Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dry Tears: A Book Review

By Sue Choi

The book Dry Tears is an inspiring and incredible book.
It has a lot of information about the Holocaust and since it is an autobiography, the readers can actually picture how it felt to be in the author's position, what the author was seeing, and what the author went through.

It is also very intriguing and interesting. This is an appropriate and an excellent book for anybody of any age.
Dry Tears takes place in the time period of the Holocaust so it has a lot of information about the Holocaust.
There is all of the informational facts, "Penalties for breaking the curfew were severe, ranging from a beating to imprisonment and even death."(pg. 138) as well as about the author's life during the Holocaust, "My father also warned me not to react to the anti-Semitic remarks I was bound to hear, and not to resent the children who made them."(Pg. 142)

This book is truly amazing.
Throughout this whole autobiography, readers can picture how the Holocaust was like by looking through the eyes of the author.
They can read about how the author felt about different subjects and matters and what she went through during her childhood.

The readers can also learn about what her family had to do in order to survive the Holocaust and to not get caught by the Nazis.

This book is very interesting and intriguing.
It captures the reader's attention by describing how the author survived and what she did, which were very dangerous and challenging.
Also, this book has a lot of suspenseful scenes and surprising twists.
This is what makes the autobiography stand out from all the other books.

This story is Nechama Tec's childhood.
She wrote all of this down to let other people relive the Holocaust and to tell what many other people had to go through to survive this horrible war.

So many information about the Holocaust and readers can learn about it through the eyes of someone who was there.
These are the reasons of why this book, Dry Tears, is a good book for anybody who would like to learn more about the Holocaust.

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