sanction, but with Israel telling them that Americans would not give them any money if they don’t stop fighting.
Alas, but King George has no gut to tell Sharon because he does not want to lose his job as his father did in 1991, and Sharon is calling the shots with the strong backing of an alphabet soup of American Jewish lobby groups, such as AJC, ADL, AIPAC, WZO ZOA, UAHC, UJA, etc.

Ariel Sharon, known as a butcher of Lebanon that refers to the massacre of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in 1982, was never considered to be leading Israel into peace with the Palestinian Authorities under Yasir Arafat, because of his calling Arafat a terrorist and his adamant insistence on the principle of Eretz Israel, the great land of Israel, that not one inch of biblically sanctioned land for Israel should be given to Arabs in return of peace in the region.
The Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories are the most critical and contentious issue among many others that hit the nerve of politically powerful Jewish orthodox fundamentalists in both Israel and America, and George H W Bush in 1991 fatally embroidered with the settlement issue against then-Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir, losing his second-term presidency to then-unknown and little governor from Arkansas, Bill Clinton.

Patriarch George Sr. in 1991 adamantly refused the demand of the Presidents Conference, the Jewish body that represents the voice of the Jewish community in the US and officially recognized by the White House, that the President approves the loan guarantee of $10 billion resettlement fund for Jewish émigré from Russia, if George wants to go along with the Jewish lobby group.
A powerful poobah of George family, then-Secretary of State, and later a lawyer for George Jr. during the 2000 presidential thievery, James A Baker III blatantly brushed aside the Jewish demand with comment: “Fuck them. Jews don’t vote for us anyway.”
This comment has ultimately sealed, among others, the fate of George Sr. whose son inherits and confronts indisputably a powerful political force, the American Jews.

Ariel Sharon wanted to remind King George that Americans could never treat Israel as the banana republic as if George bribes and bullies civilian-clothed generals, totalitarian politicians, corrupt mandarins of Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with a stick and carrot.
He wanted to make sure King George only dreams about a vision of the new independent Palestine State in the region with no intention of deeds after the dust of America’s new war settles down.
He was angry and offended about US Defense Secretary D Rumsfeld, who plays footsie with Kaffiyehed Arabs, skipping intentionally away from Israel and leaving him in a “hold-the-fire-until-we-strike-out situation.”
His message is a clear Jewish chutzpah: we, Jews, do whatever we like to do to protect our lives. Do not mess around with the Jewish interests or you will be judged by us as we did to your dad in the 90s

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