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Nazi Bar in S Korea

Is this subject worthy of debate in the South Korea or anywhere?
March 24, 2000

There has been gaga over a bar in Seoul where the interior decoration and barmaids’ uniform exhibit the insignia of Hitler’s Third Reich.
The mainstream media in Seoul have picked up the story from the Associated Press when they do not have much time and space to delve into this sort of the story while the nation is mired in fierce battle in the April election.
I gather that AP stringer in Seoul must have an American background knowing that the AP sells her story without hesitation when it has something to do with Holocaust or Jewish predicament.

As the owner of the bar nonchalantly noted that he did not mean to applaud Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, but to solicit patrons for profits, the story would attract few concerns from the South Koreans as well as the Korean Media, that simply ignore the owner as a prankster. On the other hand, the South Koreans generally are unconcerned, uninformed or misinformed, and therefore ignorant about the Jews, the Middle-east peace processes, and other related issues except “Holocaust” that Hitler has massacred millions of Jews during the World War II.

It is bizarre and mind-boggling for many historians in the world why, after half a century, we still hear only and intensely about the killings of the Jews and not other conflagrations like Armenians (millions), Gypsies (2 millions), American Indians (10 millions), Kamputians (millions), Ukrainians, and Kurdish in which innocents were massacred.
Suffering is not the exclusive possession of the Holocaust victims, and the Koreans rarely hear or read about the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.
Yes, there was a Holocaust, but it was essentially no different than an array of other atrocities mentioned above.

Does Holocaust have intrinsic phenomenological uniqueness in the world history? Absolutely not!
All such atrocities exhibit unique characteristics, I believe, and the story of Holocaust should not be the preferred one to be printed while other stories are neglected or misinformed because the Jews have yielded the exorbitant powers in every aspects of the human life.
Israel has become the most powerful state in the Middle East region as an American proxy receiving $3 billion aid packages pro bono annually from the United States, where 8 million Jewish Americans (3 percent of the US population) exert every effort that Holocaust never die.

As I noted in the article that I have posted in February in this forum, Jewish presence or influence vis-a-vis Korean peninsular have been minimal and unworthy of Korean concern until Israeli government has jumped in the frays between the North and the South Korean affairs to fish in the troubled water.
Since the establishment of Israeli Jewish State, the Jews have been omnipresent in the global sphere in order to publicize, protect, and patronize the Zionistic interests, and the Korean peninsular has not become an exception…the North as an arms exporter to the middle east, and the South as an arms importer from the Israeli military industries.

Therefore, it seems to be more imperative for Koreans to comprehend, analyze, and grasp correctly and extensively about the real façade of the Middle East conflicts and Israel as a Jewish State, rather than to be sensitive about a small café in Seoul.
You may read my article posted in this forum (Herald columnists section) in February, titled “Israel and the Jewish ideology.”

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