Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ship "Mayflower" becoming A Slave Ship

Dear Pepe

I was born, raised, and grew up in the predominantly Christian environment studying the social sciences in post-graduated level, so I have eventually become a life-time Christian by default.

And now I shudder in shame and degradation that I was not aware of “a real history” until I happened to visit this website today and read your eye-popping story about the Thanksgiving Day saga.

I had a good turkey dinner with my friends of choir members from the Presbyterian Church last night, thanking our God for his benevolent gift without knowing that the Day was originated from the celebration in which the English Christian Puritans safely returned from their sortie of massacring 700 Indian men, women, and children.

I am sure neither one at the party would have known the real history nor care about it even if one ever knows about it.

I would like to add one more real history about the ship “May flower”…it was re-named as the Meijbloom (Dutch for May flower), continued to make history.
It reached Africa and became one of the first European ships to chain and carry enslaved African men, women and children to the Americas.

By the way, you briefly mentioned that Christianity supported the slavery system…would you elaborate on this matter, ‘cause I always believed that Jesus my God stands behind the indigent, powerless, and sick people.



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