Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Evil on earth prior to Humans

Posted on October 21, 2011 by David G

Primitive humans made up elaborate, fanciful stories to explain their innate evil.

Even today, most humans still find it virtually impossible to accept the truth about themselves.

It’s funny, isn’t it. Prior to the advent of humans there was no evil on planet earth.

All forms of life did their own thing as nature intended: they procreated, protected their young, killed other things for food, fought off rivals, competed for mating rights, etc.

But no other life form had the kind of brain that could allow them to sit down and plan how to kill others of their kind, how to invent new weapons that would give them an advantage, enable them to destroy whole cities. No other life form embraced greed as their raison de etre. No other life form developed cruelty and torture and turned it into an art form. No other life form enslaves as humans do or carries out rituals like burning witches or sacrificing virgins to some mythical being.

If you think about the amount of evil in our world, we humans have little to be proud of. It seems that each human is born with evil already there. Whether it emerges depends on the circumstances we are born into.

Gaddafi was killed last night and according to report, it was not a pretty death, and not according to the images I saw, images caught on a cell phone. Wild animals could not have done worse.

Humans will now compete with each other for the rights to grab Libyan oil. I suppose Britain and France will put in a strong call but the U.S. will inevitably be at the front of the queue.

With Gaddafi gone, the rest of Africa is open for an invasion of competing nations all wanting to grab resources before others do. If they can’t get them via deals, they’ll get them by military force either overt or covert.

The only way to rid planet earth of evil is for humans to become extinct, every single one. Given there are 7 billion of us already, if we keep procreating as we are, the evil multiplies as well. Imagine how the world will be if we reach 20 billion or 50 billion. It’s too awful to contemplate!

Humans are a terrible evolutionary mistake. Other animals have brains but they do not work the same as ours do. Where did our evil come from, you may ask?

Religious people have to blame the ‘GOD’ who made them. Atheists have no such answer. We just have to live with the fact that we are a despicable life form, try as best we can to curb our base instincts, and wait for the human race to destroy itself which may not be far away.

Is there no hope, you ask?

None that I can see!

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Pepe Sojourner said...

The U.S. Exposed Again!
Posted on January 13, 2012 by David G

Friends, this photograph says more about the U.S. than a million words could ever do. It show four American marines urinating on the corpses of three dead Taliban fighters which is a crime.

Now you might say this is nothing more than some soldiers letting off steam, just treating the enemy with contempt. But it is far more than that. What is on display is the American attitude to anyone or anything that gets in their imperial road.

It shows American contempt for non-Americans, for those who disagree with American ‘values’ and American ‘ambitions’ and American ‘interests’. That Australia is closely allied with the U.S. I find deeply offensive.

I am in league with many Americans who are horrified by what their country is doing, by its warmongering, its insatiable killing and destruction, by its greed, by its arrogance and conceit.

Dare I say it, the filthy, disgusting, sordid act shown above which, I am sure, is only one of many things that have taken place in Iraq and Afghanistan (and most other theaters of war) puts the icing on the cake for me.

Only the video of the helicopter crew mowing down Iraqi civilians comes close to this or perhaps the torture of naked Iraqis in Abu Ghraib with that dumb female smiling as if torturing was such fun or the cages in Guantanamo!

Friends, by their works ye shall know them! The world should be fully aware of what Americans are by now under their current ‘leadership’. There is plenty of evidence for those who want to seek it out.

And it proves that the U.S. must never be allowed to control the world, not under any circumstances!