Friday, May 25, 2012

We, humans are the most deceitful creatures on Earth

Friends, humans are the most deceitful creatures on Earth.

Other species are what they are. They are not devious in anyway.
They do what they were programmed by nature to do: find food, kill enemies or drive them away, protect their young and teach them survival skills.

Humans find excuses to kill millions of their own kind using pretexts that are fanciful and full of lies. Wars are fought by nations that loudly proclaim that they care about human rights, about freedom, about democracy, about equality, while they trash all four!

Humans dress themselves in fancy clothes, fancy up their bathrooms to hide the ugly reality of their toiletry activities, strut about thinking that they are handsome or beautiful, strongly believe that, individually, they are the centre of the universe, create all manner of Gods and theological fantasies and then foolishly believe that, unlike other lifeforms, they will live forever.

The true reality of humans is well-hidden. We don’t get shown scenes of torture especially the hideous kinds of torture carried out on those who have been rendered to distant countries that condone torture.
We don’t get shown images of people being blown up in war zones or dead children being burned by phosphorous munitions or having their limbs blown off by cluster bombs or land mines.

No, the MSM, in league with armament manufacturers and warmongering Governments, keeps us peasants permanently in the dark.
And when someone like Julian Assange releases the truth about certain warmongering nations, he is hounded and pursued and treated by the authorities as a dangerous enemy.

And we don’t get shown footage of incest or priestly child molestation or the trafficking of women and girls for prostitution or the results when acid is thrown in the faces of Pakistani women accused of infidelity or standing up for their rights.

Friends, if we don’t face up to and accept the existence of our dark side, we will never be able to change it. Each human has a dark side.
Whether it emerges depends on the circumstances we find ourselves in and the strength of what morals and values we have.

Of course, remember the old saying that: Every man and women has their price!
We need to take the lid off our dark side. We need to expose the ugliness that resides within all of us. Perhaps exposing it to the light of truth might cause it to wither and die rather than fester deep within us.

Accept your demons then learn to control them. In that way, humans, eventually, may be able to find the way to universal peace and love.

If we can’t or won’t, then extinction awaits us!

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