Tuesday, October 20, 2009

S Koreans need a Hugo Chavez

October 07 2009
Arriving at Seoul from Toronto Canada on my way to Hanoi, Vietnam, my first thought about South Korea was "I do not find any Korea at all" in Seoul.

People do not look like a Korean, the signs, slogans, placards in the streets are mostly anglicized, and the TV screeens are inundated with dramas, talk shows, and games that immitated or copied of sleazy, decadent, and cheap substances in US production.

Politicians ranging from President to Parliamentarians are a bunch of lackeys who play a role of the serf to the US empire, not to preserve and protect the integrity of the nation but to sell the "Han Wave", a hodgepodge of syncretic culture, as the symbol of prosperity.

Economically,South Korea is flooded with a giant housing bubble...when the export business collapses, everything goes down the tube.
The unemployment rate for the youth goes over 50 percent, but the KOSPI (Korean Stock Market Index) hit high point as if Dow Jones Average does not reflect the economic reality in the US.

South Korea needs a revolution to come up from the present decadence...they need someone like Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela who walk and talk tall against the US foreign policies and economic exploitation globally.
Unfortunately, there is no one but a cabal of oafs and Don Quixotes.

I am heading for Vietnam to find whether the country is gradually becoming a little China or a little South Korea.,,
For two weeks, I will travel across the country from the north to south.
I will be back home early November,

Have a great days

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