Wednesday, February 10, 2010


February 3 2010

Yes, that is what I said.
There never was a person who went by the name Jesus Christ!
The person who countless millions have referred to by this name was actually a Rabbi who Jewish people know precious little about.

He had a Hebrew name, Yeshua, since he was a Jew who was born and lived his entire life in Israel.
His mother’s name was Miriam not Mary. And yes Yeshua was a strictly observant Jewish Rabbi.

He never started a new religion nor was he the founder of Christianity.
If you look at his teachings you will discover they are mostly profoundly powerful and insightful explanations of the Torah.

In fact many of our Jewish leaders who were his contemporaries even those who opposed him were astounded at his teaching!

After two thousand years he remains the most often quoted Jew of all time and without a doubt the most influential.
There is no other Jew or any person in all of history who has had such a profound impact on humanity.

Yeshua never abandoned the Jewish faith.

He is the most misunderstood Jewish sage in all of our history.

There is no other person whose life, death and message is more misunderstood by his own people than the Rabbi from Nazareth.

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