Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bballi-Bballi (82-82) Koreans

Bballi-Bballi (82-82) Koreans

In the North America, the Korean Immigrants are called Mr. Bballi-Bballi Man or Mr.82-82 (a phonetic Korean sound of double-quick), because Koreans want everything to be done fast, I mean, very fast and really fast.(In the state of New Jersey, one of the call taxi company has a toll number 8282).

Even well-dressed Korean ladies with a high-heel shoes do not promenade or walk leisurely when they go shopping; they always and often scurry around or run along the crowded street even though they don't have any urgent business to attend.

Korean gentlemen have a tendency to settle among themselves any disputes with quick fix...the most popular method is a fist fight at the drop of hat if they are unable to agree to disagree with anything that they fail to agree.

They rarely seek any court action, because it's too slow to satisfy their Bballi-Bballi mentality, and a caricature of Bballi-Bballi characteristics also appears in their spiritual life....When Christianity has waded into the South Korean shore with tsunami force piggy bagged in the GI's duffel bags, thousands of spiritually and physically hungry Koreans have flocked into the arms of blue-eyed and high-nosed Blondie Jesus Christ for bags of candies, chewing-gums, and flour.

Koreans did not query about who Jesus was, where he was from, or what he looks alike...they were fascinated about his promise of eternal worship him, repent your sin, and pay tithes to the church, and you get an eternal life and no questions asked.

For Koreans, the religion of Christianity is simple, universal, and most importantly quick to be saved from the daily life of misery.Koreans study and learn the Bible as they eat instant "Ramen"...neatly prepackaged, predictable, convenient, and most efficiently fast-served at the request of salvation.

There are many "How-to" Books available for pre-interpreted and pre-applied to the problems over the spiritual matters, as if faith matter can be settled instantly at the book stores.
Korean Christians eagerly holler a volley of hallelujah Amen, when their pastor says his words are as same as God's words... they never challenge or dispute what church leaders say, and they simply pack and leave the church looking for another, if they can not accommodate what the pastor says.

Now, would someone give me some rebuttal about my caricature on the Korean Christians?

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