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Oy Vey! Pity The Nation

Oy Vey! Pity The Nation!
May 25 2009

“It is not the thief that is hanged, but one who is caught stealing.” Czech proverb

“The more religious a country is, the more crimes are committed in it.” Bonaparte Napoleon 1817

Since the 1948 establishment of the South Korean Republic, the history of this country has been indeed no more than the register of social crimes, economic thievery, financial frauds, bureaucratic corruptions, brutal tortures, arbitrary incarceration, and wanton abuses of human right on its people by the various regimes of autocratic, military, and civic governments that were powered, aided and sanctioned as a puppet regime by the US imperialism.

These misfortunes of the S Korean people were supposedly to end when Mr. Roh Moo-hyun, a maverick and self-taught human right lawyer took office the President of Republic with the fanfare banner of clean and transparent government of average working stiffs.
So did people believe it and Mr. Roh himself trusted with pride that he would be the first politician who has gall not to kowtow to his overlord, Uncle Sam.
However when Mr. Roh and his family were snared in a bribery scandal with no way out, he killed himself by jumping off a other words, there are no exceptions as if no one can live without crime in S Korea!
The S Korea has been no less a paradise than the lair for thieves, fraudsters, conmen, finaglers, palm-greasers, crooks, etc.

Last month, Mr. Kim, Dong-gill, the professor emeritus and a philosopher in Seoul, posted an article regarding Mr. Roh’s financial escapade, admonishing harshly that “there are only two ways for him to apologize to his people for his monkey business, either should he commit suicide or go to jail.”
In response to the article, the rah-rah group of the “netizens” swarmed over his website like African killer bees and blamed the Professor of soliciting and resulting in Mr. Roh’s suicide.
Even some mourners wailed and hollered: “We are sorry we failed to protect you.”
As usual, the incumbent government of President Lee, MB shudders that the large numbers of housewives, students, and Joe-six-packs may stir up the hornet’s nest of anti-Lee movement, announcing that the prosecutors suspend the on-going investigation over Roh’s scandals full stop.

And the nation is ready to mourn the death of a disgraced ex-President and to prepare the national rite of burial in the national cemetery, as previous regimes did for the entombment of autocratic, dictatorial, money-grubbing, torturous, libidinal, and murderous Presidents.
In the South Korean society where a majority of people one way or another believes in something called a religion or a myth, death is regarded as too sacrosanct to be criticized or violated no matter what degree or proportion the deceased did commit a crime before his final day.
Among the military dictators, General Park CH was the worst of its kind, committing an enchilada crime of murdering, torturing, beating, finagling, raping, etc. of his people in the name of economic development and prosperity and most of the South Koreans have prostrated on all four at the altar of the assassinated General thanking and calling him a father of modern day economic prosperity.
In this process of eulogizing a terrible criminal, all the victims that this culprit produced are completely neglected or forgotten...

A fan club member of “Rohsamo” strongly insisted that what Mr. Roh took a bribe was a pittance in comparison with the amounts of cash other Presidents carted off in a pile of apple boxes.
Here the quantities do not count, but only qualities apply, as Mr. Roh himself stated in his last statement: “I do not symbolize the values any more.”
Mr. Roh began his presidency claiming that there is nothing wrong being an anti-American and boldly continued to engage with North Koreans amicably and diplomatically rather than listening to the belligerent bullshits of his boss, George W Bush.
However, Mr. Roh eventually knelt down at the foot of Emperor George and agreed to send a contingent of army units to the colonial war fronts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Later, his amateurish and puerile attitude as a sycophant factotum manifested in a bizarre form of facelift surgery...he summoned the best plastic surgeons from the Medical Centre at the Seoul National University and together with his First Lady he got the surgical adjustment to make his bullfrog’s eye-lid look more like a Caucasian one.
For more than a week, he and his wife were not able to stand out in front of camera or his beloved followers, “Rohsamo”, until his swollen eyes make a fake recovery of a kowtowing chink butler’s appearance.
And as expected, most of the S. Korean people never uttered in a whimper because they, almost all, took the same plastic surgery as the President family had...that is, all together nationwide, all S Koreans want to be a look-alike Caucasian!

Curiously, all Koreans, either North or South, become combative mode and show a strong nationalistic chauvinism when they talk about their past history of mere 36 something years in thrall to the Japanese colonialism.
They are typically angry about the Japanese policies of forcing Koreans to change their name to match as if Japanese name, to prohibit speaking Korean dialogue at school or public place, or to promote to wear kimono clothes.
Notoriously, the South Koreans now are voluntarily eager to speak in English, change their name as similar as American’s, and wear their attires in a Western fashion in addition to try to imitate to behave and look-alike Americans!
No one forced the S Koreans to monkey around and to emulate the ways Americans behave...they simply were led to behave like the willing subjects of the US Empire.
No wonder why the S Koreans never consider themselves as living for over half a century under the US occupational forces and still believe in an illusion that the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is an independent and sovereign state.

How and why, then, have the S. Koreans lost their gung-ho chauvinism against the American intrusion while keeping an anti-Japanese emotion alive?
We, human beings, inherit, evolve, mutate, compete, and develop via natural selection in two basic units, gene and meme.
A meme propagates itself as a unit of cultural evolution analogous in many ways to the gene (the unit of genetic information) and meme spreads most horizontally while gene vertically.
Examples of meme are tunes, catch-phrases, fashion, concepts, opinion, theories, ideas, beliefs, habits, etc.
As if Charles Darwin’s biological evolution, the mimetic evolution makes one idea may become extinct while other idea will survive, mutate, and spread through modification and becomes the prominent idea of the society.

The rub here is that memes most beneficial to their hosts will not necessarily survive and prosper...rather, those memes which replicate the most effectively spread best which allows for the possibility that successful memes might prove detrimental to their hosts.
Memes always do not get copied perfectly and might become mixed, combined, or modified with other ideas, resulting in new memes.
The S Korea was a fertile ground for the social, cultural, and religious evolution waiting to be harvested when the US GIs in 1945 moved into the peninsular replacing the Japanese colonialism with chic, voguish, fresh, sweet, and amiable entities: democracy, capitalism, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, chewing gums, candies, crimes, waterboarding, shenanigan, corruption, bribery, etc.
As the GIs solicited, persuaded, and propagated a unit of memes, their ideologies of sociocultural values, the S Koreans gulped it down greedily and rapidly without any second thought and the Western notion of social, cultural, and religious mores become the prominent yardstick to judge and accept the concepts of rights and wrongs.

One of the good examples that the S Koreans were overwhelmingly affected by these mimetic processes can be found in the religious syncretism. (Syncretism refers to an attempt to reconcile or fuse disparate and contradictory belief, often melding and mixing practices of various thoughts.)
Unbeknownst to most devotees of various religions, religions have had syncretic elements to their theology or history, as Christianity is the ultimate product of religious syncretism that was nourished and catered by a Jewish womb (a mimetic ancestor) and mutated into a new god/man theology.
The Korean Christianity has the underlying structure of assimilated religions, such as Neo-Confucianism, Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, and indigenous shamanism that are dissimilar in nature, quality, or form with the Western concept of “Jesus the Christ.”
And the Gospels narratives that the Korean preachers address in their pulpit are effectively contextualized in order to be palatable to their taste and to facilitate the mass conversion to the Christianity which eventually manifests as the political conversion.

In this perspective, Christianity played a major role for the S Koreans to be oblivious about the reality that they are not any more indigenous S Korean than a crop from the genetically modified organism (GMO).
In other words, the information and idea in their brains do not reconcile with their physical differences of the slit-eyed, low-bridged nose, and high-cheek-boned flat face until they stand in front of mirror every morning.
And so rush they go to the clinic, get knifed all over their body and voila! They are now look-alike Americans
The sad part is that their physical alignment can never be inherited genetically to their kids who have to get knifed on and on if the kids wish to avoid the parental abuses.

Monkey see and monkey do.

When you look like a monkey and ape like a monkey, you surely are a monkey.
And Mr. Roh took a frontal assault on Korean identity of a pair of slit-eyes in a monkey style and eventually falls off to a cliff where his ego rests in peace with the rah-rah gangs of monkey netizens.

In short, Mr. Roh is a coward and a petty criminal not worth a grain of salt, a simpleton as if a monkey see and a monkey do.

He killed himself because he can not face the music, period.

He should be interned in his village lot, not in the national cemetery.

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