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Does Jesus play the soccer game too?

Does Jesus play the Soccer Game too?
June 12, 2006

As the pandemic fever for the World Cup 2006 reaches every nook and corner on the planet earth, God is not an exception to escape from the viral infection from His beloved believers, especially notoriously chauvinistic, unruly, rough, and Satanic South Korean soccer fans.

One of several hundreds Korean Christian churches in New Jersey State ( jumps on the World Cup bandwagon with the flyer that depicts God is on the helping path ensuring the winnings of Korean Team.

The colorful flyer swears that “Power of Jesus” is tantamount to “the Power of Korea”, urging all Korean-Americans come to their church where a wide-screen TV monitor will show the match between France and Korea at 2:30pm on Sunday June 18.
The church promises the audience that they will get free gifts of the prepaid phone cards and a ballpoint pen provided by the giant corporation in South Korea, Korean Telecommunication Co.

First of all, it is a mind-boggling thing that the church, in cahoots with the KT, engages in the commercialized soccer match in order to solicit un- or non-believers to their congregation…claiming that Jesus is on their side if all Koreans gather and root for the Korean Team at their church, as if Jesus is definitely infected with the soccer fever.

It is somewhat hilarious to see that Jesus plays an umpire in the game between his disciples of 12 on his side and other non-followers of Galileans…obviously, for the Korean Christians, the Jesus Team decisively pummeled, without any doubt, their counterpart non-believers, because Jesus blessed his disciples. (no doubt that Jesus could not possibly function as an unbiased umpire in that game.)

As a winner is required to produce at least one loser, no winner exists without losers.
And I wonder why Koreans believe that Jesus always sides with the winner and discard the loser.
Would Jesus discard all losers without any mercy, as the Korean Christians believe?
Is this kind of Jesus a savior of all mankind?

Would Jesus bless only Christians to win and non-Christians go to hell?
What if all contestants were Christians to be blessed by Jesus?
Which group would Jesus choose to bless to win?
Would Jesus pick the Koreans because they are blessed to have a wide-screen TV monitor and lots of free gifts to throw away as if the New Yorkers throw paper confetti in their parades along the Fifth Avenue?

Which prayer would Jesus take to bless among thousands, millions of prayers?
The following is an excerpt from what Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address expressed his opinion about the vanity of Christian prayer

Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invoked His aid against the other.
It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing his bread from the sweat of other men’s faces, but let us judge not, that we be not judged.
The prayers of both could not be answered.
That of neither has been answered fully.
The Almighty has His own purpose.
Amen !!

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