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The Killing Field in the Middle East

The Killing Field in the Middle East
October 8, 2000

It is the most important to write about whatever it is not being written about and to raise points about that are not raised in mainstream media because of fear of anti-Semite accusation, and let the people of the world know and judge it by themselves.

“In the Middle East, geography and demography do not change. The only thing that changes is the size of the graveyard.”

A series of new violence has erupted in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem area after Ariel Sharon, a butcher of Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon, visited provocatively with a band of heavily-armed Israeli soldiers to the Islam’s holy Haram as-Sharif/ Temple Mount on Thursday last week.
The world televisions showed vividly the trapped Palestinian father and his 12 year-old son being shot at by Israeli soldiers and eventually murdered by a volley of automatic fires that also gun down an ambulance driver who tried to rescue the child.
The scene gave almost same shocking agony of the poignant picture of a Vietnamese girl who was running burned and naked crying from the napalm attack by the American bombing attack against innocent peasants.

As the Israeli army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, warned in last June that he would use tanks and combat helicopters to put down future protest necessary, Israeli soldiers fired American-supplied Tow missiles from the helicopter gunships on the Arab apartment block and used live ammunition indiscriminately and deliberately above the stomach level against the stone-throwing Palestinian demonstrators.
When the soldiers were asked why they trained their guns on the critical body part instead of legs, they told the reporter that they intend to kill someone when they shoot.
When the news media like BBC, NY Times, Associated Press describe this barbarity, they always employ the term “caught in crossfire”, implicating that the casualties were caused by the conflicts between the multiple parties, not solely by the Israeli soldiers who absolutely were responsible for the merciless death of over 80 Palestinians and 1300 injured demonstrators.
When Chinese tanks at the Tianamen Square trained their gun at the student demonstrator, the media people growled for the Chinese mentality to use heavy killing machine on the unarmed demonstrators.
When Slobodan Milosevic, the Western definition of butcher of Balkan, was ousted from his presidency by ‘rioting’ people last week, he did not call in his tanks and gunships to mow down an unarmed demonstrators, as the West hoped and expected.
When Israeli tanks were positioned aiming their gun at the rioters, the media can not call a spade a spade, saying Israeli tactics as “heavy handed.”
What was the Israeli army firing missiles against the stone-throwing rioters?

As soon as the dust starts to settle, the media focus on the blame game—Arafat was behind the organizing and instigating riots and he should call on his police forces to crack down the demonstrators.
Uncle Sam has called in both Yasir Arafat and Ehud Barak for feel-good talks in Paris for six hours and announced that both have agreed that peace process was not dead yet.
Would the killing binges stop, and Israelis and Palestinians be able to live cheek by jowl peacefully, as the media pumps up?
It is a received wisdom that Oslo Accords and various agreements brokered by the US have settled major obstacles in the peace process and both Israelis and Palestinians are ready to sign the final agreement soon.
Quite a contrary, Jews are not ready for sharing the land, food, and humanity with goyims, Palestinians, and consequently, Arabs are bitter, restive and skittish about the feet-dragging peace process.
This is the crux of the Middle East reality and the fighting will continue until both parties come to grips with the reality.

The basic illusion about the peace gives rise to the total ignorance in the Jewish characters of Israeli state that it is a state of Judaistic believers, not of its citizenry.
For Ehud Barak, he is only a great believer in windows of opportunity with no supporting mechanism in the parliament where 17 parties constantly argue and kvetch about who gets what.
The state of Israel does not have a Constitution—as for religious Israelis, they already have their Constitution, the Bible, and the country was run by a series of basic laws that are not empowered as the supreme law of the land and can be overturned by simply majority in Parliament.
No Israeli leaders have dared to have a Constitution even though Israeli Declaration of Independence stipulated that it should be established no later than October 1 1948, because they feared the country would be rip apart and the society would be too deeply polarized.
With no supreme law, the religious stipulations like Talmud, calls the final shot and any secular orders are subject to the rules of rabbinical interpretation.
As Ariel Sharon argued recently in Wall Street Journal--what is at stake is a struggle over the shape and future of Israel as a state and the need for Israel to maintain its Jewish character, Ehud Barak can not afford to compromise the basic and religious Jewish requirements—Eretz Israel—by giving up the sovereignty over the area of the Great Jerusalem City which definitely incur the anger of Jewish high priests.
Simply put, Barak’s attempts to deal with Arafat are disconnected from reality, as Yasir Arafat’s desires in return for his presidency would be achieved over his dead body.

To Jewish Israeli eyes, Palestinians are not on the same pedestal as Jews and it has been common practices in Israel to abuse and degrade the Arabs, including their close neighbors, Arab Israeli citizens.
As Ehud Barak once revealed that if he were a Palestinian, he would probably be a terrorist, Palestinians have been living under the sub-human condition so long that they have got nothing to loose except their worthless physical bodies.
Palestinians have been cooped up for half a century in the largest prison in the world, where in Gaza Strip there are 8,000 people in per square mile—compared to 1,100 Japanese per square mile—and they can’t leave home without Israeli permits whether they visit cousins in the West Bank or a mosque in Jerusalem.
They are subject to the whims of Israeli gate keepers when they leave for work in Israeli proper and are easily incarcerated in Israeli prison in the form of administrative detention that keeps them forever without any charge or trial. During the detention, Shin Bet (GSS) treats them with no human dignity, applying various methods of officially sanctioned tortures: violent shaking, forced to squat for extended period, tying-up hands behind and sitting in painful position on slanted chair for long hours (shabeh), sleep deprivation, hooding with filthy plastic bags, and playing loud music.
Former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin, who was assassinated by a Jewish orthodox fanatic, had endorsed the inhumane and brutal practice of “breaking Palestinian bones” when he was a Defense Minister—breaking the bones means literally and physically pull or break arms, legs, neck, ankles, or fingers of Palestinians who were arrested, detained, or convicted in order for Israeli soldiers or agents of Mossad and Shin Bet to obtain information.
The Israeli economic policy on the Occupied Territories aimed in one hand to their integration into Israel, especially regarding labor and trade area, and on the other hand, to obstruct and retard the development. Arabs are the major sources of the cheap labors and the market of Israeli products, but are put on strict restriction on permits for industrial projects.
A Million of Arab Israeli citizens carry the identification cards that distinguish them from Jewish citizens and they are precluded from the right to possess the properties—that is, they are not allowed to purchase any land or house simply because they are not Jews.

To American eyes, the state of Israel is one and only democratic country in the region. Few would buy this definition of democracy when they learn that Israel is one and only country in the world that their law would justify hostage-taking as the legitimate business of the government.
The Israeli Knesset (Parliament) last June passed the first reading of a proposed law titled “Imprisonment of Combatants not Entitled to Prison-of-War Status.”
The state of Israel has been holding two Lebanese since 1989 without charge or trial for bargaining chips to release from Lebanon of Israeli pilot Ron Arad who was missing in action since Israel’s 1982 invasion.
When the Israeli Supreme Court judged the government actions as illegal, the Knesset introduced this unprecedented and bizarre law. Barak’s government claims that two men represent a threat to Israeli security—the same blanket accusation that was used by US government under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 when they incarcerated Egyptian immigrant for more than three years in solitary confinement. (The only difference between two governments is that Israelis have abducted two men and plucked them out of Lebanon by force while Uncle Sam snared him with secret evidences that the federal judges did not buy to hold him in clink.)
When Hizbollah snatched Israeli soldiers from the battle ground, they were called terrorists, while Israeli government hold innocent Lebanese men for over decade, no one dared to accuse Israeli of terrorism.

The Israeli policy to legalize the hostage taking against their enemy has a retrogressive connotation of holding the double-edge sword—Arabs employ the same tactics to obtain their objectives from the Israelis.
When the violence has escalated into the border area with Lebanon where the Israel had illegally occupied over 22 years as the security zone, the Hezbollah guerrillas has abducted three Israeli soldiers from the Shebbaa Farm checkpoint where Israelis still maintain as their watchtower, and the guerrilla group publicly announced that they would use three soldiers for exchange to the release of their religious leader and other Palestinian detainees who were incarcerated for prolonged period without charge or trial.
For Ehud Barak, it would be an opportune time for his near-collapsing coalition government to hang on by appealing to the opposition parties for national unity.
He delivered 48-hour ultimatum to Yasir Arafat that he would strike back with a full force against the rioters if the PLO fails to restrain their people, when the rioters demolished a Jewish holy site in Nablus, Joseph’s Tomb and placed a Palestinian flag.
Allowing Arabs to desecrate the Jewish holy site has a pungent smell of Barak’s conspiracy, in one hand, to gain maximum support from the powerful religious Jews when his army pounce over the rioting Palestinians with tanks and missiles, and on the other hand, to justify the possible and predictable desecration of Muslim holy site, Dome of Rock, by a band of black-coat Haredi Jewish fanatics, and eventual construction of a Jewish Third Temple on the site, which is the ultimate goal of the Judaism.

In the United Nations, the Security Council passed a resolution condemning excessive use of force against Palestinians by 14 Council members sans the United States.
Uncle Sam initially threatened to veto the resolution as usual and later abstained in fear of repercussion from the Arab states.
It has been the conventional wisdom that the United States operate as an honest power broker in the negotiation of peace process in the Middle East.
However, the historical evidences have shown quite opposite that the US policies are to be heavily sided with Israeli position in every UN resolutions regarding the Middle East, and Americans positively support and encourage Israeli policies on Palestinians—Uncle Sam’s unequivocal support for Israel becomes a major impediment rather than catalyst in the peace negotiation.
Would the Israeli tank and helicopter gunners release a barrage of machinegun fire against stone-throwing Palestinian rioters? The central issue here is the Jewish culture that look down on their neighbors not as human being but sub-human and worthless, in which virtue those young gunners have been inculcated in their homes, yeshivas, and social life.
Without the change of Manichean (good vs. evil), theocratic (Jews vs. Gentiles), and chauvinistic (nuclear bombs vs. Kalashnikov rifles) paradigm against their neighbors, the Jews might bring forth another Holocaust on their neighbors.

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