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Apocalype Now!

Apocalypse Now!
The political marriage of the Christian fundamentalists and Judeo-Nazis
April 26, 2002

The Author’s note:
*Apocalypse is from Greek, meaning an unveiling of thing which is hidden, and apocalyptic is referring to the final world cataclysm in Christian theology that will destroy the powers of evil and usher in the kingdom of God.

*Dispensationalism is a relatively new belief system, less than 200 years old, of the Christian fundamentalists which holds that the signs of the Second Coming of Christ are clearly spelled out in Scripture and can be identified with current international events as in the Middle East Conflicts.
This theology was developed by John Darby of England and popularized by Cyrus Scofield of America, whose Scofield Reference Bible explained that God has special interest in only people: born-again Christians.

*Judeo-Nazis is referring to the Israeli Jews whose tactics to suppress and persecute the Palestinians are analogous to the Nazis atrocities against the Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic group during WWII and the epithet was first coined by the late Jewish Israeli professor, Israel Shahak, who survived at the Nazi concentration camp.

In the Middle East conflicts, people generally are confused and mostly misled about the history, fact, and reality by the media pundits, Hollywood moguls, right-wing politicians, and religious fundamentalists who are engaged in mendacious propaganda war in order to achieve their particular objectives.

Among these detractors, the Christian fundamentalists are, the first and foremost, embracing and peddling deadly misinformation and theological falsity in the name of words of God at the church pulpits, from thousands of the mainline Southern Baptist Convention to Pentecostal, Bible and Mega Churches that boast over 50 million congregants in the United States.

One of the clearest remarks what these Christian rights are adopting was manifested by Rev. Jerry Falwell, Rev. Pat Robertson, and US Senator James Inhofe, after the Kamikaze assault on the World Trade Center…Jerry raved and Pat concurred that God was pissed off because Americans are degrading His words on abortion, homosexuality, and tribulation, in which Americans deserve to be harmed.

The Republican Senator from Oklahoma piped in a speech at the Senate: the September 11 attacks were retribution from God in response to US policy toward Israel that restrains Jews from their all-out war against the Palestinian terrorists, and he insisted that Israel is entitled to the West Bank because the Bible said so: Genesis 13: 14-17 made it clear that Israel is the covenant land promised to Jews by God.

In other words, they take the Middle East conflict as a war between the words of God and the powers of evil, the belief system of the Christian Zionism that Jews must live in a re-created Israel in the promised land before Christ can fulfill his Second Coming in Jerusalem.
For them, Israel is the center stage of the Tribulation and the Armageddon that must be secured in preparation for the Second Coming, and the establishment of Israel in 1948 was a clear fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

In reading and accepting the Bible literally, they believe in dispensationalism in which the Rapture is a key factor in understanding this relatively new dogma…born-again Christians are to be wafted up into Heaven just before Armageddon without suffering one moment through the instant Rapture.

Up until 1600s when the Bible was translated into the vernacular, the Catholic Church traditionally had no concept of a Chosen People or the return of Jews to Palestine.
After the Reformation when the Old Testament became a historical reference to the Christians, many Christian ministers turned to messianism and millennialism that provide a theological scenario, like a movie script, that will be manifested by the tribal God in a series of time sequences or “dispensation” for the chosen few born-agains to be saved through the Rapture and against the multitude to be perished by “Big Bang”.

Therefore, these evangelical fundamentalists believe that Israeli Jews have to establish a state as a precursor of End Game scenario and they become the active supporters of Judeo-Nazis who entertain the dream of “Eretz Yisrael” (the land of a Greater Israel) that stretches from Sinai peninsular to Lebanon, and part of Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

For the militant Jews, like Jabotinsky, Begin, Shamir, Netanyahu, and Ariel Sharon, who enjoy an idea that the way to stop killing is to kill, Jerry and Pat are a godsend to them, though there are tensions between them over the fundamentalist insistence that Jews should be proselytized if they were saved before the Second Coming: most Jewish leaders are willing to forgive anything as far as they hear a good word about Israel, and it is natural for Zionist Revisionists to accept the Christian rights. (Please vide Sojourner’s articles on the Middle East for further references)

As far as the Holy Land is concerned, they are nationalistic, chauvinistic, and militaristic bedfellows that are jealously happy to exclude other multitude of Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Atheists, and even Christians who are not born again from their theological shellgame, the Armageddon.

For the evangelical fundamentalists, the militant Judeo-Nazis are doing a God’s business that builds a Jewish Temple on top of Al Aqsa Mosque before He sends Christ back to earth…

When Ariel Sharon marched to the Dome of Rock in Haram al-Sharif and started up the second Intifada with no apparent reason except provoking Islamic anger, he was playing a key role, hastening and promoting the wishes of the Christian fundamentalists who are anxiously and eagerly awaiting the Armageddon.

Effi Eitam, a repentant Jew (the same as a born-again Christian) and former IDF General, who recently joined the Sharon Government, minced no words on the Israeli willingness to extend their fight against Iran and Iraq unless these two wicked nations are neutralized by the West sooner or later.

Arabs are as much the malignant cancer in the body of the Israeli state for the Zionist revisionists, as Muslims are to be burned at the Armageddon in their End Game for the Christian fundamentalists.
Therefore, it is not surprising to see them to be hand in glove for securing the “Eretz Yisrael”: although they are not in the same boat over the issue of the End Game: the Jews want the secure and expanded land while the Christian fundamentalists want to place all Jews gathering at one place for the salvation of Christianity through the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Jews take the Armageddon a bull because there is no mention of it in the Old Testament, and who wants to believe that the final cataclysm occurs in their own backyard resulting in their own massacre?

For both of two crazies, religion and politics are two sides of a single coin that can spill over each other and coexist in a symbiotic habitat: the Christian crazies need the Jews as a logistical element for their eschatological time-table and the Judeo-Nazis take advantage of the Christian cult on the Holy Land for the establishment of the Jew-only nation.

Each would be impoverished without the other, and both crazies are in a full court press in the destruction of planet earth.

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