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War is a peace process?

War is a Peace Process?
Euphemism, Dysphemism, Polysemy, Sophistry, and Sheer Lies in the Political Rhetoric

Author’s note:

Euphemism: the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.

Dysphemism: the substitution of a harsh, disparaging, or unpleasant expression for a more neutral one.

Polysemy: diversity of meanings, a word or phrase with multiple or related meanings.

Sophistry: a subtle, tricky but generally fallacious method of reasoning. A false argument.“

People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election." Otto von Bismarck

“The reason to start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!” GW Bush

Since language is the most central human attribute, the wrongful application of language can profoundly affect negatively on what we think of others and also ourselves in the course of human life.

In his essay, “Politics and English Language”, George Orwell said that the recent political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.

As one said that propaganda is to democracy as tyranny is to totalitarianism, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to tell the truth from lie, when the mainstream media, through the massive corporatization, behave as the mouthpieces of the government propaganda just parroting what their masters want them to say, such as “war is a peace process.”

In human history, it is an undeniable and sheer fact:

1. All politicians from Caesar and Machiavelli to the contemporaries like GW Bush, Ariel Sharon and DJ Kim are the masters of polemics.

2. A majority of their audiences are a bunch of gaping primates that suffer from the intensive memory loss and become the lifetime ditto heads.

3. Our media plays a major role to keep this process alive for centuries by way of obsessive commemoration, for example, in the human tragedies like 9/11 attack in the New York City, in the distorted coverage on the Middle East conflict, and in the peace process like 6/15 summit between North/South Korea.

In the American culture of obsessive commemoration, 9/11 became a tragedy of both remembering and forgetting…Americans only show compassion for the victims without showing concern for the structure of their foreign policies that made the victims the object of compassion.

In other words, they want to commemorate forever the event but to forget about the historical causality that brought about such tragedy on them.
In this process, the media constantly drum up the discourse of “bringing democracy to others” in order to obfuscate the audiences that the rest of the world wants to emulate the American system.

During the Gulf War in early 1990s, the Allied Forces have indiscriminately bombed the Iraqi civilian properties and killed thousands of people, one of which air raids killed over 300 men, women, and children who were hiding in a bunker.

When the press corps asked then Joint Chief of Staff and later the Secretary of State, Colin Powell about the massacre, the Orwellian General blandly commented it as one of the "Collateral Damage”, an exemplary dysphemism of harsh word “civilian slaughter” and he nonchalantly blurted out; “That is really not a matter I am terribly interested in.”

For him, civilian victims of war are secondary and accompanying damage that is not overtly to be concerned about and brushed aside as enjoyable as a turkey shoot…that is, he wants to provide his audiences with more neutral and amiable feeling about the war.

However, the linguistic obfuscation did not start from the 9/11 catastrophe…it has a long history.Changing the name of “War Department” in early 20th century to “Department of Defense” in the US Government was one of the linguistic obfuscation that the generals wanted to change their image from the uniformed and licensed killers to the decorated and self-defense patriots.

These obfuscation of language goes beyond a mere word to encompass entire phrases…in the Middle East conflict, where the Israeli Government is a world-class liar, one can count on almost anything what they say as being all false, partly true or false, or true but out of context.In a world such as the Jewish hypocrisy, where words have lost all meaning, people do not need any dictionary.

Then how had Jews manipulated the world opinion that they are not so much oppressors, even in the occupied territories of Gaza Strips and the West Bank, as the oppressed ones?

The mainstream media do the superb job as it has been controlled by the Jewish financiers, publishers, writers, editors, and correspondents.
For example, when the Jews shoot you in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, you are by definition a militant no matter whether you are a 6 months old baby, 15 years old kid, or 80 years old grandpa, and when the Palestinian kids throw stones to the Israeli tanks and want to end the Israeli occupation, they are becoming instantly a bunch of vicious terrorists.

One of the worst semantic games is a popular usage of an euphemistic word, “transfer”, that the Jews often but discreetly used in the past and now openly and publicly dare to use, in place of “ethnic cleansing”, describing the Israeli expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip or Jordan, and the mainstream media willingly accept and parrot it without any compunction. (Contrarily, the West, during the Kosovo War, used the word of “ethnic cleansing” feverishly to dehumanize Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia.)

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority even has banned its editorial departments from using the term “Settlers, or Settlements” on Radio and TV, and favored the term “neighborhood” in order to depict the Jewish colony, the housing community built on land illegally seized by Israel after the 1967 War, as a legitimate suburban region adjacent to the major Jewish residential area.

And the CNN and New York Times sheepishly buckled under the Jewish pressure beginning to refer Gilo, one of the Jewish Settlements near Jerusalem, to “Neighborhood”…a language of polysemy, a Neighborhood to Jews and a Settlement (colony) to Arabs and the media are in favor of the Jews pick.

Another sophistry and sheer lie in the rhetorical shenanigans are to elevate the State of Israel up to the status of “One and Only” democracy in the Middle East that GW Bush called the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as “a Man of Peace”. (Miserably our “Man of Peace” is living in a coma since last January while peeing and pooping in his pants and enjoying (?) to taste how bad and miserable his life can be.)

The Webster’s New World dictionary defines democracy as, among other things, “the principle of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment, or the practice of this principle”, and none of the words in the description applies to the practices of the Israeli government in toto, and world laughed at GW Bush whose words surprised no one, because it is a simpleton’s word only fools swallow it.

After a successful installation of a puppet regime in Afghanistan with an ex-oil salesman of the Unocal, who dons a Giorgio Armani mantle, it’s time for another campaign of war, “regime change” in Iraq, another dysphemistic term to describe “overthrowing a sovereign government in any means”.

The casus belli is weapons of mass destruction that Iraq allegedly possesses to harm the Americans…it was as flimsy pretext as the North Korea possesses one or two atomic bombs to harm the Americans, surely “a Samson Option” that no North Koreans would remain alive, if Kim Jong-il ever initiates an Atomic war, under the massive thermo-nuclear attack by the one and only superman in the world USA.

The American audiences are constantly fed to believe by their politicians and media that the long-range missile test by the North Korea poised to harm their national security while, in breath-taking double standard, the US itself performed an exactly similar test last Wednesday when it fired a minuteman missile from Vandenberg Air force Base to Kwajelien Atoll in the Pacific.
The US Government said their test was routine and the US conducted such tests on a continuing basis as if it has a prerogative to test anytime when it wishes.

Going in cahoots with his overlord, USA, DJ Kim, ex-president of the South Korea, demanded in the speech at the 6th cerebration festival of the 6/15 Joint Declaration that the North must abandon its nuclear weapons program in return for the US guarantee on the North security…it’s like demanding a drowning man floating in the stormy ocean to abandon his lifejacket and wait until Uncle Sam sends a rescue helicopter to be plucked him out from the shark-infested sea.

Withered by age and disease at late septuagenary, DJ Kim was reputed as everlasting and another corrupt political hack in the South Korea where an old Machiavellian-par-excellence casts a long shadow over the political life of the nation. (He barely escaped from prosecution after his three sons were convicted and jailed of bribery, fraud, and influence-peddling during his Presidency.)

His skullduggery procuring the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 deserves to be highlighted in the Korean history…he commodified the peace process in the inter-Korean talks.
DJ Kim began his solicitation for talks with his northern brother by way of bribing his partner with cold cash, billions of US dollars from the national treasury…replenishing it occasionally with sacks of rice, corn, fertilizer, etc (his confidant is still rotting in jail for the deal.)

His northern brother frequently up the ante whenever he needs extra cash or bags of goodies, and DJ happily accommodated his brother’s request whenever he needs to prop up his sagging popularity during his Presidency.

In other words, he put “peace” on the shelf in the North/South supermarket as if “peace” could be bought and sold according to the free market principle of demand and supply.In the meantime, he is as sly as an old fox…in his keynote speech at the Summit for Nobel Peace Laureates this year, he reasoned the nuclear issue the one and only hurdle that hampers the improvement of the North/South relation.

However, all Koreans, North or South, and all world, are aware of the undeniable reality that it is a non sequitur to talk about détente, cooperation, or unification between two Koreas without raising the critical and core issue of the US Occupational Forces in South Korea.

Only compradors like DJ Kim pretend that two Koreas could be united under the hanky-panky “Federal System” that leaves behind the thorny issue of the half-century US occupation.

When you were leashed to a peg like a dog sitting by it for half a century, you do not feel you are leashed until you feel a pull when you try to move over beyond the leash.
This is the exact political reality where the South Koreans live by for over half a century…you can have your own government, president, military, money, luxury, material satisfaction, and also you can play soccer too on an equal footing against your overlord USA, beating them to pulp and feel good about it…but you can not move beyond the perimeter around the peg that your overlord demarcated...a dictionary definition of “protectorate”, not “sovereign state.”

However, few South Koreans seem to think that Americans, hegemonic and Svengali, have just replaced Japanese occupiers after the soi-disant 8/15 Liberation…and for the first time in the Korean history, they have been living under the foreign occupation for several decades with no end in sight, but still are not aware of their status quo of being “the US Protectorate” as Polynesians, Marshall Islanders, or Puerto Ricans.

That’s the beauty of political rhetoric…we the people swallow it without the second thought when the mainstream media prostitute their talents in the service of government propaganda that war is a peace process, in which we the people goosestep to toe the line wherever our politician leads us like a pack of lemmings.

The following is a Shakespearean babble delivered by the Washington Warlord, Donald Rumsfeld, who enjoys ridiculing his audience and playing his word game of disdainful charade, to a crowd of reporters in Brussels in early June years ago, who were asking about the progress of the war on terrorism.

“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”…it is a masterpiece of sophistry in the word games of Washingtonian rhetoric that Shakespeare would roll over in his grave.

“The message is that there are no “knowns.”
There are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns.
That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know.
But there are also unknown unknowns.
There are things we don’t know we don’t know.
So when we do the best we can and we pull all this information together, and we then say well, that’s basically what we see as the situation, that is really only the known knowns and the known unknowns.
And each year, we discover a few more of those unknown unknowns…there is another way to phrase that and that is that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”

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