Thursday, December 20, 2007

The South Koreans wept like a gaggle of children

December 24, 2005

The South Koreans wept like a gaggle of enfant-terribles as if sky is collapsing on the top of their heads, when Dr. Hwang, an erstwhile national hero, announced his resignation from all positions in the stem cell research projects.

The problem here is the South Koreans have a very short memory span as much as Americans enjoy their collective amnesia of forgetting the US imperial history…I mean, this is not the first time that they wept uncontrollably in public.

About five years ago, the South Koreans en masse danced, hollered, sang, and wept, holding each other, oohing and aahing with abandon in the street of Seoul, when DJ Kim, once-upon-a-time national hero-cum-thief, came back from the “feel-good-summit” talk with his northern brother, Kim Jong-il, and announced that peace in the Korean peninsula is around the corner.

The South Koreans wept again when DJ Kim stole the Nobel Peace Prize through the skullduggery, without knowing that Kim snatched the Prize bribing another Kim with their taxpayer’s money.

In Dr. Hwang’s press interview, his supporters surrounded him with bloody eyes and protruded mouths, showing more bitter in agony and less repentant with regret as if an incorrigible child were robbed by the parents of favorite video game machine.

Even Catholic Cardinal sobbed in trembling voice: “God gave Koreans clever brain and they used it in dishonest manner.” (I guess the Cardinal has an illusion that God had chosen Koreans as well as Jews.)

The President of the South Korean Government sheepishly put his tail between his hind legs and stayed away from the news spotlight when the report showed that his government lavishly funded Dr. Hwang’s projects ($65 million) and tried to cover up Dr. Hwang’s fabrication.

A swarm of online supporters for “I-love-Hwang” organized a candlelight demonstration nationwide, pumping their fists in the air shrieking the jingoistic slogans, “Korean is Number One.”

All join in the sea of tears, squirming, moaning, wiggling, wailing, nauseating, vomiting, shrieking, cursing, and hallucinating like the prattle of children..….

”Nobel Prize was just around the corner!”

“Damn it!”

“Kill the Whistleblowers!”

“Support Dr. Hwang as Yankees support their troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!”

“Korean is Number One in the World!”

“God bless Korea!”

“OOH! AAH!.”

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