Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Korean Toy Soldiers in Potemkin Village in Iraq

Americans adore decorating their home with a trinket of toy soldiers, tinsel ornament, and faking flowers in order for them to show off their guests over their gaudy wealth.

And they need some toy soldiers in Iraq to show the world that they have a strong support from the nations like Marshall Islands, El Salvador, Demark, Poland, and Philippines, etc, a coalition of willing.

Fortunately, Americans found a very good lapdog to decorate their "tree of democracy" in Iraq with toy soldiers, the Zaytun Unit of the South Korean Army...a unit of ready-to-kill Special Forces whose guys are all volunteer mercenaries.

The trouble is these gunho Special Forces do not have enemy fighters to engage, but a dusty sand whirlwind.
These soldiers are so bored to death that they complain to their superior that they need facilities to pump their adrenalin out to somewhere in their fortress, where the Kurdish militias are paid to protect the Special Forces from the possible terrorist attack.

That's right... the Kurdish militia are babysitting the Zayitun Unit that the South Korean Government has sent in Iraq to help to import “democracy in American style” to curry favor with their master, Uncle Sam.

And these toy soldiers sit, eat, shit, yawn, sleep, dream, entertain, and sing in Karaoke with a pay that they never dream getting in their regular duty in military service in Korea.
The only mission they are not allowed to do is to fight against the Iraqi insurgents...they even are not allowed to use a bugle or megaphone to wake the toy soldiers up from the boredom lest the sounds irritate their Iraqi hosts that the toy soldiers are there to stay as an occupying forces.

As if a couple of black plastic butlers standing motionlessly in front gate of American family homes, these South Korean toy soldiers are a residual symbol of Korean hypocrisy and duplicity that they have entertained through the past history of subordinate and obsequious characteristics under the Chinese and Japanese hegemonies.

They had somewhat obliged to provide some 3500 of mercenary army to enhance their master’s dignity to the world that Uncle Sam has a full support from the South Korea, and this is not the first time for the South Korea in support of US hegemonic war…during the Vietnam War in the 60s, the military dictator and torturer, General Park CH of the South Korean Army had sent 10,000 Korean soldiers to Vietnam in return for billions of dollars of US aids to the nation.

In another word, the Koreans go anywhere and anytime whenever their master UNCLE SAM directs them to…they are lackeys and tools of US imperialism, no question asked if it pays in terms of dollars.

Would these toy soldiers turn their tails and run away from their Potemkin village, if one of them gets caught and beheaded by the Iraqi insurgents?

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