Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Invented people

Posted on January 6, 2012 by David G

“Now, look, Fellow Founding Fathers, what will we call ourselves? I suggest Americans. It sounds grand, exceptional, noble, born to rule!”

“You may have invented yourselves earlier than us, but God has been watching over us for thousands of years. We are His chosen people. Too bad, eh?”

Friends, to answer this question requires an ability to think outside the box, to rid one’s mind of all indoctrination, all the nonsense that we have been fed since birth.

To begin, let me make this point: many nations have been going for centuries, some for millennia (thousands of years)! And some others have been going for a matter of a few hundred of years and one nation, one built upon racism and elitism, has been in existence since 1947! Wow!

Now, who are these ‘Johnny come Lately’ nations and how has their emergence affected the world? Let’s take the U.S. first.

As the flood of immigrants from Europe impacted upon the Native Indians on the North American Continent, the result was not good for the local inhabitants. To cut a long story short, they were ‘genocided’ out of existence.

Yes, the ‘white trash’ that moved from Europe did not bring with them nobility or generosity. No, they brought guns and created soldiers and quickly dispatched those who quarreled with the insatiable demands of the white invaders.

Once the ‘invaders’ dispatched the Native Indians, they then went to Africa and, without a second thought, stole black Africans to work on the cotton plantations as slaves. Boy oh boy, did those black slaves get a bad time of it.

Eventually, the ‘whites’ in the North of the new nation decided that slavery was not a good look, so the white ‘riffraff’ from Europe fought a bitter civil war with each other.

The ‘Americans’ also fought against Britain and France and anyone else who dared show their face in the ‘New World’. Soon, the white ‘riffraff’ moved elsewhere in the world, anywhere there was a buck to be made.

A few hundred years later this brash, warmongering nation lays claim to being exceptional and, modestly, claims it is the greatest nation in the history of the world forgetting about India and China and Greece completely. I guess if you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will?

As if this is not the greatest fraud the world has ever seen, then Israel came along, and, in 1947, after lots of political manipulation and the endless playing of the Holocaust card, Israel appeared on the world stage. The Americans might have slaughtered most of the Indians and used Africans as slaves but Israel moved into the Middle East claiming to be God’s Children! That’s a hard act to follow!

This amazing event is without parallel in human history. A group of religious fanatics, who, though it’s nonsensical, claim authentic genetic relationship to people who lived two thousand plus years ago, suddenly appeared on the world scene and, as ‘invented people’, began to throw their weight around with the assistance of the ‘invented people’ from the United States.

I guess we live in a new age, that of the ‘Invented People’. History no longer means anything, nothing. You just invent yourself and off you go. Israel suggests that God has enabled its emergence. America, with their normal modesty, claims that God made it ‘exceptional’, the greatest nation in the history of the world, one born to dominate the world. Israel is just waiting for God to pick it up and move it to a ‘heavenly place’ where Gentiles and other lowlife are banned.

Both of these nations are peopled by folk who are quite a few cards short of a pack, who are, in the main, completely possessed by demons and delusions. Both of these nations are quite capable of leading our world towards complete destruction despite their recent and unfortunate invention.

Heed should be taken of those nations which have a rich history. No notice should be taken of a bunch of upstarts who just appeared on the block and demand to be recognized as ‘New Gods’.

Our ‘New Gods’ are false gods. They are immature. They are full of hot air and bullshit. All they want is a quick buck and they don’t care how they get it.

It’s time the nations of the world who have a history over many centuries to bring their maturity to the world stage, their track record, their commonsense and statesmanship.

Let’s push the ‘invented nations’ off the stage. They have proven themselves to be unworthy, a danger to themselves and the rest of the world.

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