Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Pack of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

First of all,, your argument that "the South Korean hostages in Afghanistan were in a business of saving the drowning children from allegators" is ludicrous, hackneyed, untruthful, distorted, and threadbare comparison to the fact.

Everyone in the world knows that they were not in a benevolent and philanthropic mission togive out candies, blankets, and medical help to the Afghan people, but in the eveangelical endeavor of "stealing sheeps from Allah".

They were a pack of wolves in sheep's clothing: A shepherd would wash, comb, nourish, clothe, and comfort a stricken sheep, but he is only interested in shearing its wools, and eventually sheep's body for his meal.

They were there to execute their evangelical mission to proselytize the Muslim Afghans, as if the soldiers from NATO countries are there to put the Afghanistan under the neo-colonial subjugation.

The only difference between the NATO soldiers and South Korean missionaries: the former carries the deadly weapons to kill the native Afghans if they resist or persist.the latter carries the Bible to steal Allah's sheep.

Both are killing and maiming Afghans bodily and spiritually: soldiers die willingly for a tinpot medal and missionaries sacrifice their lives for their YHWH.
Let them enjoy to fullfil their missions and pay the price for it.Freedom to choose one's religion is non-negotiable in basic human right.

I quote here a Sura from the Quran:O Unbelievers.

I worship not that which ye worship
And ye whorship not that which I worship
Neither will I worship that which ye worship
Nor will ye whoship that which I worship
Ye have your religion and I have my religion.
There is only one Allah and he is Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet.

In other words, you are free and on your own whatever you believe

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