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The creative writing: To the editor of the Donponews

To the editor of the Dongpo Newspaper

Re: The creative writing class
I am sorry to notify you that I decline your invitation to attend the above-mentioned class.

Frankly speaking, I was baffled, dismayed, shell-shocked, and finally disappointed over the opening salvoes of three panelists whose opinions were outdated, pseudo-scientific, and para-psychological flapdoodles, when I attended the first session of the creative writing on May 28.

Immediately after the session, I realized that I was in the GIGO game…
Although acronym GIGO was originally coined for information technology sector as “Garbage In Garbage Out”, meaning that the integrity of output is dependent on the integrity of input, it refers here as one accepts erroneous, worthless or wrongful information, one gets false conclusion as the true and rightful option.
In plain terms, you discharge a pile of shits when you eat shit, or you think, talk, behave, and argue like a shit when you learn shitty stuffs

Mr. Moon, the first panelist who identified himself as a science critic, does not appear to have any academic credentials as he announced that he majored in the international trade at school…that is, his profession has got nothing to do with science but making tons of money in trade.
I was amazed about his gall to recommend watching TV program, “Ghost Buster”, to the audience, insinuating that soul lives on forever even after the body perishes. In other words, soul is immortal, separable from the body at death.
The funny part was his assertion that he does not attend church service on Sunday as many S Koreans do routinely attend the religious gatherings, vaguely suggesting that he has his own spiritual entity which determines his destiny.

Mr. Byon, the second panelist, introduced himself as a theoretician that he has had researched for over two decades on the subject of communism, capitalism, Karl Marx, Dostoevsky, etc., and told the audience about Karl Marx that the Marxism is nothing more than a product of hatred on riches, since Karl was so indigent that Marx’s poverty caused a vitriolic anger against the bourgeoisies.
I was so baffled on Mr. Byon’s theory (?) that I was almost choked off with a series of guffaw…

Mr. Jee, was a final straw on the camel’s back… even though he was introduced as an author of the best-selling book, later I found out that he is a fortune-teller (a Jum-jeng-ee) selling his ware of “Qi” to the ignorant S Korean immigrant community in order to make a living in Canada,
The term “Qi” comes as close as possible to constituting a generic designation equivalent to English word “energy” and Mr. Jee tried to explain that “Qi”, which originated from the Chinese conceptual system, is the essential part of life.
Most of S Korean fortune-tellers attempt to sell their merchandise, “Qi”, claiming that symptoms of various illnesses are often believed to be the product of disrupted, blocked or unbalanced “Qi” movement through the body and the “Jum-jeng-ee” has a tool to cure for the illnesses by manipulating “Qi” flows in the various part of the body.

Lastly, I noticed that the “Dongpo newspaper” is similar to the carbon-copy of the tabloid Toronto Sun, the champion of yellow journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead propagates eye-catching, scandal-mongering, or lascivious headlines to sell more news paper.
The newspaper does not provide much information about Canadian society to the S Korean community…instead the pages are full of jingoistic, right-leaning, and conservative articles about the S Korean politics that gives not much values or help for the immigrants.

I attended the first session because I wanted to learn how to write a “faction” in the format of roman-a-clef…based on my past life in S Korea where I have wasted my life over three decades, and I have no intention going back into the cultural and intellectual “Dark Age” by joining your class that the above-mentioned lecturers would have a field day.
In addition, I do not expect you, editor, or other recipients of this email would give me a rebuttal due to their lack of facility in English language…but I always welcome your critical comment sans F-words on my email letter either in English or Korean language.
If anyone is interested in finding who I am, he or she may read my blogs at or .

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