Saturday, May 9, 2009

Never to Forgive and Never to Forget

Never to Forgive and Never to Forget
May 11 2009

Mahatma Gandhi once said: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Contrarily, the Jewish attitude is never to forgive and never to forget about what had happened during the Nazi era, the Holocaust.
On the other hand, even the professor Norman Finkelstein, an arch enemy of the Jewish State of Israel and himself a Jew whose parents survived the German concentration camp, admired the tenacious attitude of Jewish “never to forgive and forget” reminding the spineless Arabs that no one respects kowtowing Arabs that spread the red carpet for Condoleezza Rice who remarks that the Israeli bombing on Lebanon in 2006 is “a birth pangs of new Middle East.”

Furthermore, professor Finkelstein emphasized that there was no other way to avoid the war in the Middle East unless Arabs choose to live as slaves to Israeli and American empire, because the militant resisting groups like Hamas and Hezbollah are never allowed to exist in the region.
In the Far East region, Japan and United States would never allow the North Koreans to possess the nuclear capabilities so that these two hegemonic countries hold sway in the region militarily and economically. They are determined to make the North Koreans “crying Uncle” and the South Koreans are collaborating willingly and happily with the former/current colonial powers.

The North should never to forgive and to forget the two colonial powers.

In the following video clip, Professor Finkelstein lambasted the sycophant Lebanese that welcomed the American Poobahs after Israeli bombardment destroyed the whole country with an American wink.

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