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Tomfoolery in Full Swing

Tomfoolery in Full Swing
April 28, 2000

One should be a complete fool to believe that DJ Kim’s Sunshine policy would eventually lead to the unified Korea in near future, as Nobel-laureate-hungry President and his cohorts have constantly drummed up his engagement policy in conjunction with the concerted rah-rah of South Korean mass media that have been dumbing down rather than informing the public.

As I have mentioned numerous times in another articles in this forum, DJ Kim has been only pirouetting on the narrow pinhead to accommodate the hegemonic U.S foreign policy and he would be called on the White House carpet for his recklessness if he ever goes against the interests of American imperialism in the Pacific region.
DJ wants his people to believe that he is a major player in the unification talks with the North, implanting the false images and wishes into the minds of the South Koreans who pride themselves as the people of the sovereign state, not the military protectorate of the United States.

One should not forget the fact that the North has persistently refused to engage in any peripheral North-South issues with the South because the North perceives DJ Kim a puppet of Yankee imperialism who has no authority to tackle the fundamental subjects such as U.S. military occupation in the region, economic embargo, terrorist-sponsoring list, and et al.
And the North has tried to strike the deal with DJ’s boss, Uncle Sam until last March in New York City, during which the North has gotten the clear message from Clinton administration that the lame duck bozo does not have enough votes in the Republican-dominated Legistrative branch and enough time left to merit implementing what the North has been demanding for years.
It appears to be clear that the United States would not actively engage in any significant talks with the North until after the presidential election and let their vassal state to play with fire.

The North has realized the bleak future in the negotiation with American –- the prospect that the U.S. would rattle their nuclear saber more aggressively when the Republicans reign in the White House next year and its TMD system were fully deployed soon to checkmate the nuclear capability of the North (frankly speaking the U.S has never meant to negotiate with the pariah state until they had no choice but to talk when they found the nuclear capability of the North) – the North has responded with the desperate cry of the Machiavellian in the South who dangles the delicious carrots (tons of fertilizers, tourist’s bonanza, concert hall fees, and other free lunches).
The North in dire strait would not mind to allow DJ and his retinue with the truckload of freebies to have an audience with their great leader at their city, as the Chinese emperor in the last century had received annual tributes of 300 Korean girls and packages of ginseng from the Yi-dynasty.
It is curious that no South Korean, whose excessive chutzpah never allows to be trampled, does question why the South, with twice the population and ten times more economic strength of the North, has to send its president to talk with an international pariah or in minimum the pariah should display some courtesy with hat in hand to come down to Panmunjum.

When DJ Kim, an ultimate turncoat against his hoi polloi, announced his meeting with the North’s leader just three days before the parliamentary election, he had a two-prong strategy:
An election gimmick that he targets to garner the votes from the members of separated families in the Seoul and the vicinities because he was aware that his MDP party was not able to obtain the majority seats, and after-election shenanigans in which he needs to escape from the criticism of not getting enough support from the people that he has to give them something to flood their mind with ambivalence and uneasiness when the country finally were reunited.
His strategy appears to be working perfectly when the South Koreans are gaga over the upcoming summit meeting peppered by rah-rah media campaign, forgiving his failure to harmonize the regional antagonism and forgetting his inability to obtain the majority votes.
It would be interesting to see how much heavy prices the taxpayers of the South have to pay ferreting the hermit out of his den…and the South Koreans should prepare to pay what the North would definitely ratchet their ante upward to hundreds of millions of dollars and DJ would never back down from the deal he made with the North because it is going to be his swan song.

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