Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holocaust Industry

Pepe’s essential point here is that Jewish loss during the Nazi era was a reality…on the other hand, his focus is on how the Holocaust is a political construct, distinct from the Jewish loss at the hands of the Nazis.

He emphasized that political construct has been used to justify certain policies by the Israeli Zionists in dealing with the Israeli-Palestine conflicts.
In his explosive book, “The Holocaust Industry”, Norman G Finkelstein charged that American Jewish elites and organizations are extorting billions of dollars from European countries in the name of needy Holocaust survivors in order to fund Holocaust programs, Holocaust studies, Holocaust memorials, Holocaust literature, and the Jewish Community.

Together they form not just a cottage industry but a full-fledged “Holocaust Industry” sustained by a persistent ideology of “Holocaust Correctness” that serves certain class and political interests.
Mr. Finkelstein argued that the Holocaust industry, instead of helping Jewish cause, has become the main fomenter of anti-Semitism in Europe by spreading image of greedy Jews.

In contrast to Pepe’s in-depth analysis on the Holocaust, Sue’s review on the book, “Dry Tears”, remains within the timelines of the past…Sue just became amazed and intrigued in an anecdotal stories of a Jewish girl that there are more than dozens of Holocaust episodes in the book publishing sector since WWII.

Reading and analyzing the past is one thing, but reflecting the past in the present and toward the future is totally another matter.

In this perspective, I would like to recommend the following two books for people who have a difficulty to comprehend the Middle East Conflicts due to the spins by the mainstream media like New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, et al…especially Korean Christians who have a tendency to look the issues through the “biblical lens” of Jewish Chosen-ness.

1.The Other Side of Israel by Susan Nathan.
2.The Scar of David by Susan Abulhawa.

PS: I was not able to keep reading these two books, because my vision became blurred with tears that fogged my eyes.You may purchase the books at and

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