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The Eleventh Commandment: DO NOT GET CAUGHT

The Eleventh Commandment: DO NOT GET CAUGHT
April 8, 2009

I F Stone, an iconoclastic American investigative journalist in early 20th Century, lived by the motto: “All Governments Lie.”
This way of understanding has created the way many journalists have resigned from the post of mainstream media and have their own independent media like blogs, zines, and other local media outlets. (I was one of them who were kicked out from the S Korean mainstream media, because they stirred the hornet’s nest of scandals, bribery, and corruption in the political system.)

Most of the South Koreans were trusted in the amateurish honesty and integrity of former President Roh Moo-hyun who prided himself being morally and ethically truthful and trustworthy compared to other old fat-cat politicians.
Since his departure from the Presidency last year, he was the first President not to be tarnished by the corruption or bribery scandal that every S Korean Presidents or their families were charged or convicted of various corruption and bribery shenanigan.
And all hell broke loose when Mr. Roh admitted his wife had asked for, received, and used for debt-payment the huge sums of illicit money from the businessman.

Almost all politicians in the Republic of South Korea since its establishment in 1948 were involved in various forms of criminal activities like massacre, assassination, kidnapping, bribery, corruption, sexual misconduct, thievery, etc.
One of the Presidents, Kim DJ went beyond the national border, finagling the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE financed with the stolen taxpayer’s money.
Others were a bunch of tin-pot military dictators who snatched the power at the gunpoint and arrested, tortured, incarcerated, and killed many innocent people.
In other words, all S. Korean Governments cheat and lie, and Mr. Roh was not an exception. (There are other politicians during the Roh’s regime, including two ex-Speakers in the National Assembly, that were caught for accepting black money.)

It is puzzling and mind-boggling to see that there is no light at the end of the corruption tunnel, even though history records that every incoming administration proves into the wrong-doing of the previous government resulting in numerous convictions.
Why, then, are the S Korean politicians such oblivious enough to ignore the past records and continue to engage in the financial hanky-panky business?
Are they so dumb, stupid, or naïve not to read the history?
I look for an answer in an assumption that nurture may have as much to do with the South Korean nature of accepting bribe without any second thought.

Most of the S. Korean politicians are intrinsically not wealthy creatures, have had not worked or employed as a major bread-winner, and begin their political career as a way of employment opportunity.
In other words, they jump into the political arena with cojones but money, believing that their political success would bring forth the wealth, which also guarantees the power and position in the political community for good.
With no public funding in the election process, you are as dead as doornail if you don’t have a slush fund in an election campaign.

In the Ten Commandments, there are Dos and Don’ts, alleged given by God to Moses. (The fact of matter is that the lists were from the plagiarized copy of the Code of Hamurabi in the Sumerian Culture in the ancient Babylon.)
For the S. Korean politicians, the Ten Commandments are not enough to save their neck.
They have the last and most important Eleventh Commandment: DO NOT GET CAUGHT, when you accept the black money.

Ps: Recently the mainstream media went gaga over the ballistic missile launch by the North Korea and S. Koreans burned the effigy of Kim JI in Seoul for the violation of the UN resolution.
Just imagine if the North Korea would not have a nuclear capability in the sea of enemies around the Baghdad City in the first Gulf War was engulfed with shock and awe, Pyongyang would be pummeled with napalm, cluster, and bunker-buster bombs from the B52 Bombers, killing tens of thousands of North Koreans.
I despise and condemn those protesters in the street of Seoul City as a bunch of sycophant puppets kowtowing at the altar of the US imperialism.

Please copy and paste the following website and have a second thought about the North Korea’s missile launch.
Don’t become a dittohead !

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