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Fundamentalists on a rampage

Author’s note: Eschatology is referring to “the knowledge of the last things” from the Greek, doctrine concerning the end of history, which include messianism, the Last Judgment, and the final triumph of the faithful.

Religious Fundamentalism, no matter what sect of belief system it belongs to such as Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, is an embattled faith that preaches an ideology of exclusion, hatred, rage and most of time advocates an act of violence against other people who do not conform with their eschatological fanaticism.

And one of the Holy ironies is that these fundamentalists of three major religions are intensively on each other’s throat to claim one’s own righteousness, legitimacy, and authority to a same God who fathers, nurtures, and powers them.

Since people are attracted to a religion in fear of death and the emptiness of cosmos and willing to accept any fallacious beliefs to offset the dread of death and to obtain the assurance of eternity after life, fundamentalism of all faiths are heavily dependant upon an apocalyptic doctrine of eschatology that thrives on the such fear factor and emotional grounds in human life.

Therefore, to a response on 9/11 catastrophe, people listen more to the squealing and hoarse rants of pigheaded Fundamentalists of all faiths that compete each other on the validity of their “end game”.
According to a recent Time magazine poll, more than one third of Americans say they are thinking more about the end of the world, while 59 percent said they fully believe the end-times described in the Book of Revelation will come true.
Nearly 25 percent said they believe the 9/11 attacks were predicted in the Bible.

In addition, there are hundreds of Web sites and bulletin boards, suggesting that the Middle East conflicts is a precursor and proof of impending Apocalypse, and the conservative politicians from the secular fundamentalist circle join the evangelists, rabbis, and mullahs to jump on a heavenly bandwagon to sing along the patriotic game.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

For a brief argumentation with a feel-at-home ambience on the issue, an American brouhaha on the three words of thirty-one oath may be a good illustration to examine how powerful and knee-jerk the Christian Fundamentalists have become in an era of the Crusade against evildoers.

“Junk Justice!”
“One of the most asinine things I ever heard!”
“Hostile to religion!”

These are the few words that all brands of politicians, mandarins, and evangelists cried out with a cacophony of derision, outrage, and disbelief, when the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional and can not be recited in public schools because of the “under God” phrase.

First of all, it seems bizarre to see why so many politicians unite to evoke such a harsh reaction to the most elementary democratic principle that the United States is supposed to uphold: a state will not tinker with a man’s religion or non-religion.

Since they would not tolerate to substitute “Under Allah” for “Under God” in public schools with kids from Muslim families, a God in the Pledge refers to a specific God, that is their God and a Christian God, and kids from non-believer’s families suffer from the emotional duress tantamount to the cruel and unusual punishment.

Why should Joe Blow have to pledge allegiance to Jerry Falwell’s or Dubya’s personal God, when he doesn’t believe in anything under the sun?

Is it an unpatriotic act not to believe in a Christian God, when the First Amendment prohibits the government’s endorsement or advancement not only of one religion at the expense of other religions, but also of religion at the expense of atheism?

Is there any difference between the North Korea that force people to worship the Great Leader and the United States that force its citizens to pledge allegiance to a Christian God?

Doesn’t “Pledge under a Christian God” violate other phrase in the Pledge “with liberty and justice for all”?

A Republican Senator crowed: “Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves!”

Rather, Francis Bellamy, the author of the Pledge, would do the same roll-overs…a Baptist Minister, who was kicked out of his pulpit because of his Christian-socialist sermon, wrote it in 1892 without referring about God, which was added to the Pledge by the Congress in 1954 during the McCarthy witch-hunt on Commies through the ever-existing lobby group, Knights of Columbus (Catholics organization).

Until the US entered into WWII, the pledge was delivered in a manner in which students were instructed to recite it with their right arms rigidly extended shoulder high as if the Nazi youths swear fealty to Hitler, and the manner was changed to place their hands over their hearts in order to avoid the embarrassment of fascist resemblance.

In the midst of a troubled world, the ritual of pledges gives a sense of social bondage, stability, togetherness, and protection, as in the evangelical church prayers are loudly and emotionally manifested speaking in tongue.

The Christian Fundamentalists are the religious absolutists who reject democracy, religious tolerance, or separation of church and state, and they accept the literal interpretation of the Bible unalterable and the world events dispensational, as if Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists interpret Middle East disputes in an exclusively religious way.

Fundamentalists of all faiths egotistically want to expedite the advent of “the End game” with no reservation or consultation with atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Confucians or whatnots, in a very much self-centered and imperialistic way.

Fundamentalists threaten the whole shebang of the social fabric like a pack of rampaging bulls in the china shop and coerce others and bystanders into a particular action:“You are with us or else”
Christians arbitrarily crow that no saint would get to the Pearly Gate unless he becomes a Christian.

But sorry for half of the Jewish population that have to be sacrificed no matter whether they are proselytized to Christianity or not, because the scenario was already programmed by a Christian God and made an unalterable fait accompli, even though Christian Fundamentalists are the supporters of the Jewish State and become the Christian Zionists.

In addition, these Christian Zionists look forward to the destruction of Planet Earth, funding, supporting, and arming the Jewish Fundamentalists to annihilate or expel the whole population of Muslim Palestinians from the Holy Land.

Thomas Paine once said: “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we live in; but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity.”
In a word, the Christian Fundamentalism becomes a real threat to democracy in the United States.

“Surrender to the will of God”:

The radical Islamic movement like the Khomeini’s revolution in Iran was inspired by the Muslim desire to throw off the Western culture that crept into their mind during the long years of the British colonial occupation and later American hegemonic domination in the region.

By returning to Islam responding to the Mullah’s call to action, word martyr in Arabic means witness that sacrificing is a witness to great Islamic principles, and Islamic jihad has become one of the pillars of Islam.

In Islam, you are an infidel if you do not surrender to their God no matter what and in this sense, all Muslims are fundamentalists.

“ We are Chosen by God”

The basic principles of Jewish Fundamentalism are the same as those found in other two major religions: restoration of pure and pious religious community that presumably existed in the past, and they view the State of Israel, the Jew-only State, as a state of Judea and Samaria that span from Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon, most of Syria and Kuwait.

The orthodox Jews differentiate and value between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews as between a human soul and the souls of cow.
Resultantly, Jews refer Palestinians (non-Jews but their Semite brothers and sisters) a mass of cockroaches, and proudly show the Jewish superiority to the world by squashing them under their boots like Nazis.

A funny thing is the above-mentioned wickedness of the Jewish Fundamentalism is practically unknown outside of Israel thanks to the connivance of the Western mainstream media.

Would it be far too much for the atheists, who believe a God is simply a human construct, to ask?
“Just leave us alone down here on our mother earth, since I don’t know if there is anything beyond.”

The Christian Fundamentalists believe in the Book of Revelation that a God revealed something to man; But that something has been revealed to a certain person, and not revealed to any other person, it is revelation to that person only.
When he tells it to a second person, a second to a third, a third to a fourth, and so on, it ceases to be a revelation to all those persons.
It is revelation to the first person only, say to the Fundamentalist, and hearsay to every other, say to the others or bystanders who consequently are not obliged to believe it.

Soi-disant civilized and Christian states have been spending more than half their revenue on killing other evildoers and infidels in order to right the wrongs as if they think they know the difference, and history shows otherwise: no single item of rights or wrongs has been ever-lasting or non-fading in its content.

Fundamentalists of all faiths believe in a God not of love but of war; they lead us, poor innocent souls, to the doomsday scenario of Armageddon theology in various vogues of Apocalypse Now, Jihad, or Superiority.

After all, YHWH (Yahweh) was a jealous, revengeful, and tribal God that loved to massacre hundreds of innocent men, women, and children in a one stroke.

Finally, here is about the emptiness of human life and the eternal silence of the infinite universe that Blaise Pascal in his Pensees wrote:“When I see the blind and wretched state of men, when I survey the whole universe in its deadness and man left to himself with no light, as though lost in this corner of the universe without knowing who put him there, what he has to do, what will become of him when he dies, incapable of knowing anything, I am moved to terror, like a man transported in his sleep to some terrifying desert island, who wakes up quite lost with no means of escape.Then, I marvel that so wretched a state does not drive people to despair.”

Now, you got that why these fundamentalists hang, feed, and thrive on a macabre and often jiggery-pokery scenario of death and destruction of universe?

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