Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aung San Sukki is a candidate Madam for Global Brothel

If you believe that the Western Countries like USA, Britain, and other socalled democratic countries want to export a democracy to Myanmar, you are a ding-a-ling moron.

They want to export their i-pod, cell-phone, hiphop, Rambo movies, Playboy magazine, HIV, Domino Pizza, and Big Mac, another market for globalization.

In other words, they were mad and frustrated because they couldn't gobble up this tiny country in one bite and flood the Myanmar market with their junks and exploit all the rich resourses and destroy the pristine forest for their furnitures, houses, and factories.

Aung San Sukki is a candidate madam in the global brothel to open up all Myanmar market for exploitation.

Democracy is not a commodity suitable for export and import, which involves a certain degree of financial or strategic gain.
The would-be-exporter-the former colonialist countries-and the importer, in this case Myanmar-the formerly colonized by Britain- are not engaged in a reciprocal arrangement for mutual gain.

Instead, the exporter has a fairly obvious agenda, which includes using the rubric of democracy and reform as an instrument of control of the Myanmar's closed market under the terms of "the Washington Consensus."

And the dissident lady, whose husband is an Anglo-Saxon gent (he lives in England), could become a superb comprador to expedite the globalization process (read as a process where a pack of hyenas tears apart the tiny body of a gazelle.)

Of course, it is obnoxious and despicable to see a cadre of Generals dictates arbitrarily the lives of millions of people under the military rules.However, considering the demonstrated practices of so called free market economy, it surely would not be a desired practice to open up the Myanmar market for the capitalist exploitation of the Wall Street Robber Barons like Citi Group, Chase Manhattan Bank,Morgan Stanley, Chevron, Exxon, Wal Mart, etc.

My talking point is you should not blindly join with a chorus of ga-gaing over a "democracy" in Myanmar, until you look into the historical context and economic realities in the region.There are more than hundred cases of caveat emptor in importing "a Western democracy" around the globe.Educate yourself before shouting a "Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty" slogan! Don't be fooled by a most misused, overused, and abused word, Democracy!

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